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Artist: Sarsaparilla
Title: Everyone here seems so familiar
Genre: Folk / Other
Release Date: 21st January 2011
Label: R.D.S.

Album Review

Brandon Miller seems to be another American artist drawn to live in Europe, namely to Berlin. He created SARSAPARILLA in 2006 and performed in diverse venues, brought out several albums and now he’s about to release ‘Everyone here seems so familiar’ via Revolver Distribution Services (R.D.S) which he will be taking on road in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (and hopefully further on). Accompanied by various artists he creates a quietly atmospheric folksy collection of songs. In so many ways they evoke remote and urban parts of America, but his European fascination seeps in to it too - there is a dark knowing melancholy that is bubbling in the blood soaked soil of Europe’s countless tragedies; a fusion of places he’s been, seen and experienced is vividly transcribed into deeply ruminative and emotive music. The comparison that comes to mind here is RAY LaMONTAGNE, except Miller’s music is quieter and less “showy” and less chorus driven too.

Miller’s voice is empathetic, unobtrusive; it tells the stories with (in perfect temperature) warm emphasis; his is a great voice that doesn’t fail to engage the listener throughout. If one differentiates songs by tempo for fluctuating moods, there is not so much difference to map here, but you’ll get engulfed by the subtle details of instrumentation that shows a honed musicianship, the turns of the phrases and the smoothness of Miller’s vocal. As in most of the Folk tradition the story telling and lyrics are paid attention to. The songs that stood out to me were Radio Moscow that was more Rock bent and interesting. You will find SARPARILLA often crosses over to other trends in a totally perfectly fusing, and even, unique way. ‘Part Indian’ for the guitar which is impeccable here, strength and solidity and an ethereal feel as well.

‘Pelican’ where the story telling is exquisite, the narrative carried on by Miller’s voice with misleading quietness which conjures the emotionally strong content with all the more impact, having said that it doesn’t loose on a dreamy quality that pervades all of the fourteen songs either. What you also get is Miller’s and his co-musicians love and respect of music. ‘Everyone here seems so familiar’ is an album that gets under your skin before you know; it’s beautiful and even - essential.


01. Hunt – 2.50
02. Earthling – 2.37
03. Pyramid – 4.18
04. Haystack – 6.43
05. Seduce – 3.43
06. Part Indian – 5.42
07. Cleopatra – 3.16
08. Baby Steps – 3.58
09. Pelican – 4.43
10. A Hike Unlike – 4.22
11. Tail of Cumbs – 2.18
12. Radio Moscow – 3.21
13. Build Bigger Bombs – 4.36
14. Monkey – 3.31


Brandon Miller with guest musicians - Nikola Jeremic, Joe Smith, Damir Bacikin, Martha Rose, Sebastian Scheithauer, Christian Markwart, Adam Winokur, Nate Kowalski, Marina Dessau, Lauren Stevens, Arielle Miller...

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Music: 9
Sound: 9
Total: 9 / 10


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