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Artist: Zill
Title: Wundland
Genre: Electro / German Pop / Rock
Release Date: 11th June 2011
Label: Fastball Music

Album Review

ZILL is a German singer and German Pop he plays (at times with touches of Rock), his music can’t be described otherwise but quintessentially so, not just because he sings in German, but the music’s very essence is steeped in that tradition. I have to say that “Ein Kessel Buntes” was once a great export into the country if my origin in the very old days. Though I think ZILL is from what once was West Germany, he’d not have been amiss on that programme... or Eurovision. Wait, it’s a little bit more serious than that. Slightly melancholic, the guy’s got some wounds to deal with, and he’s after all been enthused into music by hearing DEPECHE MODE’s ‘Stripped’. When Rock is included, it is quite tame here, not a beast of wilderness but a nice purring domesticated cat. The Pop catchy but limited in appeal, the Electro parts very straightforward and not too noticeable and when they are, they border on tacky.

The problem is that this ‘Wundland’ (‘Woundland’) sounds quite clichéd on all fronts. After hearing ‘Marios Lauf’ I even had a laugh, a song tribute to Super Mario games?! Crikey... I don’t know, maybe if I understood German better, it’s some superb critique of the gaming culture or something else altogether... The song that was above the average an more out there was ‘Haus Der Sinne’ (‘House of Senses’), it was more interesting, less limited, had a great mood, the emotions were dealt with more complexity though it could have still been worked on more and some cringe inducing parts pruned. ‘Disco In Moscow’ apart from its terrible beginning might get some dancing, though I wonder if those cheesy parts here might have been put in to suit possibly what is an ironic song. I can’t really say that I’ve found much to be enthusiastic about on this album. It felt stale, unoriginal and restricted in scope and reach.


01. Drin – 3.48
02. Madeleine – 4.32
03. Wer War Hier? – 3.41
04. 2 Minuten Glück – 3.49
05. Sterne Sterben Sehen – 3.22
06. Schleicher – 1.00
07. Wunderland – 2.46
08. Marios Lauf – 3.15
09. Was Brennt – 3.48
10. Haus Der Sinne – 4.36
11. Disco In Moscow – 3.31



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Music: 5
Sound: 6
Total: 5.5 / 10

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