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Flugplatz Drispenstedt, Hildesheim, Germany
8th & 9th August 2009
M’era Luna 2009 Day 1 Hangar Stage: De/Vision, Zeraphine, Welle:Erdball, Untoten, Nachtmahr, Star Industry, Jesus on Extasy, Lola Angst, Faderhead, Heimataerde

Of course, the M’era Luna did not only offer a varied program on the main stage. Also the Hangar stage had some quite nice bands to offer. Starting off the day was HEIMATAERDE and even though it was very early, the hangar was nearly bursting. Only WELLE:ERDBALL managed on that day to draw as many people as the first band into the hall.

Heimataerde (Carsten Leopold)

HEIMATAERDE is a German electro-industrial band with a medieval motif. It was founded in 2004 by DJ Ash. The live debut took place at the Wave Gothic Meeting 2007. HEIMATAERDE is Ashlar “Ash” von Megalon (vocals, instruments, concept). On stage he’s usually supported by Bruder Ansgar v. Hucretha, Bruder Andreas, Bruder Nikolaus Berchovesche, Rafim ibn Husam al Din, Bruder St. Galla and Gastbruder Peter von Thüringen. /

Music & Performance
HEIMATAERDE opened the second stage at Saturday. Despite of the early hour, the Hangar already was well-filled with people who wanted to enjoy the show. And let me tell you, people in front as well as on stage had a lot of fun during the show. The guys of HEIMATAERDE entered the stage like usual clothed like medieval soldiers with mail shirts, helmets, shields and some more war stuff. They performed all in all six songs including one spontaneous encore that wasn’t planned initially. Between the songs they got a lot of applause and I think they did a very good job as the opener.

01. Endlos
02. Der Verfall
03. Wiedergänger
04. Pater Noster
05. Heimataerde
---Spontaneous Encore---
06.Tempus Es Iocundum

Music: 6
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.4 / 10

Faderhead (Sebastian Huhn)

After FADERHEAD from Hamburg / Germany was making music for about 17 years, he finally released his debut album ‘FH1’ on the Accession Records label in 2006. His musical influences are spread widely - OASIS, MARILYN MANSON, ICE CUBE, SLAYER, THE PRODIGY, PET SHOP BOYS and many others - over different genres. According to his own statements, he did not grow up influenced by the typical electronic bands (i.e. DEPECHE MODE or KRAFTWERK) and had very few electronic influences. He just likes “synthesizers and fat drumbeats”. The second album ‘FH2’ was released in April 2007. After FADERHEAD and his former record company Accession Records parted ways, it wasn’t so sure if a new FADERHEAD album would ever see the light of day (according to his own words). But with a new label (L-Tracks) the new album, surprisingly titled ‘FH3’ was hitting store shelves on 10th October 2008. This time FADERHEAD live consisted of Sami (song writing, production, vocals, guitars), Joe & Daniel of SAM (synths, keys). /

Music & Performance
Actually, FADERHEAD wasn’t even supposed to play at this festival but due to the cancellation of the show of DIE FORM due to health issues, he filled in for them. Not as headliner but as second act at the hangar stage on Saturday and quite a crowd had come to the hangar expecting a little party and they should get one. The set commenced with ‘Acquire the Fire’ and a beat inferno rained down on a crowd that - even at t his early hour - was quite willing to dance already. So, all these beats came over properly. FADERHEAD was supported this time by Joe and Daniel of the band SAM ("Synthetic Adrenaline Music"), who displayed a fair urge to move while they were busy with twiddling the knobs. The master himself stomped back and forth over the stage and shouted or sang the respective lyrics. Both are disciplines he’s pretty good at. I would have loved to see more but during ‘Houston’ I had to leave the hangar already, because I had another appointment at the main stage now.

01. Acquire The Fire
02. Electrosluts
03. Girly Show
04. Hammer of the Gods
05. ZigZag Machinery
06. Houston
07. O/H Scavenger
08. Noisebastardz
09. Dirtygrrrls/Dirtybois
10. TZDV

Music: 8
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7.4 / 10

Lola Angst (Cathie Niemann)

Once upon a time, there was an old little church organ that was left alone in an ancient village chapel in Lichtenberg in Berlin, it had been abused in Sunday mass for several decades, and its graceful sounds would be accompanying the dreadful dirges of untalented and geriatric people. One night, two vagabonds came by, kidnapped it, and named it "Lola". Since then, the crazy trio is travelling the world, playing music under the moniker of LOLA ANGST. Ever since then, the project has released two acclaimed full-length albums and will release brand new material on a disc called ‘Viva la Lola/Live in Germania’ in September 2009. LOLA ANGST currently is Lola" the Church organ, Alexander Leonard Goldmann (singing and playing Lola), Nina Angst (keys), Zwie Angst (Bass), Damian Angst (electronics) and Tyronne de Silva (drums).

