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royal2Turbinenhalle, Oberhausen, Germany
20th - 22nd July 2012
Devilside Festival Day 3: Ignite, Royal Republic, Thin Lizzy, Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls, Powerwolf, Biohazard, Against Me!, Everlast, Deez Nuts, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Kissin' Dynamite, Kellermensch, October File

On day 3 of Devilside Festival, the action moved to the indoor arena of Turbinenhalle for unknown reasons. The weather would've been just perfect to celebrate another day in the sun. Then again, it was Sunday and who knows who'd complained about the noise eventually. From that perspective, maybe it was better to play it safe....


The third day got off on a bad start, as those who wanted to attend the show of British outfit OCTOBER FILE had a little bad luck. There was this little communication issue that prevented the people from getting in because the security personnel told you there was no admission yet. When we were in, the band was already halfway through the set they played exclusively for the crew up to that point. Anyway, we cut to the chase here now. The music being full of harsh and violent overtones and not a moment you could actually understand a single word amidst the growling and screaming. There certainly is a crowd for that, and most certainly it's a good substitute for coffee for some. I'd have preferred the coffee though. // Rating: 4 / 10 // /


Now that we could check that off our list, there was KELLERMENSCH from Denmark whom I've been seeing a while back playing the support slot at another show. Frankly, I wasn't overwhelmed at the time, mostly because the vocals just sounded gruesome. Say, I was a little biased before the show but tin the end I had to reconsider a few things for that show was obviously the real start of the day. The combination of heavy-blues rock in conjunction with the classical elements worked this time with an excellent vocal performance on top. The early crowd sure liked it, that was kinda obvious and this time I was glad to join in the applause and would've voted for some more if the tight schedule had allowed any such deviances. Anyway, kudos to the Danish band for a cool show. // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


After the little break it was time for some glam rock/ power metal hailing from the South of Germany with KISSIN' DYNAMITE. The fife-piece officially works under that moniker since 2006 and has three albums under their belts. The most recent album being 'Money, Sex & Power', the emphasis during the gig was placed on material off that records. Even if you don't like their angle on the genre you gotta hand it to them: They know how to throw a party. First and probably most important ingredient of the recipe is that they're just not slowing down for a single minute. With an energy-packed show like that it is not long before the attendees join in and try to keep up with their pace. Suffice to say this was an impossible task but they did good after all. In the beginnings, they still had to be encouraged to participate; later that worked on its own. Visually, the band was an eye-catcher. Blow-dry hairstyle and respective clothes made them look like a casting band and various times I just wanted to laugh at how this contradicts the image of a “serious” rock/ metal band. Well, despite me not being much of a fan of that kind of music it was quite an enjoyable set! // Rating: 7 / 10 // /


The following band undoubtedly had the most memorable name so far, calling themselves WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER which means a whole lot of nothing. Chosen just for the sake of standing out. Founded as duo in 2007 the project has since grown to a full-band mingling deathcore with heavy electronic elements. This style of music seemed to appeal especially to younger people. Would explain the lots and lot, gathering in front of the stage short time before the show took off. The crowd already got all excited about the rather orchestral introduction before the harsh route was taken. In case you haven't seen or heard them yet, the singing styles, if you'd like to call that actual singing, alternates between pig squeals (very accurate description), growls and screams which literally make it impossible to understand anything but a few words. Many of the songs played were new rendition of German nursery rhymes which ultimately forced me to leave the close proximity of the stage because I feared it would lower my IQ considerably if I stayed any longer. There is original material though, that I learned later. Not that it would matter, it just isn't up my alley. But if the crowd loves it that's completely fine with me.// Rating: 4 / 10 //


If you wanted it the Australian way with a little more rap included, then the performance of DEEZ NUTS following this one up was just the right thing for you. Just as expected, the hardcore outfit attracted a larger crowd whom they didn't have to force much to participate at all. Highly energetic and with not much time to catch a breath, DEEZ NUTZ pounded their tracks through the venue while the crowd did the obligatory moshing, occasionally forming a circle pit. To be honest, the gig went through without too many surprises but it didn't seem the people would want to see anything sophisticated anyway. // Rating: 5 / 10 // /


