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dietotenaerzte01Hafen Rock @ 825th Hafengeburtstag, Hamburg, Germany
9th to 11th May 2014
Hafen Rock Day 1 with Yonks, Suizide Queenz, The Pleasures, Rogers, Maggers United, Die Toten Ärzte

It is the first day of the 825th birthday of the harbour of Hamburg, and the first visitors arrived round the midday time. The weather was Hamburg-like with a low breezy and grey sky accompanied with some rain drops. But this won't discourage anybody to rock the next three days on the Hafen Rock on the terrain of the famous fish market right next to the harbour. The Shanty choir WINDROSE opened the Astra Hafen Rock Stage traditionally like the years before. The Hafen Rock took place for the 21st time and already at the early hour on Friday afternoon, some visitors found their way to the stages. Today, on day one, "Cover bands from Hamburg" are on the schedule. Almost every band got cover songs with them, so it is a good entry for the beginning.


At 2pm, the first band entered the stage - YONKS, a trio from Hamburg, consisting of singer and guitar player Richie, another singer and on the bass guitar Frank and Dixie on the drums. The band is existing for four years already. The guys covered some popular rock and pop songs from different artists, like ‘Lady Marmalade’ and ‘Umbrella’ or ‘Killing in the name of’, mixed with some own rock sounds. Because of the fact that they were the very first real band and a storm started, the audience was only a little group, mostly consisting of a little fan block of YONKS. Nonetheless, the guys had much fun, especially Dixie. After one hour, the concert was already over. The crowd shouted for some encore, but sadly the time was over for YONKS. /


01. Mr rock n roll
02. Overload
03. Crazy
04. Lady Marmalade
05. Play that funky music
06. Pokerface
07. Umbrella
08. Scars
09. I turn to you
10. Smoke on the Rosie
11. Purple Rain
12. Killing in the name

Music: 7
Performance: 6
Sound: 9
Light: 6
Total: 7 / 10


Suizide Queenz

A few minutes later, SUIZIDE QUEENZ were ready to play some songs. The crowd was still a very little heap, and so Eve Elektrique (vocals and guitars) had the idea to do some stage diving. The only good thing on the weather change was that the storm was gone and now it only rained for a bit. But with the time and ongoing day, more and more people joined the terrain to watch the show. SUIZIDE QUEENZ are also a young band from Hamburg. Next to Eve Elektrique, Andy Unemployed (guitar / vocal), Alex the Face (bass) and Sascha (drums) made a crazy show with own songs. The band itself describes their music as a mix of 80s glam rock and 90s street punk rock flooded with catchy melodies and sing-along vocals. And the sing-along vocals were well received, the crowd sang along despite rain and cold temperatures. Because of the own written songs, most people of the audience must been also fans of SUIZIDE QUEENZ, for the rest the band was mostly unknown.


But the crowd went along with the party the band did on stage. For the last song, Eve jumped across the barrier and ended the show of SUIZIDE QUEENZ with a gig in the crowd.

01. What’s your name
02. Feels like Home
03. Time will tell
04. Black clouds
05. Supersonic membrain
06. XC33
07. Sweet Perfume
08. Dance the Night away
09. Lipstick Smile
10. Drinking class

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 6
Total: 7.8 / 10


The Pleasures

The "revolution of glam rock" was on the bill now. THE PLEASURES, another band also from Hamburg, had a package full of songs from ALICE COOPER, GUNS'N'ROSES and own ones with them. Singer Dancette Pleasure also looked like ALICE COOPER himself. He often changed his outfits, always in the glam rock style and mostly well known to fans of that genre. But the other band members also had chosen the right clothes for the gig. Sensai Pleasure (bass), Curtis Cheiron Pleasure (guitars) and Taranaki Pleasure (drums) looked all like they came right out of the 70s. The extravagant make-up of the guys finished the looks. Straitjacket and bones, tiger pattern coats and gigantic wing capes, all that equipment came to use during the show. THE PLEASURES were totally in their element and it really was a pleasure to watch them kidnapping the audience to some decades ago.


