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Artist: Vendemmian
Title: One In A Million
Genre: Gothic Rock / Post-punk
Release Date: 27th May 2011
Label: Echozone / Sony

Album Review

After a hiatus of about 12 years, VENDEMMIAN came together and they started to play like they used to, the old-school of Goth with simple synths, simple melodies trying to balance themselves between the major bands they’ve tried to sneak in. The influences of THE  MISSION, RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY, THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX and a spice of CURE are dominant in the ‘One In A Million’.

Truth be told, from the time of their first EP ‘Between Two Worlds’ till now the band has changed its sound. The darker aspects of their music are not here anymore; one should listen to either ‘Maelstrom’ or ‘Passing of Remoteness’ from that EP and let’s say ‘Shine On’ or ‘One In A Million’ from their new release to feel the differences. The influences I aforementioned offer a more danceable aspect to their songs, a lighter side if you prefer. It is as if the band managed to distance itself from its material, both lyrically and musically and decided to enjoy some things more and to offer to the listener the very same experience. The band though, at the moment, needs to absorb its influences more in order to establish itself once again in the forefront of the Dark Wave.

Yet this CD manages to have a certain amount of charm. It brings to my mind the Goth clubs where I used to go a long time ago. They weren’t that nice as I try to describe them- the alcohol was petrol with colour, they smelled of mothballs and moisture but they had some cool people as clients with a great sense of humour that I used to hang out with. Not to mention the endless name-dropping of bands and songs as the main topic of any discussion. So if you favourite subject of debate is if THE MARCH VIOLETS are better than the SISTERS OF MERCY, if you eat your Cheerios thinking of Poe’s line “... and all I loved I loved alone”, if you believe that you are the true inheritor of Miss Havisham, if you are simply nostalgic (as it is my case) or just a fan of the more extrovert Dark Wave music then this CD is for you. But if on the other hand you breathe inside SOPOR AETERNUS or RELATIVES MENSCHSEIN you’ll be disappointed.


01. One In A Million – 3.36
02. Hollow Inside – 4.21
03. I’m Falling – 3.29
04. The Other Side Of Me – 3.53
05. Shine On – 3.36
06. Walk Away – 3.43
07. Heaven – 4.23
08. Better Than Everything – 3.17
09. Innocent – 4.11
10. Sea Of Colours – 4.21


Mark Douglas– Vocal, Guitars, Bass
Dave Drum– Guitars, programming


Cover Picture



Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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