The next one certainly wasn't the type of artist you'd expect to play at a Metal and rock festival like this but definitely a welcome diversion to all the hardcore stuff from before. I have to admit that I didn't follow the career of EVERLAST ever since 'What it's like' came out quite some years ago and was actually surprised to see he was still around. His performance became the most minimalist of the entire festival with only two guys sitting on their stools and playing guitar, while one of them was singing. Simple as that! Even though I expected otherwise, a lot of people turned up to see the guys playing largely blues-influenced stuff, enriched by a raucous voice. Of course, the mentioned track was included in the set and heavily applauded afterwards. I suppose that was the reason people came there in the first place. But in the end they even got to see more they apparently liked a lot. // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


Things got a lot louder again afterwards with the punk rock of AGAINST ME! The band is around for about 16 years, starting as the solo act of Tom Gabel (Now Laura Jane Grace after transgendering) With all the years passing, the anarchism and raging attitude haven't faded from their music, though it has become more structured and Tom has developed a quite enjoyable way of singing over the years. The guys kicked off the set at Devil Side Festival at full speed, sometimes with more emphasis on melody; other times the focus was clearly put on just making the crowd go wild completely, which they did but they still could've done it a little better in my humble opinion. That shouldn't distract from the simple fact that AGAINST ME! laid down a cool show, their fans needed a break after to cool down, because the air inside was pretty heated up inside the venue afterwards as you can imagine! // Setlist: 1. True Trans Soul Rebel / 2. Dead Friend / 3. Don't Lose Touch / 4. Clapping Hands / 5. Teenage Anarchrist / 6. White Crosses / 7. Transgender Dysphoria Blues / 8. Black me out / 9. Thrash Unreal / 10. New Wave / 11. Pints of Guinness Make You Strong / 12. Sink, Florida, Sink // Rating: 7 / 10 // / 


Following BIOHAZARD were pretty much travelling the same route as DEEZ NUTS. Only that the former could just as well have invented that style of music when they started about 20 years earlier. At the time the band hit the stage the air inside the venue had reached a degree of thickening very suitable to cut through. Don't you think for a moment that that mere fact kept anyone form doing what they're about to be doing. The way BIOHAZARD are doing things certainly differs a bit from the modus operandi of other hardcore outfits. Technically they're superior and the natural darkness in their music has some appeal to it. However, the main reason why so many people were gathering in front of the stage was that this was just the right music to mosh the hell out of each other. Who cares about technical proficiency, right? I couldn't stand being in there for long, so I opted for a place near the exit where there was at least some fresh air to watch the rest of the show. // Setlist: 1. Vengeance Is Mine / 2. Urban Discipline / 3. Reborn / 4. Black and White and Red All Over / 5. Victory / 6. Five Blocks to the Subway / 7. ??? / 8. Shades of Grey / 9. Punishment / 10. Hold My Own // Rating: 6 / 10 // /


With the show of POWERWOLF coming closer, you could spot several creatures with faces white as chalk. Since there wasn't any Goth gathering nearby, I just assumed that's how their fans showed their appreciation. Later, I learned they just copied the band members. No originality left these days ;) POWERWOLF heavily rely on bombast and maintain a strong Christian theme throughout, obviously not taking that stuff too seriously. I wasn't sure you could say the same about some of the attendees,  Maybe it's me who's wrong and songs like 'Sanctified with Dynamite' or 'Raise Your Fist, Evangelist' are in fact the most serious songs on the planet. Wherever the truth lies, one thing's for sure: POWERWOLF put up a fabulous show where everyone's gotten their fair share of fun, well most people did. // Setlist: 1. Sanctified With Dynamite / 2. Prayer in the Dark / 3. We Drink Your Blood / 4. Raise Your Fist, Evangelist / 5. All We Need Is Blood / 6. Werewolves of Armenia / 7. In Blood we trust / 8. Resurrection by Erection / 9. Lupus Dei // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


