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wgt logoWave Gotik Treffen 2019 takes place from 7th to 10th June. Its nearly that time again when the dark Gothic hordes from the far corners of the earth descend on the East German City of Leipzig for four days of music, theatre, exhibitions and Nocturnal partying in what will be the 29th instalment of Wave Gothic Treffen.

To date there are 183 bands confirmed to play and there’s plenty of time to beat the 2011 total 278 Artists. Bands I’ll be looking out for this year are CRADLE OF FILTH, a band I’ve not had the pleasure of seeing live yet, NEW MODEL ARMY which I have, NITZER EBB (haven’t), Iceland’s KAELAN MIKLA (have), France’s HANTE (haven’t) and Germany’s TANGERINE DREAM (nope), purveyors of music for films such as ‘Vampira’, William Friedkin’s ‘Sorcerer’ and Ridley Scott’s ‘Legend’.

As accompaniment to the many artists in attendance there are many other things to do within the city limits, for example, taking a visit to the Südfriedhof Cemetery which is Leipzig’s largest or taking the lift to the top of the Monument of Nations which commemorates the grand coalition that fought and defeated Napoleon during the Battle Of Leipzig in 1813 and at the time being the greatest battle held on European soil until the outbreak of WW1.

Why not visit the Messe Exhibition Halls north of the main Railway Station which by the way is the largest train station in Europe by floor area! Or slot in a visit to one of the numerous museums in the central area, for example The Museum of Books and Writing or The Museum of Fine Arts? There is also the Zoo if you need some animal time! I’d highly recommend a visit to the Bayerischer Bahnhof for excellent food that’s priced reasonably, trust me once you’ve eaten there you won’t need to eat again that day!

And after the Gothic shenanigans have concluded maybe if time permits you could stay for the annual Bach Festival. Whatever you do and whether or not you have visited this wonderful city before I am sure your experience will be a grand one! Oh, just remembered, Poland’s metal maestros BATUSHKA have been added to the roster, I’ve seen them too!


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