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Nachtleben, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
2nd April 2009
Zeromancer, Scream Silence, Essence of Mind

The band from Norway that partly arose from the formation SEIGMEN, was founded in Los Angeles in 1999. One year later and with a sensational bang by releasing the single `Clone your Lover´, the music of ZEROMANCER found its way onto the clubs’ dance floors. After the album of the same title had been published, the band was able to build up a solid fan base and to raise the scene’s awareness in Europe. Followed by extended club tours, being part of the line-up at many festivals and the release of the album `Eurotrash´ (2002), the Norwegians proved that they weren’t a flash of a pan. In 2003, the album `Zzyzx´ surprised by a stylistic change to softer melodies that had been audibly influenced by pop music patterns. That development led to divided opinions. It should take six years until the eagerly awaited album `Sinners International´ could be purchased. The recording was produced all by themselves and satisfied the expectations of the fans that were looking forward to the “Sinners International tour” ZEROMANCER is on right now.,

On 2nd April, Alex Møklebust (vocals), Kim Ljung (vocals, bass), Dan Heide (guitar), Noralf Ronthi (drums) and Lorry Kristiansen (keyboards) came to play a concert at the small Frankfurt club Nachtleben which is located downtown.

Essence of Mind

ESSENCE OF MIND from Norway was the first support act on that evening. Last year, the band released the debut album `Insurrection´. The musicians describe their sound as a hard-hitting electronic music with a rocky edge combining modern techno body music.

Music & Performance
Unfortunately, only a few listeners had already arrived when ESSENCE OF MIND went on stage. Perhaps, the great weather was responsible for the lack of people watching the show of the guys. Nevertheless, the band wasn’t bothered by the situation, as the Norwegians put their whole hearts into the performance. Their style was similar to the sound of ICON OF COIL, THE PRODIGY and APOPTYGMA BERZERK. The lead singer and front man Erlend went wild like a dervish while he was singing the aggressive songs such as `Nightmare´ and `Original Poser´. What a pity that the club was that poorly illuminated! Every now and then, I could vaguely discern the band members on stage; a phenomenon that should last for the whole evening. By and by, the room finally filled up and ESSENCE OF MIND were acknowledged with nice and well-deserved applause at the end of the 30-minutes-set.

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 7
Light: 4
Total: 6.9 / 10

Scream Silence

After a short change over, it was time for the appearance of the Berlin band SCREAM SILENCE. Founded in 1998, the Dark Rock quintet, consisting of Hardy Fieting (vocals), Heiko Wolf (drums), Robert Klausch (guitar), Hagen Schneevoigt (bass) and René Gödde (guitar), can look back on a comprehensive discography and many concerts. The band became pretty popular in the scene due to their albums such as `Elegy´ (2004) or `Saviourine´ (2006). Last year, SCREAM SILENCE released the recent long-player `Apathology´.,

Music & Performance
Meanwhile, the club was well-filled and the guests seemed to get excited about the 45-minutes-set of SCREAM SILENCE, as the guys were welcomed in a rapturous way. Their melodious dark rock was characterized by the singer’s deep voice and invited to dance. The musicians were in a good temper and pleased by the positive feedback they received. The front man Hardy made some jokes about his poor memory, as he had to ask several times what song would be the next one. His colleagues gave him a clue and therefore, the show went on with pieces such as `Kerosene´, `The Vitriol´, `Beloved Sweet Curse´ or `Creed´. The guys ordered the audience to clap and to sing along as a kind of exercise for the upcoming show of the host ZEROMANCER. With a twinkle in the eye, SCREAM SILENCE promised that there would be a great reward for the efforts, as ZEROMANCER would like to undress on stage. To sum up, SCREAM SILENCE offered a confident show and did a great job.

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 4
Total: 7.0 / 10


After SCREAM SILENCE had left the stage, I enjoyed the opportunity to take a seat for some minutes, as it was very hot in the crowded club. Time flew like an arrow by having a chat with other listeners right next to me. Thus, there were only some minutes to go until the ZEROMANCER guys should start their energetic performance.

Music & Performance
There was a deafening shouting when ZEROMANCER finally entered the tiny stage with a short delay. Some fans even flew the Norwegian flag. The first five rows - that mainly consisted of female fans - sang along each and every line of the catchy opener `Sinners International´ taken from the recent long-player of the same title. No doubts about it, the guys were celebrated! The obviously ageless front man Alex totally exhausted himself right from the start. Drenched in sweat, he animated the fans to chant, to jump and to click their tongues when he played topless according to the promise of SCREAM SILENCE.

But let’s come to the essential point: The music. There was hit after hit. Of course, the setlist was dominated by the pieces of the recent album `Sinners International´, but nevertheless, the greatest hits from the other albums `Clone your Lover´, `Eurotrash´ and `Zzyzx´ shouldn’t be missing. The crowd’s euphoric mood manifested in rapturous applause and clapping the hands wildly. In my opinion, the show reached its climax when the band performed their first club hit `Clone your Lover´. Everybody - and I DO mean everybody - was jumping. The band’s sound was pure energy; and even today, almost one week after the concert took place, I can remember many show details. I also really liked the presented catchy songs `My little Tragedy´ and `It sounds like Love (but it looks like Sex)´.

A considerable list of additional songs was the icing on the cake. I was totally surprised when ZEROMANCER announced that they would play a very old song of the year 1981. 1981? As far as I knew the band was formed in 1999. Of course, it wasn’t a piece written by themselves. They played a fabulous version of the DEPECHE MODE cult song `Photographic´. There was only one downer that marred the outstanding concert. The venue was very dark and I had some problems to take a few presentable photos. I have seen some pictures taken at other venues that seemed to be well-illuminated and I guess that the light show depended on the location. My quality valuation concerning music and performance: Highly recommendable!

01. Sinners International
02. Doppelgaenger I love you
03. Need you like a Drug
04. I’m yours to lose
05. Chrome Bitch
06. Fictional
07. Filth noir
08. Die of a broken Heart
09. Clone your Lover
10. Imaginary Friends
11. Neo Geisha
12. Cupola
13. My little Tragedy
14. It sounds like Love (but it looks like Sex)
15. Stop the Noise
16. Ammonite
17. Fade to Black
18. Houses of Cards
19. Photographic
20. Doctor Online

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 4
Total: 8.1 / 10

All pictures by Katrin Renner (
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