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introSputnikcafé, Münster, Germany
13th March 2016
The Vintage Caravan, Dead Lord & Tiebreaker

If you're into retro rock you should not miss the Icelanders live on stage. On 13th March in Münster, they celebrated their final show of their first EU headline tour called “The Beautiful Tour”! DEAD LORD from Sweden and TIEBREAKER from Norway were going to contribute to the Rock’n’Roll explosion in the Sputnikhalle. DEAD SOUL describe their music with the help of a promise: “We shall rock you with our rock.” TIEBREAKER characterise their sound as “a bone breaking mixture of groovy, ‘straight-from-the-heart’ rock & roll and blues with a taste of progressive rock.” Sounds like a quite energetic evening and it was an energetic evening at the Café of Sputnikhalle.


Norwegian TIEBREAKER present a mixture of groovy, “straight-from-the-heart” rock & roll and blues with a taste of progressive rock. The band released their debut-EP in June 2012. First playing local concerts, the band emerged on their first American tour in March 2013, an 18-day tour of Texas, which included 11 shows at the enormous SXSW festival, followed by festivals across Norway. The band released their debut full-length album, ‘We Come From The Mountains’, in October 2014, and TIEBREAKER continued to deliver highly praised live shows and another string of large festivals across the country, supporting ‘We Come From The Mountains’. In November 2015 the band re-released their record internationally through Karisma Records, and signed a booking agreement with United Talent Agency for Europe representation. TIEBREAKER consists of Thomas Espeland Karlsen (vocals), Eirik Wik Haug (guitar), Olav Vikingstad (guitar), Patrick Andersson (bass) and Pål Gunnar Dale (drums). / 


Music & Performance
The café of Sputnikhalle was quite packed when TIEBREAKER entered the stage at eight for their last show of their tour. The Norwegians were a promising start of the evening with their groovy, bluesy rock songs. If you think the audience was restrained at the beginning… wrong! The band was warmly and enthusiastically welcomed. Since this was the last show, the band mentioned quite often, how happy they are about the audience and how thankful and how great this tour was. They had a lot of fun on stage and at the end, singer Thomas even “jumped” from the small stage into the audience. Great contact to the fans! Of course they were rewarded with great applause after their thirty minutes set.

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 7.3 / 10


Dead Lord

Swedish Classic-/Hard-Rock band DEAD LORF from Stockholm is currently signed to Century Media Records and has released two studio albums so far. DEAD LORD was founded in 2012 and released the debut single, ‘No Prayers Can Help You Now’, in the same year. The debut album ‘Goodbye Repentance’ was released in April 2013 and the band played several concerts in Scandinavia. In the following years, concerts and festival appearances in several European countries followed. Afterwards, DEAD LORD started working on their follow-up album, ‘Heads Held High’, that was released in August 2015 via their current label Century Media. A European tour together with AUDREY HIRNE followed as well as support shows for DANKO JONES. The current line-up isHakim Krim (vocals, guitar), Olle Hedenström (guitar), Martin Nordin (bass) and Adam Lindmark (drums). / 


Music & Performance
When I say that TIEBREAKER had a lot of joy in playing on stage, you may add another pinch of fun and come to the DEAD LORD show. The band presents classic and energy-laden Rock with a small hint to Heavy Metal. From the very start, the audience was excited, came closer to the stage, screamed and celebrated the band who had about 45 minutes time for their nine songs they presented. Long guitar passages in the songs made you think of THIN LIZZY and also the rest of the sound reminded of the seventies or early eighties. The fans loved it! And the band was in great mood, interacted with the audience and posed in perfect rock-star manner. This show was pure party! The musicians were really dedicated to their music and so, the audience was very soon infected and celebrated with them a worthy party for their last show of the tour. When they left after nine songs, the audience loudly screamed to encore and first I thought, the band comes back. But finally, probably because of tight schedule, the change-over started.


01. Because of Spite
02. Don't Give A Damn
03. Strained Fools
04. No Regrets
05. Onkalo
06. Hank
07. Hammer to the Heart
08. When History Repeats Itself
09. Ruins

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 7.8 / 10


The Vintage Caravan

Classic, bluesy, proggy, psychedelic hard rockers THE VINTAGE CARAVAN from Iceland are the guitarist and vocalist Óskar Logi Ágústsson, Alexander Örn Númason on bass, and Stefán Ari who's responsible for drums and backup vocals. So far, the talented musicians, who are in their 20s, have released the albums ‘The Vintage Caravan’ (2011), ‘Voyage’ (2012), and ‘Arrival’ (2015). The last one turned out a bit darker and slightly heavier and more melodic. When the band was founded in 2006, was founded by the twelve year old boys Óskar and Guðjón Reynisson, who left the band in 2015. In 2009 the boys started with serious band work, leading to the release of their debut album in 2011. First signed to Icelandic label Sena, the band had their break-through after they signed to Nuclear Blast Records in 2014, where their second album was re-released. / 


Music & Performance
At was around 9:45 when the Icelandic trio entered the stage. During the shows before, the stage seemed packed. But now, there was a lot of space since Óskar and Alexander were placed at the sides of stage. But soon it was clear that they acted wildly and the space between them was well used. DEAD LORD nearly had a perfect show and VINTAGE CARAVAN were playing on an equally high level. Still I had the feeling that the overall mood was better during DEAD LORD, probably their songs were just made to party while VINTAGE CARAVAN present a more bluesy and psychedelic style you could enjoy on a different level. The café still was packed and the fans were enjoying the massive walls of sounds the Icelanders were presenting. Just like the previous band, the trio enjoyed playing a lot. When the band had left the stage, again the audience was screaming for encore and this time they were successful.


The band came back to present their final song, the DEEP PURPLE cover ‘Black Night’, together with DEAD LORD. And finally, all bands came onto stage to wave goodbye (not to mention the ass of a musician… ). Well, this was the last show and there always are some jokes.

01. Babylon
02. Craving
03. Shaken Beliefs
04. Let Me Be
05. Innerverse
06. Crazy Horses
07. Monolith
08. Cocaine Sally
09. Carousel
10. Midnight Meditation
11. Last Day of Light
12. Expand Your Mind
13. Black Night (Deep Purple cover) (with Dead Lord)

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 7
Light: 6
Total: 7.8 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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