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Rocko del SchlackoSauwasen, Püttlingen, Germany
11th to 13th August 2022
Rocco del Schlacko 2022 Day 1 with Sondaschule, Kontra K, Annenmaykantereit, Massendefekt and Finch

After a two-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the party is back on at the Sauwasen. The Rocco Del Schlacko Festival finally took place again this August and the line-up is lit. From Rock to Metal, from Rap to Techno - every genre was represented. The festival took place for three days and included two different stages: “Sauwasen” and “Ponyhof”. The first day of the festival was dominated by the blazing sun and 30 degrees, which had a positive effect on the mood of the visitors. Everyone had a good time and enjoyed the good weather conditions. The Rocco feeling is back.


The Ska-Punk band SONDASCHULE, fronted by Costa Cannabis, has been thrilling their fans since 1999. With rather ironic lyrics, the six-member band performs on stages all over Germany, including the Rocco del Schlacko back in 2016. Now they are back again this year and did not disappoint their fans. In the blazing sun, the boys appeared on the Sauwasen on time at 18:50. Under cheering applause, the first song ‘Gute Zeiten’ was immediately introduced. People danced and joined in loudly. Costa Cannabis and his bandmates were also able to enthuse the crowd immediately with the next song. With ‘Waffenschein bei ALDI’ a rather serious song was addressed and the audience was still ready to party along with the band. Even with older songs, the fans could prove how confident they are with their lyrics. For one full hour, the six band members delighted their fans with their music. Despite the heat, people jumped, sang along loudly, and danced. With their massive energy and charisma, the band could thrill their fans and definitely did not disappoint.

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Kontra K

KONTRA K is a German rapper signed to Universal Music. For years, KONTRA K from Berlin has been moving at a high level in the German rap business. He already did features with acts like RAF CAMORA, BONEZ MC, GZUZ, and CARDI B, among others. At 20:20 the curtain fell in front of the Sauwasen stage and KONTRA K was on stage. With a gloomy backdrop showing a burning car, black hellhounds, a bulletproof vest, a live band, an always grim look, and later also with a burning waistcoat, the rapper left no cliché unturned. The Berliner gave everything to his fans and the audience gave it back to him.

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ANNENMAYKANTEREIT, a band from Cologne, performed on Thursday as one of the first headliners. Since 2011, the three-member band has been thrilling their audience, especially with the unique voice of singer Henning May. After their tour this year, which unfortunately had to be interrupted due to some covid cases within the team, the band is now performing in Saarland at the Rocco Del Schlacko. Shortly after 20:20, not three, but four people entered the stage. With Sophie Chassée, the band has gained a bass player and now completes the band. Directly with the first song, the Germans were able to enthuse the crowd and get them to sing along. After a short welcome by Henning May, the band continued directly with the next song ‘Marie’. In between, a small team of musicians was introduced who was responsible for the wind and string instruments respectively.

DSC 6455

With ‘La Chapelle’ the music of the band was supported. The piano, which was played by Henning May himself, was decorated with the Pride flag and was meant to show the band's support for our queer fellow human beings. With political and socio-critical lyrics, the Cologne band drew the crowd under their spell and got them dancing. The lyrics were sung at the top of their voices all over the festival grounds and some even shed a tear. All in all, the concert was very pleasant, the people in the crowd respected each other and enjoyed the music together. Every now and then the Saarland was mocked with a popular chant, but hardly anyone seemed not to join in. The almost full moon completed the whole atmosphere and rounded off the mood.

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The Punk Rock band from Germany was founded in 2001 and has already had several member changes. Nevertheless, they have always remained true to the band's origins and delighted the fans shortly before midnight at the Ponyhof of the Rocco Del Schlacko Festival. A soap bubble machine introduced the band's first song and immediately the crowd was caught up in the band's energy. The four-piece band was able to inspire the fans with punky sounds and immediately animated for crowd surfing and pogoing.

DSC 1222

And not only the fans get into the act but also the band spontaneously decided to dive into the crowd together with their instruments. In doing so, everyone paid attention to those next to them and the band, and they treated each other respectfully and attentively. Just as you would expect at such a concert. Overall, the band was able to encourage the fans to sing along with them and dance to the music. Even though many people joined in later, the band didn't stop themselves from giving 100%. And the experience that the band brings with them is clearly visible. To sum up: it was an exciting and entertaining concert.

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FINCH, who also used to perform under the name FINCH ASOZIAL, is a German rapper with 1980s aesthetics. Initially more of a battle rapper, today he performs on big stages with German artists like ALLIGATOAH, BLÜMCHEN, TAREK K.I.Z. or even SCOOTER. On Thursday, the artist will be performing late after midnight at Rocco del Schlacko’s Ponyhof. The stage, which was set up like a typical bar, let you feel the nostalgia from the first moment. FINCH entered the stage and immediately people were raving. With the mixture of Rap, Techno, and happy Hardcore, it was very hard not to move along with the music. The “Ostdeutscher Hasselhoff” (“East German Hasselhoff” - as he calls himself) knows exactly how to excite the crowds and delivers an awesome performance with every song. Even though FINCH had to interrupt his concert more than once to explain to his fans how to properly handle a mosh pit, the mood in the crowd was still wild and energetic.

DSC 6831

Even the female fans got their kicks when FINCH asked each woman to sit on the shoulders of their companions and celebrate the music that way. The crowd also joined in with calls to jump left and right. Overall, it was a pleasant atmosphere in the middle of the crowd, even though it was late after 1am. FINCH and his sidekick as well as his DJ simply know how to create an atmosphere and inspire the fans. Hardly any German rapper shows as much energy and fun in his performances as FINCH, so I would recommend everyone to watch a performance by the East German and join in the party.

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All in all, the first day of the Rocco del Schlacko Festival was a complete success and promises two more great days.

All Pictures by Elena Arens
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