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Paaspop, Schijndel, The Netherlands
Within Temptation, Anouk, Monster Magnet, Ilse de Lange, Di-rect, Danko Jones, Dead Moon, Epica, The Quill, Pro-pain

The start of the festivalseason is Paaspop in Schijndel, in the south of the Netherlands. The weather is, what is usual on most of the Duthc festivals, rainy. The people who stays on the camping site had a weekend with a lot of mud.

The first band who starts on Saterday is Pro-Pain. This band is wellknown as a hardcoreband with rockinvluences and grunts. The frontman has a powerfull voice, but that is not good enough to bring more sphere by the people. The tent is halffull and the people are restless. As a wave the strong guitars spools over the audience.

After that The Swdeisch metalband The Quill will make their entrée in the ‘Master of Rock’ tent. This band has got a lot of power. The frontman has a impressive sound. His voice is very strong and carries the whole sound of the band. He could sing by a powermetalband like Hammerfall if he wanted. This time it is not the leadguitarist who plays impressive, no it is the bassplayer, who makes it a great show. The drums are technical great and it is to see that he enjoyed the show. The music seems have some invluences from the seventies, a bit like the melody of Black Sabbath. The tent is full and most of the people are impressed by the sound of the songs. It is not realy a metalband in that way that the guitars are loud an too powerfull. It is more a kind of new wave sound but with more power. The sphere in the public is very great. The performance is good enough, the band has a lot of energy to show what makes it great to look at.

After a break it is time  for Epica. This is the first gothmetalband who plays. The next day will play Within Temptation on the mainstage. Epica plays in the smaller     ‘Mastersofrock’ tent.  Maybe it is because the Dutch punkband Heidenroosjes will play afterwards, but there are lot of little kids. I think many people in the audience never saw this band. A great opportunity to get more fans. This time Epica plays better than on metalfest.
The band seems to be more professional and plays a good show.  In the performance there are some small changes. Simone is more focussed on the lowernotes what makes is better to listen at. Her voice is deeper when she takes the lower parts. Also the other bandmembers are changed a bit. They have more control about their attitude. Again it is Mark Jansen who has the energy and attitude who makes that there is more contact with the public. Simone has a new catsuit, whom is designed for her. It makes it more metal in her performance. The sound is great, but the light is too dark. Sometimes it seems to be a ‘black  hole.’ They’re better than on metalfest: a great start for their festivalseason too.

Dead Moon is the last band after Epica and the Dutch punkband De Heideroosjes. It is an old band from the past and they play mostly ’70 rock. Only two guitarplayers (one woman and a man who plays with Black Sabbath too) and a small drum with a candle in front of the stage are what the audience get. They are just standing there and plays their old rocksongs. There is no intresting perfomance or show. The songs seems all to be the same. It is a good band when you need rest, but  in my opion it is too quiet.

On the mainstage the end of the festival is in hands of Danko Jones. This rockband with some bluesinfluence has already a great name and it was for me a great opportunity to see them live. The sound of the guitars are realy great and I am impressed by the drums. The sound of the black frontman are nice to hear, but after a while all the songs seems to be the same. After all the audience was happy and enjoyed the show. This band is realy a good festivalband, because most of the people will enjoy the show and have a good time. The reason is maybe that the band has a lot of energy (including the swet of the frontman).

The next day begins with the Dutch punkband Di-rect. I have seen them many times on festivals and every time I had a great time. Also today they play a good show. The sound is great and also the light is ok. The performance is as good as always. The frontman Tim and the leadguitarist Spike have a lot of energy and do not fear to show it. The lot of girls in the front will not be desapointed. All the hitsongs were played.

After that an other Dutch band will be play on the mainstage. Ilse de Lange, the sweet girl with the guitar, plays her first festivalgig. This time she has more power. Her new cd “Clean Up” entered high in the dutch hitlists and she got a Edison award for it. The more songs have the same acoustic guitar and still her voice is very important, but there are more rock and bluesinfluences. Sometimes I have to think about Alanis Moresette. It is great to see her show. You can realy see that see enjoyes the show and to play for the public. The tent is realy packed.

The rockband Monster Magnet plays a great show. The perfomance of the frontman is great; he plays a lot of theatre. He looks like Mick Jagger in that way. The rocksound of the guitars are great and powerfull. Everything is perfect on this show and it is realy great to look at.

Also an other Dutch band plays on the mainstage. Anouk had a lot of hitsongs in the past. This time she will bring more new songs from her cd. She is just stainding on the stage and brings her songs with enough power to get the sphere high in the public.When the wellknown songs as “Nobody’s wife” are played there is realy a lot energy, but the new songs are quiet in that way that these songs are more in the style of reggae than rock. After all a nice show to look at.

It was a long time ago that Within Temptation played in the Netherlands. The band did some great show in Germany and it is for the first time we’ll see tha band on a dutch festival. This year we’ll see them more often in the summer. Where Epica has to learn more things WT is very professional. The entourage is totally changed. The two white angels stayed, but now there are some new things. A big viedoscreen with images of landscapes and mountains and hills changed during the songs. Also some pillars with runes who seems from Lord of the Rings. Sharon is dressed in a beautiful black dress. The audience is very enthousiastic and screems a lot. The wellknown songs from Mother Earth are played and also some three new songs. The news songs are a bit quiet, with a balladsound from sharon’s voice.  The guitars are still very strong and plays a big role in the new songs. Ther performance is very professional and the light is great.  Hope to see them soon again, was a geat impressive concert.  The band has proven that they are still growning in their sound.

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