Music & Performance
At mid-day, the exceptional Berlin-based formation LOLA ANGST started with their dark, provoking set at the hangar. The stage was decorated with the church organ “Lola” and two skeletons wearing ballet skirts, hanging on two gallows. Front man Alexander L. Goldmann entered the stage with his colleagues Tyrone da Silva (Drums), Zwie Angst (Bass) and Nina Angst (Keys) and screamed “Do you want the total Lola?” The audience reaction still was quite passive and they rather watched what happened during the first song ‘Just Slaves’ off the current album ‘Schwarzwald’. The unique, but admittedly interesting and creative electro sound seemed chaotic, but still charming. Alexander Goldmann in his BLUTENGEL shirt radiated sarcasm and irony and riled up the well-filled hanger with words such as “Have a party, it’s your weekend!”

More songs off the current album like the brachial ‘Mr Trisex’ or ‘Final War’ followed. The show seemed unconventional, fresh and in the front rows, the people had quite a lot of fun. A very special eye catcher was drummer Tyrone, uniquely juggling with his drum sticks. During ‘Daddy, Daddy’, Alexander spilled a bottle of beer over his head and from the song ‘Final War’, especially the powerful, catchy sound kept ringing in my ears. However, I missed one of the widely praised, exciting presentations of Goldmann’s organ play during the entire set. So what’s left was two treats from the debut album ‘The Council of Love’ and the show ended with quite a neat applause.

01. National Anthem of Germany
02. Just Slaves
03. Hello Happiness
04. Dear Enemy
05. I love myself
06. Daddy Daddy
07. Mr. Trisex
08. This Earth is not enough for me
09. Final War
10. King of the Mad
11. Am I Dead

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 7.3 / 10

Jesus on Extasy (Carsten Leopold)

JESUS ON EXTASY is an Industrial Metal band from Germany. Having signed to Drakkar Entertainment, they released their debut album ‘Holy Beauty’ in March 2007 and their second album ‘Beloved Enemy’ on 2nd May 2008. The lyrical themes focus on love, dreams, loneliness and technology. JESUS ON EXTASY is Dorian Deveraux (vocals, synths, samples), Chai Deveraux (guitar, backing vox, synths, programming), Ophelia Dax (synthesizer), BJ (bass) and Dino (drums). /

Music & Performance
JESUS ON EXTASY entered the stage right in time and started their set very powerful with ‘Beloved Enemy’. The stage setting was very well-known, just one difference was there with BJ not playing drums anymore but switching now to the bass. In the background, the drum set was placed, on the right side the always good-looking female keyboard player Ophelia and in the foreground the singer, the guitar and the bass. The sound at the Hangar was much better than in the past, but the sound of JESUS ON EXTASY was not the best at least where I was standing - the drums too loud and the backing vocals too low. The light show was simple but effectively reflecting the silver colour, Dorian was wearing on his blank body. JESUS ON EXTASY performed their songs with much power and soul and it seemed they had a lot of fun on stage.

Unfortunately the hangar was only half filled, the crowd was calm and some people left the venue during the show. Anyway, I think it was a good show and I was pleased. The set list included eight songs and finished after about 40 minutes with ‘Lies’.

01. Beloved Enemy
02. Nuclear Bitch
03. Change The World
04. Assassinate Me
05. Alone
06. Neochrome
07. Church Of Extasy
08. Lies

Music: 7
Performance: 8
Sound: 6
Light: 6
Total: 7 / 10

Star Industry (Sebastian Huhn)

This Belgian Goth-Rock outfit was born some time in 1996. The following year, they already entered the studio to produce what would become the first album ‘Iron Dust Crush’ for which they gained a lot of positive reception from the European press, which resulted in their first festival gig in Germany, Belgium and the UK. In summer 1999, the band released the ‘New Millennium EP’ on the Belgian Euro Rock festival in 2001; the next full-length album ‘Velvet’ followed and caused a burst of popularity for the band, enabling them to play even bigger festivals. Their most recent release, following 2007’s ‘Last Crusades’ album, is called ‘Black Angel White Devil’ and is a live album that’s connecting the band’s past with the present. STAR INDUSTRY is Peter Beckers (vocals, guitar), Xavier "Psyche" Vranken (backing vocals, lead guitar), Stijn "Stign" Kuijpers (bass), Kurt Lantin (drums) and Peter "Utz" Gerits (synths, samples). /

