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VNV Nation 14 von 35Sparkassenpark, Mönchengladbach, Germany
8th August 2020
VNV Nation - Beach Chair Concerts

VNV NATION really play again this summer! At last! No one really expected it due to the Covid-19 regulations. But there were two concerts in Mönchengladbach! Beach chairs were set up in the Sparkassenpark and you could listen to live music from VNV again. Never belonging to a particular musical genre, VNV NATION’s songs mix poetic and thought-provoking lyrics with a sound that ranges from melodic dance beats and indie electronic hymns to haunting ballads and post-classical soundtrack pieces. The live shows are legendary for their energy and positive emotions. Also, in the beach chair - also in Mönchengladbach!

Music & Performance
With a lot of concepts, the concert organizers are trying to present concerts to music fans again. A difficult task, since the rules for containing Covid-19 require many restrictions. What the SparkassenPark in Mönchengladbach has set up is very unique. In order to keep the distance between the spectators, several areas were simply delimited and many beach chairs were put up. In order to create a more beach feeling, these areas were simply named by German islands. Ronan Harris has already played with VNV NATION in front of many extraordinary backdrops, but what he experienced on August 7th and 8th, 2020 in Mönchengladbach was very extraordinary. In the best weather, with warm but still pleasant temperatures and the setting sun, Ronan Harris took the stage after his other band members hat entered.

VNV Nation 34 von 35

The evening was opened with ‘When is the future?’, ‘Retaliate’ and ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’. Despite the warmth, the first people danced in front of their beach chairs. When ‘Testament’ started, nobody could stand still and hold back. Anyone was standing up and/or danced in front of their beach chairs. After the sun went down, the temperatures cooled down a bit, but the mood rose and you finally noticed the light show on the stage. VNV NATION ended their summer concert with ‘Control’, after a break to heat up the audience again with ‘Nova’ and ‘Resolution’ as an encore. After another break, the very last songs of the evening, ‘Perpetual’ and ‘All Our Sins’, were played to round off the beautiful evening. Even if the stage in SparkassenPark is very high, the concert of this Irish band was wonderful and atmospheric. My biggest respect to the organizer and the crew of the SparkassenPark in Mönchengladbach. Good job.

VNV Nation 24 von 35

01. When Is the Future?
02. Retaliate
03. Tomorrow Never Comes
04. Testament
05. Armour
06. Space & Time
07. The Farthest Star
08. Carbon
09. Honour
10. Lights Go Out
11. Chrome
12. Illusion
13. Standing
14. God of All
15. Immersed
16. Control
17. Nova
18. Resolution
19. Perpetual
20. All Our Sins

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.3

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All pictures by Andreas Klüppelberg

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