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introGewandhaus, Leipzig, Germany
24th to 25th October 2015
Classic Day: Mesh, Anne Clark, Covenant

As the electro part of this festival was finished the day before, now the classic part with the help of an Orchestra dawned. Once again, Leipzig’s Gewandhaus opened its doors for all the well-dressed fans. And yes, Dani and I managed to be there on time, which was a good thing as no one could find my ticket first. We had some editor changes and so firstly no one could find the second ticket, then they searched and finally found it. To make the ticket thing go on, I had a seat number written on mine which didn’t exist anymore. For a few moments I thought I had to sit on the floor, but fortunately not. The seat next to the erased one was free, so I could use this one.


MESH opened this evening with ‘Just leave us alone’, well, no one wanted to leave them alone this evening and listened carefully. I noticed that this time the orchestra from Zielona Gora (Poland) was not introduced and people used their phones to make videos of the performance. What can I say about this? People, do you really have to watch even such a specific event through a phone screen? But back to the bands performance: I loved the light and how good the orchestra worked with the voice of Mark Hockings and sometimes I had the feeling that the audience would have enjoyed singing along with him, just like they did the way before. But maybe they didn’t cause it was Leipzig’s Gewandhaus. Maybe next time, huh? The band finished with ‘Taken for Granted’ and the audience seemed to have wanted one or two more tracks, but there was no time as ANNE CLARK would play now. // / // Setlist: 1. Just Leave Us Alone / 2. Only Better / 3. Save Everyone / 4. You Couldn't see / 5. This Coming / 6. Taken For Granted // Rating: 9.5 / 10


Anne Clark

Anne Clarks music is something for people who like atmospheric synth sounds and a female voice sounding like telling a story. It’s not really my favourite kind of music but the day before she gave the audience a perfect music to take a break to. I’m not sure if I liked her more this day cause I got used to it and was somehow more prepared or because this storytelling voice fits so perfectly to the orchestra’s music. Some people told me afterwards that this was their highlight performance and yes, it was a highlight. Anne was like a little storytelling fairy while the orchestra from Poland created her fairy land by using their instruments instead of paintbrushes. Well done! // / // Setlist: 1. Killing time / 2. The panther / 3. Elegy for a lost summer / 4. Sleeper in Metropolis / 5. Shell song / 6. Leaving / 7. Heaven / 8. No coward soul is mine / 9. Our darkness // Rating: 8.5 / 10



Since Gothic Meets Klassik Day two, Eskil and I have become friends again. ;) The day before, the bands performance was great, no mistakes, nothing to complain about and the second day was even more perfect. While performing you could see people holding their breath because they were so amazed and some polish guys in front of me started dancing on their seats and were silently singing along with Eskil. I guess the most silent moment was when Eskil took a violin and started playing. No one expected him to be able to play this instrument, especially not this well. Second wow moment was the band playing ‘Happy Man’ – there was absolute silence in this room. And once again phone screens everywhere disturbing this special moment. Sigh. In conclusion I have to say, that I was very, very happy with COVENANT’s performance. Thank you for restoring my faith in you and go on being this perfect. // / // Setlist: 1. Bullet / 2. Der Leiermann / 3. Call the Ships to Port / 4. Wasteland / 5. Brave New World / 6. Ignorance & Bliss / 7. We Stand Alone / Encore: 8.Happy Man // Rating: 9.5 / 10


All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( /

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