For one or the other festival attendee the next act might have felt somewhat out of place on this festival and admittedly I wondered how FRANK TURNER & THE SLEEPING SOULS were fitting in with the rest of the line-up. A little more balance please! The main question for me was how the overall reception would be and if the softer approach to rock would keep anyone on their toes. The crowd was actually hooked. Not from the very beginning, but they grew into everything gradually. Couldn't say that my friends were too excited about it, sitting on the floor and chilling a bit and while I wasn't particularly excited, I still liked the show. FRANK TURNER still is better when playing live and that should be taken into consideration if the organizers plan on inviting him for a second round. // Setlist: 1. If I ever stray / 2. The road / 3. Peggy sang the blues / 4. Reasons not to be an idiot / 5. Glory hallelujah / 6. Wessex boy / 7. Long live the Queen / 8. Four simple words / 9. Try this at home / 10. I still believe / 11. Photosynthesis // Rating: 7 / 10 // /


Patience is a virtue, they say. If you push it too much it's rarely a good thing. Why am I being philosophic now? Well, THIN LIZZY who many have been waiting to see were supposed to start their show at 20:30. When they actually started it was 21:20 and two of my friends had already left cause they couldn't wait any longer. No one said a word about the delay and the show took place as planned with the band being in top shape, playing straight through their discography with Rocky Warwick as the band's current vocalist. Rumours say they're even going to record a new album after almost 30 years. Back to the actual event which brought style to the evening with the classic blues and hard rock the band is so good at performing. A few minutes into the set and most fans granted them absolution for showing up so late. The band played a slightly shortened set. Two or three songs didn't make the cut. As mad as I was about the delay this all would cause I couldn't help acknowledging the fantastic performance. // Planned Setlist: 1. Are You Ready / 2. Jailbreak / 3. Don't Believe a Word / 4. Killer On The Loose / 5. Whiskey in the Jar / 6. Massacre / 7. Rosalie (Bob Seger cover) / 8. Suicide / 9. Waiting For An Alibi / 10. Cowboy Song / 11. The Boys Are Back In Town // Rating: 8 / 10 // /


ROYAL REPUBLIC were up next and due to the delay they were the last band I could see. Biggest bummer I couldn't even watch the whole show before I had to leave. Anyway, the few songs I was able to watch, like 'President's Daughter' for instance were just as fun as ever before which would rub off on the audience who would suddenly burst with energy and party along with the Swedish guys. The last impression I got before I left. But there was much more happening during the set. For example we got presented two new songs being included in the upcoming album ‘Save The Nation’ to be out on 24th August. The band proved a lot of contact to its fans. When the show was over, anyone came from stage into the pit to hug fans and shake hands. So likeable! What a great show. Surely one of my festival highlights. // Setlist: 1. President's Daughter / 2. Walking Down the Line / 3. All Because of You / 4. Make Love not War (New Song) / 5. Cry Baby Cry / 6. Addictive / 7. Full Steam Spacemachine / 8. 21st Century Gentlemen / 9. You Ain't Nobody ('Til Somebody Hates You) (New Song) / 10. Oioioi / 11. Underwear / 12. Tommy-Gun // Rating: 9 / 10 // / [Sebastian Huhn & Daniela Vorndran]


It was getting really late now when IGNITE finally started their set. Admittedly, lots of people left the festival after ROYAL REPUBLIC had finished and so, IGNITE play in front of much lesser people. Zoli Teglas (vocals), Brett Rasmussen (bass), Brian Balchack (guitar), Nik Hill (guitar), Craig Anderson (drums) and Kevin Kilkenny (guitar) from California were closing the festival with their mix of Punk Rock and Hardcore. The band was formed in 1993 and released its breakthrough album ‘A Place Called Home’ in 2000. The people staying for IGNITE’s show really liked it. Surely a nice end of the festival. // Rating: 7 / 10 // / [Daniela Vorndran]


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Written by Sebastian Huhn [Anything except Ignite] and Daniela Vorndran
All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / / /

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