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Progpower Festival, Baarlo, The Netherlands
October 2st 2005
Pain Of Salvation, Wolverine, Pagans Mind, Cloudscape, Dynamic Light and Aurora Project

Still tired from the evening before, but with fesh energy, people are ready for the last day of the Progpower festival in Baarlo. The little venue has a basement where people can get some coffee and the atmoshpere is relaxed. There are some familiar faces from the day before, but also some new onces.

Aurora Project

The kick-off is for the Dutch band Aurora Project. Slowly the people are coming inside to hear this symphonic band. They are well-known in the Dutch underground scene, but now they have the chance to prove themselves at a festival.

This band has some symphonic influences. The guitar and keyboard lines remind me of Pink Floyd, but not at the same quality level. All the band members are pretty good in playing their parts, but it is harder for them to make a real show. The rock voice of the frontmen, who’s covered with black lines, fits well in the band. He can easily sing the high parts, but there is no emotion.

Music 7
Performance 5
Sound 6
Light 5
Total: 6 (5,7)

Dynamic Light

All the way from Italy this band has to confince the audience in the early afternoon. With their special sound and a powerful gig this band honours his name: realy dynamic.


The catchy sound fits very well with the performance. Sometimes it reminds me a bit of Dream Theater, but that is not a negative thing. This band knows how to use their influences and make a nice cocktail of it. Even some traditional insturments are used during the gig: an ol flute, maybe from the aborigonals. Together with the jazzy sound of the piano and the warm voice of the frontman this band is one of the highlights of the day.


With his natural performance the brown-eyed frontman has a special charisma. He is moving a lot on stage. Running around, chearsing for contact with the other members and also there is interaction with the audience. When there is an emotional part in the music, he calms down: sitting on the ground focussed on his voice. This man knows how to translate his feelings and with his dynamic voice there is a real show going on. He confinced, because after the gig many people were walking around with the record of this band.


Music 7
Performance 8
Sound 6
Light 6
Total:  7 (6,7)



The Swedish band Cloudscape is more a powermetal band then progmetal as most of the bands this day. They play a long and professional set, but not everyone could stand them untill the end. A lot people were sitting in the basement: relaxing and waiting for the upcoming band.


The name of this band seems to be a wordgame like Evergrey, but no proggressive elements. The frontman has a real havey metal sound and also his face reminds me of Judas Priest. They kick-off with some heavy stuff: loud and fast guitars and a uptempo voice. They dare to play, because they even play a cover of Whitesnake. As a vocalist it is a tricky thing, but he managed to do it well. Many people were singing along. The sound is good, exept that it is very loud.


These gentlemen are not as yong as the bands before, but they still have a lot of energy on stage. No running around, but they keep the attention by their emotions. Both guitarist are not only focused on their instrument, but also have some interaction with the audience. Together with the singer they are playing a nice game. Especially the frontman in his leather jacket is impressive: running around and still singing high parts without any hesitation.


Music 6
Performance 7
Sound 6
Light 5
Total: 6 (6,0)

Pagan’s Mind

The Norwegian band Pagan’s Mind is a wellknown name in the scene since a long time. The whole venue is packed when this band start their gig. 


Clear and with a balanced sound they impress the audience. The band has a technical sound and on their last cd ‘Enigmatic: Calling’ there are a lot of complex songs like ‘Enigmatic Misson.’ Also live it is catchy song with high keyboard arrangements and fast guitar riffs. The voice of Nils is sometimes a bit theatrical, but it is not overdone. It gives more dimension to the songs. The fame has rushed ahead, but not undeserved.


Singer Nils with his dark curly hair and white blouse has a natural charisma. He is the one who has most interaction with the audience. He talks with them and search for contact, also with the other members. Easily he knows how to combine his singing with performing. It is not very special, but all in a natural way.


Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7 (7,0)


This Swedish band has a long reputation: with all their records they impressed many progmetal fans. Also their frontman has some curly hair and a white blouse: maybe the success of natural charisma.


The sound of Wolverine brings back the ‘old school feeling’ of progressive metal. A raw metal sound mixed with a very melodic voice. Sometimes aggressive and then suddenly fragile. Those contrasts are also important elements in their show. The backing vocals of the drumplayer and the straight guitarlines. The for two vocal lines are important in the new song ‘Still Bleeding’ and also with ‘And She Showly Dies’ there is more experimented with the melodic voice in contrast with the raw metal accompaniment.


Sollide, without moving a lot. They keep it exiting by their multi-purpose sound. It is integral what Stephan Zeill can do with his voice: melancholic, melodic and he leads you to every emotion he wants. He doesn’t need to move a lot. Under some red curls there are his eyes who reflect every emotion in the song. A female vocalist helps him out and their balade is also a very strong part of the show.


Music 8
Performance 8
Sound 7
Light 7
Total: 8 (7,5)

Pain Of Salvation

The headliner is Pain Of Salvation, but due to technical problems the audience had to wait for 1,5 hours. The audience left sitting down on the floor. When finally the curtain opens and the band enters the stage the adriline is in the air. After some riffs and a loud ‘plof’ there is no sound anymore. It is the sense of humor from frontman Daniel what saves the band. ,, It can’t get worser then this. Nothing works.” Then he goes on with testing the instruments and finally there is a ‘non-acoestic’ version of Leaving Entropia on the electric guitar.

Daniel explains that the problems has to deal with the clicktracks and the monitors. ,, There is a sort of recepy how to make a show. You are suppose to start with four fast or heavy songs and after that you can calm down with a soft song as number five. We did that as a second one. For the first time in our lives we are not following the recepy!”

Without the images there is no sound, but suddenly there is the intro of BE ‘Deus Nova.’ The gods are with them and the rest of the set is perfect. Daniel showed here that he can play without hearing the others and they all played even more powerful then on the record.
The voice of Daniel is impressive: from one second to another he can change from a cristal clear tone to an aggressive part. He screems his longs out then he is emotional. Those contrasts are also in the melodylines: melodic, but sometimes melancholic or dark.

After the difficult start the band really get into their set and the show grows and grows. Each member is so unique that it is amazing to see them all together playing those emotional songs. It gets emotional when during ‘Second Love’ when Daniel makes everyone shiffer. He wrote this song when he was fiftheen years old and it is still one of the best songs of the band. Then there is the guitarplayer on his right who seems to be in trance. His dreadlocks are covering his eyes, but he makes jokes with the audience and is also focussed on the gig.
When ‘Mr. Money’ starts Daniel enters the stage in a black suit with sunglases and with a lady on his side. This is totally different side of Daniel: arrogant, playing with the audience. This no performance anymore, but real art all together it is one story: the images, Daniel, the music and it is perfect. Altough they started later they played more then 1,5 hours.
Daniel discribe it this way: ,, I need stapping feet, clapping hands. I mean you don’t have to spare more energy. At least we gonna do that.” 

Music 9
Performance 9
Sound 8
Light 8
Total: 9 (8,5)

© Copyright all photos: Marcel Eijsten
This report is made in cooperation with

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