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Hi everybody!

Being quite close to the long awaited event we would like to take the opportunity to put together the most important information you might need to know.

You just only have today to order the tickets online. Our online shop on will be open until August, 8th 2006. In case you keep ordering there please make sure money will be transferred directly since it has to be on our account until August, 11th 2006. Despite that on our website you can find plenty of ticket counters still selling tickets. By the way, daily tickets will be charged 25,-€ and will be available at the festival ticket counter on each day you need the ticket for.

Like we reported before, our long time supporter and friend Michael Luehmann from Micha’s Tattoo and Piercing in Aalen has come up with a very special thing. Everybody setting up an appointment for a tattoo session until August, 15th, for a tattoo of 200,-€ and more will be getting a 3 days ticket for free.  Deadline is just for setting it up. Tattoo can be done later. So any of you thinking about having a tattoo and buying a ticket this is the best way to get one at

Also online at is the running order and a map of the entire festival and camping ground. The festival ABC has been updated and will serve you with answers to the most important questions. Once more we’d like to draw your attention to the strict glass prohibition on the entire festival and camping site. Please respect this as it is important to make sure we will be having a SUMMER BREEZE next year. We will be checking each and every car entering our site. So the less you bring the less we need to take away from you and the faster you can enter the site and start enjoying the party. So please support us in this matter. Thanks a lot in advance.

The column „journey" contains a map showing how to get to the festival. The street to the festival will be blocked during the festival days. For SUMMER BREEZE guests reaching the fest, it is only possible coming from Dinkelsbuehl as the main street 2218 between Bundesstrasse 25 (B25) and the village of Wittelshofen will be blocked for the normal traffic.  So arriving and departing is only possible coming from the B25.

Some info for everybody using the public transport. Coming from Ellwangen an extended bus service directly to the site will be offered. Between the site and the medieval village of Dinkelsbuehl a special shuttle will be servicing. So not coming directly from Ellwangen does not mean necessarily you will have to walk.

In case anything will change we will let you know immediately. See you in Dinkelsbuehl then. The entire team is looking forward to having you there and partying with you 3 days in a roll. Let’s show the world how to celebrate a comfortable and peacefull festival. 

Source: Newsletter
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