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woa logoThe organizers of the world’s largest Heavy Metal festival Wacken Open Air announced today that the edition planned for the end of July cannot take place as planned due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The 31st edition of the cult festival will therefore take place from August 4th till August 6th, 2022.

“Our hearts are bleeding! All visitors, musicians and the entire crew have put all their hopes in being able to celebrate together again in July this year in Wacken, but we have no other choice: we have to go a little longer wait. Health and safety come first, there are no two opinions,” explains Thomas Jensen, head and founder of the festival.

His partner and co-founder Holger Hübner adds: “Even if we could organize, many people couldn’t come due to the constant travel restrictions. We are an international festival, people from over 80 nations travel to Wacken. A Wacken Open Air, that is a festival for the whole world and for this we need open borders without quarantine and we need security for everyone involved - especially for the people who live in the Wacken region.”

The organizers would like to express their thanks to the patient fans as well as to the authorities, politicians and other people involved who worked hard to make the festival possible at the end of July. “The step-by-step plan is an important step in the right direction and will enable many from our suffering industry to finally bring culture to the stage again this summer. Unfortunately, the openings for our festival are too late, but we are very happy about its productive exchange in the districts and throughout the state. Everyone involved pulled together.” Huebner reports on the collaboration.

The exchange of tickets for the following year is expected to start in mid-June. “As usual, we will give our visitors the choice: They can exchange for 2022 or request a payment. Last year, well over 90% of fans opted for the exchange for the following year and we are sure that we can continue to rely on the loyalty and loyalty of the fans. If you want to support us additionally, you can also purchase some new fan articles in the process, which are only available as part of the exchange” announced Sabrina Schmidt from the ticketing team.

But music fans don’t have to write off concerts in Wacken entirely for the year 2021 either. The organizers are currently working on ideas for a live music format for the coming autumn, so please be patient for the development of the concept. “We are currently examining what is feasible and hope that the situation will continue to develop positively. If everything goes well, we will be able to hold a new event in Wacken in September 2021 to help restart live music. But we are already doing this What is certain is that the Metalheads will be able to return to Wacken in the summer of 2022!”, Jensen announced. Further information and details on the date in September will follow.

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(W:O:A organizer Thomas Jensen (left) and Holger Hübner (right) - Photo Credit: ICS Festival Service GmbH)

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Source: Press Release

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