Music & Performance
My next date at the hangar stage a band called STAR INDUSTRY I had hardly heard more than the name before so I was curious what I would get to see and hear here now. To a movie score intro, the band comes on stage and everyone takes his position with the cowboy hat wearing singer / guitarist Peter Beckers at the front. Then, when the first glimpses of the real opening track came across to me, I was instantly caught by the strong blend of Goth-Rock and spherical keys but most of all by Becker’s excellent, deep voice that’s adding a touch of warmness and longing to the sound. Most of the songs were driving in a way but pushing you with a rather soft power while you’re drowning in songs like ‘Ceremonial’ or ‘Lost Generation’. It was just a pity for this really great band that not many people had come to the hangar to see them play. I tell you, you really did miss something but now it’s too late.

01. Pray
02. Sin
03. Ceremonial
04. Lost Generation
05. Nineties
06. Kids
07. Be Real
08. Sodium Haze

Music: 8
Performance: 8
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 7.9 / 10

Nachtmahr (Sebastian Huhn)

The only purpose of NACHTMAHR is to make people dance. The song ‘BoomBoomBoom’ makes that perfectly clear: “I don't care whether you live or die. I only want to see you dance”. Thomas Rainer, known as a member of L’AME IMMORTELLE, unleashes a full force of Electro / Industrial beats on the clubs with his new project. The first EP ‘Kunst ist Krieg’ is meanwhile sold-out but the album ‘Feuer Frei’ followed it up quite quickly and fed the hungry crowd with new destructive material. With ‘Alle Lust will Ewigkeit’, the second NACHTMAHR album was released on 7th August 2009.

Music & Performance
A full electro blast was coming up now with the side-project of L’AME IMMORTELLE member Thomas Rainer and as one could expect, the hangar was pretty well-filled with dance-addicted people. A marching intro now announced the beginning of the show. Those marching patterns gradually faded into electronic sequences and last but not least brachial beats to eradicate the last bit of weariness that might have still survived up to this point. ‘Alle Lust will Ewigkeit’ was the title of this very first song and it made the masses dance right away while Thomas Rainer literally marched over the stage and screamed as loud as he could into his microphone or placed himself behind the laptop during ‘Code Red’ and joined his companion behind the laptop on the left. To be frank, all that wasn’t really my cup of tea so it wasn’t that hard for me to make my way back to the main stage, but people inside the hanger enjoyed the show a lot.

01. Alle Lust will Ewigkeit
02. Deus Ex Machina
03. Code Red
04. Feuer Frei
05. Alpha Omega
06. Mörder
07. Tanzdiktator
08. Boom Boom Boom
09. I believe in Blood
10. Katharsis

Music: 5
Performance: 5
Sound: 6
Light: 6
Total: 5.3 / 10

Untoten (Sebastian Huhn)

The band formed as DIE UNTOTEN in 1994 around Greta Ida Csatlós and David A.Line from the former school band ZIZA. Initially, they played harder independent rock and metal stuff. Their first album ‘Hab keine Angst, Veluzifer’ then was released in 1996 and was only the start of a continuous release politic, that is, in every of the following years there would be a new album of the band which would change stylistic details just as often as they would release albums. 2003 marks the start of the ‘Grabsteinland’ trilogy, dealing with an imaginary place as a shelter from reality. The trilogy concluded with ‘Grabsteinland III: Herz der Finsternis’ in 2005. But now, a few years and albums later, the initial trilogy gets a fourth part with ‘Grabsteinland IV - Die schwarze Feder’ released in October 2009. UNTOTEN is David A.Line (composer, lyricist, musician, author) and Greta Ida Csatlós (singer, fine artist). /

Music & Performance
This was a band I actually didn’t know what to expect of if I’m honest, but as Greta Csatlós put it later, it would become “A show under the sign of Grabsteinland” with an emphasis placed on the upcoming new album to be released in October. Well, ok let’s see what happens. The main actors of course took their positions at the front for best view, whereas the term actor would best apply on Greta in her French school uniform, who has a bit of a theatrical way of acting on stage. Maybe that’s exactly what their songs need for a live performance. But for me it was a little over the top how she’s underscoring the lyrical delivery with partly expansive gestures or lascivious movements. However, it seemed that I was in the minority of people with that opinion, because big parts of the not quite little crowd at the hangar stage obviously were completely addicted to the charm of the music and performance. Thus, they had no problems with howling like a pack of wolves when asked to do so, before the track ‘Zum Heulen’ began.

