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unzucht Revierpark Nienhausen - Circus Probst, Gelsenkirchen, Germany
9th July 2021
Konzertsommer im Revier: Unzucht & Schattenmann

It’s been a long, silent lockdown winter, but when Kulttempel Oberhausen & Pluswelt Promotion announced that they are planning another batch of summer concerts in collaboration with the Circus Probst in Gelsenkirchen, some hope for a return of live shows rose on the horizon. Just the weekend before the circus venue was finally filled with live music again - THE DARK TENOR & FROZEN PLASMA opened the first concert weekend of 2021 in Gelsenkirchen. Just a week later I got on a train to get to Gelsenkirchen again - first time since October 2020. Looking forward to tons of energy, hard guitars, talented musicians and a crowd that is hopefully ready to celebrate.


SCHATTENMANN are a relatively new Rock band from Nuremberg. Their style can be also assigned to Neue Deutsche Härte. SCHATTENMANN was founded in 2016 and released two albums so far - ‘Licht an’ in 2017 and ‘Epidemie’ in July 2019 - little did they know this would be a bad omen for the upcoming year(s).

Music & Performance
It was obvious from the very first moment that the band came on stage - this first show after many months without live performances was very special and emotional for them. Also, the audience was welcoming them warmly and enthusiastically. Not possible to overhear - many people in the venue also came to see them as the support was incredible and so heart-warming.

schattenmann D4S7757 klein

The crowd proved that they know the lyrics and some people were wearing neon glow sticks that are easy to connect to the band’s stage performance. SCHATTENMANN played over an hour and gave everything, but also the frontman Frank Herzig gave everything to connect with the crowd, talking about how the past months have been, but also announcing that they are about to release their 3rd album and - top secret - more music videos. The song ‘Epidemie’ was announced as it was released just a few months before the world went upside down and Frank said that they were not sure whether to keep it in their setlist - but decided to do so and to play it as to show that this cannot break us. The energy during this song was really strong indeed and it was obvious how much needed it was to let the frustration out and soak in all the positive energy of the evening.

schattenmann D3S2456 klein

SCHATTENMANN also presented their latest single ‘Choleriker’ from the upcoming 3rd album that will be released soon. For more info follow the band’s social media and keep an eye on updates!

01. Intro
02. Schattenland
03. Brennendes Eis
04. Darkroom
05. Choleriker
06. 9mm
07. Gekentert
08. Epidemie
09. Generation Sex
10. Gewissen
11. Schwarz = Religion
12. AMOK
13. Licht an
14. Kopf durch die Wand
16. F.U.C.K.Y.O.U.

Music: 7
Performance: 9
Light: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 8.2 / 10

schattenmann D4S7837 klein


UNZUCHT was founded in 2009 and is an act that always guarantees a great atmosphere and sparkling eyes among their fans and listeners. The four musicians released six studio and one live album as well as several EPs and singles and played numerous live shows and festivals in the course of their bald history. The last album ‘Jenseits der Welt’ was released in February 2020 and unfortunately the associated tour had to be postponed by now several times due to the pandemic as well as the 10 years anniversary gig in Hanover.

unzucht D3S2477 klein

Music & Performance
There was so much energy, love and warmth when the guys from UNZUCHT came on stage. The crowd was welcoming them loudly and with all the love they could. Also, for UNZUCHT this was the first show in many, many months and the first of four shows that are currently planned for this year. It felt almost normal (=pre-pandemic), but also a little bit strange at the same time to have all the many people around you singing, dancing, clapping and smiling. The fanbase prepared a surprise for the band - suddenly there were roses all around the circus arena with attached photos of band members with their fans to them. It’s been a really cute idea and obviously very appreciated and touching for the band.

unzucht D4S7863 klein

I had so much fun singing along and enjoyed seeing how everyone else was living the moment. A very special moment for myself was the song ‘Du fehlst’. I always enjoyed this one particularly as the heavy ballads got my heart, but this was the first time it took me away for a few moments - dedicating these few minutes to one of my closest friends who passed away way too young a few months ago. I still feel the heartache when thinking back about this moment - Daniel’s beautiful voice is comforting and honest and feels so close without restricting the feelings that develop over the course of the song and the whole evening. The heavy, yet fragile ballads alternate with punching heavy rock tracks and crossover effects that I enjoy so much about UNZUCHT.

unzucht D4S7897 klein

Another emotional moment arrived when I saw the woman in front of me - she was comforted by her friend while the tears flew down her cheeks - thanks to ‘Nur die Ewigkeit’. This is what live moments and music are about. Real people, real emotions and though I am mentioning here in particular the very touching but sad moments, I also heard so much laughter that evening. One of them was the appreciated tribute for the friends from LORD OF THE LOST who just reached the 2nd position in the official German album charts with their newest album ‘Judas’. UNZUCHT didn’t hesitate to pay tribute with their very own version of the title track ‘Judas’ and asked everyone to film that moment, post it later on and tag both bands and say hi to LORD OF THE LOST from UNZUCHT.

unzucht D4S7900 klein

However, if you follow at least one of them, you will know about their meme war and all the other little jokes about each other - this is also the spirit that UNZUCHT performed the little tribute with. You got to love them. This Friday night was totally worth the four hours travel back home thanks to rail replacement service and memorable in its very own way - a show that felt so alive and real and fun and touching at the same time thanks to the very friendly UNZUCHT and an audience that was longing for it way too long!

01. Intro
02. Unzucht
03. Nela
04. Schwarzes Blut
05. Chamäleon
06. Ein Wort fliegt wie ein Stein
07. Meine Liebe
08. Kettenhund
09. Lava
10. Du fehlst
11. Horizont
12. Auf Sturm
13. Nein
14. Nur die Ewigkeit
15. Deine Zeit läuft ab
16. Jenseits der Welt
17. Der letzte Tanz
18. Engel der Vernichtung

Music: 9
Performance: 10
Light: 9
Sound: 8
Total: 9 / 10

unzucht D4S7978 klein

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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