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Sat Nov 20 @ 7:00PM - 11:00PM
(DE) Concert: DE/VISION

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The English version of Germany’s most successful Gothic magazine has been available in music stores and at newspaper agents around the globe for more than a year. In order to celebrate this fact properly the first "ORKUS International Festival Tour" will take place in autumn featuring both top acts and newcomers in the field of dark music. The tour will be headlined by the legendary LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT  who will simultaneously release their  new and keenly anticipated album "Violent Acts of Beauty" and present it live on stage. You can expect a very emotional, gloomy yet opalescent show which will of course also include the greatest hits of the band. Mastermind Sean Brennan about this tour: "We are very much looking forward to this extraordinary tour and our fans in Europe whom we will present our brand new album. It will be  released the night before the tour starts."

Although it admittedly sounds like an exxageration it is yet true: co-headliner will be another legend- no one  less than KIRLIAN CAMERA, a band who looks back to a 25 year old successful band history and yet has always managed to reinvent itself. Furthermore, as fans may know, are live appearances of this exeptional band extremely rare and there has never been something like a complete tour. So one can assume that the band will have something very special in mind to celebrate this extraordinary event.

In summer  2005 the DOPE STARS INC. managed to turn the whole Gothic scene upside down with their fresh and hitherto unique sound.  DOPE STARS INC. are past and present, passion and aggression, fire and ice – an unholy alliance of the elemental forces. On stage the band presents a powerful mixture of dark industrial rock and heartbreaking melodies made for eternity. Last but not least there is LOLA ANGST to complete the line up, the current sweethearts of  all regular clubbers: queer electronic music with catchy tunes. Synth Pop, Electro Clash, EBM and a pinch of industrial, randomly put together, make a highly explosive club mix of a different kind. … shaken, not stirred. 

Live Dates:
27.10.2007 B-Waregem / The Steeple
28.10.2007 F-Paris/ La Locomotive
29.10.2007 D-Nürnberg/ Hirsch
30.10.2007 D-Leipzig/ Anker 
31.10.2007 D-Berlin/ Columbia Club 
01.11.2007 D-Krefeld/ Kulturfabrik *  
02.11.2007 D-Hannover/ Capitol
03.11.2007 D-Magdeburg/ Factory
04.11.2007 D-Ludwigsburg/ Rockfabrik
06.11.2007 I-Mailand/ Rolling Stone
07.11.2007 A-Salzburg/ Rockhaus
08.11.2007 A-Wien/ Arena  
* without Lola Angst!

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