After ‘Willst du?’ and their departure from the stage, they actually still had 15 minutes to play and people started wondering about an eventual second return of the band after the first encore had ended with the mentioned song, but instead the stage crew started removing the stuff on stage. An untimely end to the show, however I wasn’t really sad about it, for it didn’t quite appeal to me.

01. Geh in das Licht
02. Weißt du noch
03. Die schwarze Feder
04. Zum heulen
05. Sturm bricht los
06. Seelenfängerin
07. Dort wo Giganten wohnen
08. Hexenfieber
09. Willst du?

Music: 5
Performance: 5
Sound: 8
Light: 7
Total: 5.8 / 10

Welle:Erdball (Cathie Niemann)

The German Electro Pop band in uniforms with a strong affinity to Fifties´ aesthetics and its C64 (that is regarded as the fifth band member and responsible for the minimalist sound) was formed as HONIGMOND in 1990 and renamed to WELLE:ERDBALL in 1993. The debut album `Frontalaufprall´ was delivered in 1993, followed up by all in all eight long-players including some special editions. The release of `Der Sinn des Lebens´ (1998) made WELLE:ERDBALL become popular in Sweden and Denmark too. In 2006, the radio station broadcasted the recent album `Chaos Total´ which was brought into the stores as a limited picture vinyl again in 2009. /

Music & Performance
In regular extends, the minimal electro project WELLE:ERDBALL honours the M’era Luna with a performance already. This year, they’ve nearly been announced as last band in the line-up. This evening’s special report radiated a retro flair and was homage to the good old days. Quite secretly, the stage was hidden behind curtains during the changeover. After the suspense-packed fall of the curtains, the set started right away with ‘Wir sind die Maschinen’ and flashes of light. Honey moved in a robot-like style and in the background, video clips were projected on a screen with Alf standing right in front of it, presenting his back to the audience. On the left and right, Frl. Venus and Plastique banged with drum sticks on metal barrels in front of them. At the same time, they supported Honey on vocals and as always looked gorgeous.

One hit like ‘23’, the girls song ‘Ich bin aus Plastik’ and ‘Ich bin nicht von dieser Welt’ followed the other. The mood got visibly better the more time passed. All people at the hangar partied, clapped and sang at the top of their voices. That raised the already high temperature to quite nasty levels. Many well-known scenarios like Honey’s drum play on the metal barrel to ‘Arbeit adelt!’ or huge, red balloons to ‘Schweben, Fliegen und Fallen’ additionally enhanced the performance and the audience had quite a lot of fun, it seemed. The set ended with deafening cheers and left a happy audience after a solid set without too big surprises.

01. Wir sind die Maschinen
02. Wir wollen keine Menschen sein
03. 23
04. Ich bin aus Plastik
05. Ich bin nicht von dieser Welt
06. Arbeit adelt!
07. 8-Bit-Märchenland
08. W.O.L.F
09. Schweben, fliegen, fallen
10. Puopee de Cire
11. Monoton und Minimal
12. Starfighter F-104G
13. Und es geht ab
14. Lass uns ein Computer sein
15. Wo kommen all die Geister her?

Music: 7
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8 / 10

Zeraphine (Carsten Leopold)

The foundation stone for ZERAPHINE has been laid by Norman Selbig and Sven Friedrich after their former band DREADFUL SHADOWS quit in 2000. Together with producer Tommy Hein, the first album 'Kalte Sonne' was recorded and then released in 2002. It was completely sung in German, contrary to second album 'Traumaworld' comprising of mixed German and English lyrics and a nice cover of the DEPECHE MODE track 'In Your Room'. The third album 'Blind Camera', released in 2005, left confided territory and turned to heavier guitar riffs and harder arrangements, still the dominating factor was Sven's charismatic voice. Their fourth and current album 'Still' was the first album, release by their own label, which the band founded after their previous record deal ended. ZERAPHINE is Sven Friedrich (vocals), Norman Selbig (guitar), Manuel Senger (guitar), Michael Nepp (bass) and Marcellus Puhlemann (drums). /

Music & Performance
ZERAPHINE started their show powerfully with ‘Die Macht in Dir’ and quickly the spirit went over to the crowd. The sound at the hangar really was much better than in the last years and the lightshow was pleasing too. I've already seen ZERAPHINE many times but this show was the best I can remember. The rousing performance impressed me and the rest of the crowd. The set list included, besides well-known songs like ‘Be my rain’ or ‘Die Wirklichkeit’, two unreleased songs from the upcoming album. The main set finished with ‘Sterne sehen’ but the crowd requested an encore, which was granted with one more song before the show finished finally.

