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W Festival 2022Klein Strand, Oostende, Belgium
24th to 28th August 2022
W-Fest 2022 - Some words about the festival & Impressions Gallery

That was it, five days of music from the eighties and nineties with a lot of bands I have never seen before. With perfect weather, we experienced a very relaxed festival at the small beach of Oostende in Belgium. Since I had to work a lot I asked visitors what they thought about the festival…

Starting with the entrance satiation. The queue on the first day was quite long and it took some time until anyone was in. But anything ran smooth and especially on the following days entrance was very quick. Security was, as reported and experienced myself, very kind and helpful and also attendees were kind. The whole festival and atmosphere was relaxed. It is great that there is only one stage and you could fully enjoy a show without thinking about overlaps on another stage. And when a show was over, you had enough time to chill in the sun, have a drink or some food and chat with friends. The only disadvantage of the stage, was, according to visitors, that it was too high and you had even problems from further behind to see i.e. the drummer. The good thing was that anything was filmed and projected to big screens besides the stage. There were also no bigger delays or visible technical problems for the audience.

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Speaking about chilling and eating… there were many possibilities to sit down on the festival ground and you could even bring own sitting accommodations - a thing I cannot imagine on German festivals. There was a big variety of drinks and food (yeah, the organizers have learned from last year’s problems) and also several vegan and vegetarian options were available. I saw churros, pasta dishes, Asian food, burgers and of course Belgium fries and stuff… and much more. Anything could be paid with the chip on your wristband. Topping it up worked without problems as people said. There were no problems either to get the 2020 tickets transferred to this year. For any question, friends told me, there was an answer and staff helped until the right option was found. The sanitary situation was also good, people reported. Mobile toilets were cleaned after use.

So all in all, it was a great festival. Well-organized in a wonderful location on the beachside (well, I have to remove sand from my gear and clothes afterwards I guess) with great music. We’ll be back!

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