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Artist: Waiting In Vain
Title: Awake Again EP
Genre: Rock-Pop/Electro-Rock
Release Date: 21st June 2011
Label: afmusic

Single Review

WAITING IN VAIN is coming from Germany and their style is more exactly described as Darkwave; at least that fits more as a description of the band. Is it any kind of Darkwave? No, it’s specifically the BLUTENGEL one (as far it concerns the vocals) and the typical Goth music of the 80’s for their music. The whole album is uninspired. The singer, Sebastian, seems like he is able to cut vital organ from his body in order for his voice to sound more closely as Chris Pohl’s and one should listen to the ‘Awake Again’ and compare it in terms of vocals and of music with ‘Soul of Ice’.

The intro of the song sounds like a heavy version of it and then Sebastian’s voice is so good that it made me listen over and over to BLUTENGEL. The second song is pretty much the same, a nice one if you want to pass time listening to some music but nothing more. And then we have the remixes. I have to admit that these remixes give a glimpse of colour and imagination, to the otherwise flat songs. The most notable one comes from the DARK UNSPOKEN, and adds some epic parameters to the song, making it utterly danceable. Honestly this should have been a CD including only the remixes, which will offer you great time and cover somehow the similarities of Sebastian’s voice with Pohl’s. Really for what reason exactly were the first two songs included here?


01. Awake Again – 5.14
02. You – 5.14
03. Awake Again (The Dark Unspoken RMX) – 5.23
04. Awake Again (Opusculum RMX) – 5.21
05. Awake Again (statiCViolence RMX) – 4.54
06. Awake Again (Trensity RMX) – 3.56
07. Awake Again (La Base RMX by XS Bition) – 3.11


Sebastian Robitzsch – Vocals, guitar
Tim Köhler –E-drums
John Heinelt – Guitar


Cover Picture



Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 7.5 / 10

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