Because of the storms, there were some technical difficulties, power went out or some other things like lights or microphone did not do their job anymore. The band took it easy and interacted in the meantime with the crowd. Some song wishes were spoken, but Dancette did not like one of them. Only his own song ideas, yes they were great ones. The audience saw it later the same way. THE PLEASURES had their fan club with them, too. In the first rows it was not difficult to see them. They banged, sang along and kept the mood high. Dancette went until the barriers to go through the hairs of some girls. To round off the show, some confetti cannons were fired and glued on the wet floor and the wet people in the crowd. /


01. Crazy people are hot
02. Wanderlust
03. Timewarp
04. When we gave ourselves...
05. Glitter doesn't sparkle without light
06. Freedom
07. Five Times
08. Poison
09. Dead but still alive
10. Yes it's us
11. Juicy Jacuzzi
12. Some like it rock

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 9
Total 8.8 / 10


Afterwards, ROGERS were scheduled. But the band did not play because of disease of the singer. YONKS played for the second time on this day instead of ROGERS. It was the same program like on the beginning, but with much more audience and a better mood as before, so the second gig was really worth it.

Maggers United

MAGGERS UNITED were the first partially German singing band on this evening. Next to some own songs, which are mostly in German, the guys from Hamburg got some English cover songs with them. A nice mix out of soft and hard rock, which has been well received by the audience. Because of the weather slowly getting better, more and more people joined the terrain of the Astra Hafen Rock Stage. Piet Mosh (vocals), Kai Pirinha (drums), Vadder Morgana (guitars), Justin Time (guitars) and Boom! (bass) got a good mood. Suitable to their songs, which are very typical German rock, they got some of the classical rock sounds from the US like ‘Loser’, ‘All the small things’ and ‘Last Resort’ in their setlist. The crowd went very well along with this, but also with the own songs from MAGGERS UNITED. The change between the songs was pretty well timed, but for non-fans, who really like the original songs, it might be played too much in German pop-style. The band not got more time than their predecessor, and so they filled about ninety minutes with 19 songs, so much that at the end no more encore was possible. /


01. Alles was bleibt
02. Herz springen
03. Konturfüller
04. Keine Schande
05. Wenn das abgeht
06. Leck mich 2008
07. Boys of Summer
08. Verliebt
09. Loser
10. All the small things
11. Alleine
12. Tüdelband
13. Promised
14. Meine Religion
15. Zu alt
16. Last Resort
17. Bilder
18. Vorbei
18. Hamburg Ciddy

Music: 4
Performance: 6
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total 6.8 / 10


Die Toten Ärzte

As the last band for today, DIE TOTEN ÄRZTE were entering the stage. As the name already says, this band will play some tributes to DIE TOTEN HOSEN and DIE ÄRZTE. The audience changed to young people, some punks were standing in the crowd. Generally, the whole place of the fish market was now totally filled with people. Of course, this cover band also was founded in Hamburg. For fifteen years, Jey Petersen, Branko Bock, Stephan Capser and Jan Ole Jönsson are touring through Germany to perform hits from two of the greatest German-speaking bands. DIE TOTEN ÄRZTE opened their show with a mix out of the two mentioned bands and then started right with ‘Paule Bademeister’ from DIE ÄRZTE and with DIE TOTEN HOSEN’s ‘Alex’, so the big ones right to beginning.


Maximum two songs of every band were played in a row, and the crowd sang along to further songs like ‘Wie es geht’, ‘Westerland’ and ‘Junge’ from DIE ÄRZTE and ‘Bommerlunder’, ‘Alles aus Liebe’ or ‘10 kleine Jägermeister’ from DIE TOTEN HOSEN. The lightshow was pretty fine and on the drums a little firework started. But the performance itself from DIE TOTEN ÄRZTE could have been more powerful. Because of a pretty exactly target group in the audience, it seemed like it would be enough for the band to play only the right songs. The cover was mostly in the songs, and not on the show on stage. Vocally, the songs from DIE ÄRZTE sounded much better. Singer Jey does not really get that smoky in his voice to get nearer to Campino from DIE TOTEN HOSEN, but in the end he did good work. As the first band on this day, the band also played two encores, but both songs from DIE TOTEN HOSEN. /


01. Paule
02. Alex
03. Wie es geht
04. Steh auf
05. Altes Fieber
06. Westerland
07. Bommerlunder
08. Kein Alkohol
09. Branko Akustik
10. Wünsch Dir was
11. Zu spät
12. Bonnie und Clyde
13. Junge
14. Schundersong
15. Alles aus Liebe
16. Bayern
17. Arschloch
18. Jägermeister
19. An Tagen wie diesen
20. Schönen Gruß auf wiedersehen

Music: 7
Performance: 6
Sound: 8
Light: 9
Total: 7.5 / 10


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