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Artist: Voodoo Highway
Title: Broken Uncle’s Inn
Genre: Hard Rock
Release Date: 24th June 2011
Label: Voodoo Highway / Rock n Growl

Album Review

‘Broken Uncle’s Inn’ is the debut album of VOODOO HIGHWAY, a band hailing from Italy. And from the start there are a couple of things which are obvious about the band: firstly they play Hard Rock, secondly they’ve graduated from the School of Rock catchiness. Another one thing is that they are sublimely blasphemous!

The negatives are the #Intro (Since 1972)’ which I’ve no clue at all why it was included there in the first place and that at times they seem to “tire up” the guitars unnecessarily. Their sound is influenced by (what else?) DEEP PURPLE and the RAINBOW among many other great hard rock bands of the 70’s. Yet, VOODOO HIGHWAY are no imitators and they didn’t stop there - they’ve put in rudiments of modern Rock sounds and aesthetics. The outcome is in line with the title of their first EP, ‘This is Rock’ n Roll, Cocks!’. As one Rock anthem follows after the other, you grab some beers and you enjoy life. At least that’s what I did! One of the best moments of the album is ‘J.C. Superfuck’ which even starts with the ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ tune and is a rock thunder. ‘Till It Bleeds’ opens the album excellently and gives a glimpse of what will follow throughout this CD - Hard rock and catchy rhythms, bridges and riffs that compose this song.

Apparently the band has had tremendous fun while they were recording ‘Broken Uncle’s Inn’ and that’s something they never fail to deliver to the listener. To mention just another one song of the CD, ‘Window’, the synths come out directly from the 70’s and they deliver this I-don’t-give-a-flying- fuck feeling, similar to the we-sold-our-souls-for-rock’ n roll. Judging from this album I think that great stuff is about to come from this band in the future. Absolutely enjoyable album!


01. Intro (Since 1972) – 1:15
02. Till It Bleeds – 3:54
03. The Fire Will Burn Away – 5:05
04. J.C. Superfuck – 3:36
05. Window – 4:34
06. Running Around – 2:53
07. Broken Uncle's Inn – 4:52
08. Heaven with No Stars – 4:50
9. Gasoline Woman – 5:12
10. In Fact It's the Worst – 4:05


Matteo Bizzarri - Guitar, backing vocals, breaking guitars...
Filippo Cavallini - Bass Guitar / Vocals - backing vocals
Federico Di Marco - Vocals and rhythm guitar
Lorenzo Gollini - Drums
Alessandro Duo - Organ, guitar, backing vocals

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Cover Picture



Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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