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va bornevolveprogress3
Artist: Various Artists
Title: Born Evolve Progress Volume 3
Genre: EBM, Electro, Industrial
Release Date: 6th July 2011
Label: Progress Productions

Album Review

This CD is a compilation of songs from various Swedish artists which is the third instalment in the 'Born Evolve Progress' series. The smart sophistication of electronic Swedish sound is reflected in this amazing complication.

On the first track is Henric De La Coer with a song called 'Dogs'. It is a very melodic tune with strength of meaning in the lyrics and at the same time as easy going as a Swedish summer afternoon. The next track by KITE called 'Ways to Dance (Leather Strip Remix)' puts you into another mood altogether as if your having a summer party by the Swedish archipelago. It's a very happy tune with strong jumpy electronic beats bouncing around. You want to sing a long and almost has an Abba-esque sound to it in electronic form. The next track by RED CELL called 'Lost' starts out with beautiful electronic melodic beats and then you hear the strong lyrics from a voice with inner depth singing about the chaotic feeling of being lost. A lovely song wrapped in its own dark electronic beauty. The track after this is by the one and only COVENANT feat. NECRO FACILITY called 'Lightbringer (Speedrun II)'. This track is very upbeat and exciting in its execution with an electronic voice that enters in and out throughout the song. The lead singer's (Eskil) soft and welcoming voice also flows through the song with extra strength expressing the feeling of getting rid of past disappointments and carrying a torch out of the darkness into the light. A hopeful tune.

The track by CODE 64 called 'Deviant (SPARK! Remix)' is very electronically sophisticated with its beats and lyrics inter-flowing together to create one solid and amazing tune that is defiant to the end. The next track by NECRO FACILITY called 'Do you feel the same (Henrik Bäckström Remix)' sounds really slick with beats that start out the tune with break beats then electronic sounds interlacing themselves onto the beats and the lyrics. A very free flowing and catchy tune that you just want to move around to. The track by CRYO called 'Change (90ies Mix)' is very interesting with its interlaced beats and the strong and rusty lyrics making it strong and forceful. SPARK!'s 'Popkomplex' is one of the songs that is in Swedish and reminds me of some Swedish summer music hits from the 90's. The tune is a lot of fun and interesting to listen to. The track by TITANS called 'Dried out' is incredibly intriguing to listen to with the electronic sounds mixed with the masque line voice of the lead singer and the lyrics themselves. An exciting song to put one in the mood for dark nightly adventures. Excellent!

'De Månbleka Tingen (Neanbag Remix by Cryo)' by MR. JONES MACHINE feat. SUSIE is also a song in Swedish. It is very romantic and softly poetic tune. The track by SYSTEM called 'Inheritance (SYSTEMatic Mix)' is electronic synth with a twist. A very energetic and stylish symposium of synthetic sound. Next one by SOUNDSEQUENCE called the 'Grim Reaper (2002)' is a dark tune that travels through the darkness with flowing tones and pulses of beautiful electronic sound. At last we get 'Flawless (pAn alt. version Mix)' by MOMY HURT MY HEAD. This on is vastly different then the former songs. It seems to be the last song for a reason, to sort of wake people up from their summer night dreams. It sounds very industrial and dark with a strong synthetic tone and industrial beat throughout. I would define this compilation as pure sophistication in streamlined form. Electronic music with a very smooth flow to it yet edgy and fresh. All the tunes on this compilation seem to fit together pretty well. A perfect compilation for midsummer night dreams and evening parties.


01. Henric de la Coer – Dogs
02. Kite - Ways to Dance (Leaether Strip Remix)
03. Red Cell - Lost
04. Covenant feat. Necro Facility - Lightbringer (Speedrun II)
05. Code 64 - Deviant (SPARK! Remix)
06. Necro Facility - Do you feel the same (Henrik Bäckström Remix)
07. Cryo - Change (90ies Mix)
08. SPARK! - Popkomplex
09. Titans - Dried Out
10. Mr. Jones Machine feat. Susie - De Månbleka Tingen (Neanbag Remix by Cryo)
11. System - Inheritance (SYSTEMatic Mix)
12. SoundSequence - Grim Reaper (2002)
13. Mommy Hurt My Head - Flawless (pAn alt. version Mix)


Cover Picture

va bornevolveprogress3


Music: 9
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 9 / 10

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