01. Die Macht in dir
02. No more doubts
03. No tears
04. Licht
05. Be my rain
06. I'll will be there
07. I'll follow you
08. Still
09. Inside your arms
10. Luisa
11. Ohne Dich
12. Die Wirklichkeit
13. Sterne sehen
14. Flieh mit mir

Music: 8
Performance: 9
Sound: 8
Light: 8
Total: 8.3 / 10

De/Vision (Sebastian Huhn)

DE/VISION are making music for almost 20 years now and belong to the leading representatives in the synth-pop genre. Their style constantly evolved during that large time-span. First it was just ordinary synth pop, but soon they started to integrate new elements into their sound which culminated up in the release of 'Void' in 2000 which was a very unusual DE/VISION release. It was upon that time, that founding member Markus left the band. Steffen and Thomas continued with the band and returned to their old strengths wit the release of the album 'Two' in 2001. The most recent album is called 'NOOB' and is the first album, where DE/VISION equally collaborated with their producers Schumann & Bach. The next still untitled album the band is working on right now will be a continuation of that collaboration. DE/VISION is Steffen Keth (vocals, synth, composing) and Thomas Adam (synths, backing vocals, lyrics). /

Music & Performance
Actually, it’s a little strange if one has every CD of a certain band at home but never has seen them live before as was the case with DE/VISION and me. Now I was finally getting my opportunity to attend a gig of the duo. Darkness surrounded me, when I entered the hangar and I knew it would become a little challenge to properly note anything as the stage was the only source of light here and it wasn’t even bright light. Anyway, the minutes to the show’s beginning seemed endless in this dim environment. But eventually the first notes sounded from the stage and first Thomas and then Steffen came on stage to start their electronic set with a more dance floor-committed version of ‘Star-Crossed Lovers’ from the ‘Subkutan’ album - just to bring a classic from 1998’s ‘Monosex’ album right afterwards with ‘Strange Affection’. Exactly as I knew it from the record, maybe a bit polished in sound and speaking of the sound, it was beyond any doubts. I never thought I’d say this about the hangar’s sound, really. The organizer’s improvements really changed it for the better.

The set went even farther back in time with ‘Today’s Life’ off the second album ‘Unversed in Love’. One of my favourites with its special kind of melancholic atmosphere! But with the next two songs ‘I regret’ and especially ‘Your Hands on my Skin’, the party really started, the audience got involved to sing most of the chorus on their own for the biggest part. It’s a whole different feeling to experience that by yourself than just listening to it on a live disc. From the very beginning, Steffen had an incredible fun dancing around on stage and constantly a smile on his face. Also Thomas was visibly content with the audience’ response at least in several rows! I don’t think they could overlook the entire audience. The glowing lights from the stage didn’t reach that far into the hangar to do that. A little cross-section through the last two albums followed, including songs such as ‘Love will find a Way’ or ‘The End’ before the two left the stage. Of course they needed to come back one more time for a two-track encore with ‘Try to Forget’ and ‘Still unknown’. Thundering applause followed and ended a great and entertaining performance and at the same time the first day at the hangar.

01. Intro + Star-Crossed Lovers
02. Strange affection
03. Today's life
04. I regret
05. Your hands on my skin
06. Addict
07. What you deserve
08. Love will find a way
09. The End
10. Flavour of the week
11. Try to forget
12. Still unknown

Music: 9
Performance: 9
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 8.9 / 10

While DE/VISION was still playing at the hangar, it was time on the main stage for headliner NIGHTWISH who took the fans’ hearts by storm, no matter if there were technical problems.

All pictures by Daniela Vorndran ( / /
Written by Daniela Vorndran (common parts and overall editorial), Sebastian Huhn, Carsten Leopold and Cathie Niemann with friendly support of Terrorverlag (


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