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joyce heartinashellThe foundation stone for the band JOYCE was laid when the songwriter Jody moved from London to Berlin to join his old friend and guitarist Nikolas. Shortly afterwards, Alessandro (drummer) and Igor (bassist) were added to the line-up and the band won several competitions in their north-east Italian homeland. JOYCE combines distorted strings, gentle guitar phrases and catchy melodies to create a euphonic abreaction and is determined to overcome her own origins. They continue to perform at the Open Source Festival (Düsseldorf) and bite into Berlin’s underground music venues like the legendary Wild at Heart.

While the lyrics strive to popularize themselves with a poetic outline, the sound doesn’t seem to matter. The message “Everything is good, everything is bad” echoes by melting together Punk, Grunge and Noise Rock tones, which are often arranged in conventional Pop structures. With their cathartic live performances and their nihilistic attitude, they strive to catch people in a whirlwind of rock nostalgia.

‘Heart in a Shell’ cleverly disguises itself as an ordinary Pop Rock ballad and at the same time prevents you from describing it as such as a matter of course. The first two verses “Half the World in Chains / While All Whispers Drown” give a hint of the touching lyrics and the unconventional style of the song and give the rough darkness of the riff a poetic depth. The ultimate climax of the song aims to make JOYCE’s first single appear timeless. The video was released with the goal of making the antithetical style of ‘Heart in a Shell’ accessible to a wider audience. A story filmed in black and white, told from the perspective of a cage bird, accompanying him on his frightening and lonely journey into the longed-for freedom in an abandoned, crumbling world:

Stream the Song here:
Live Version (Cardinal Sessions):

Source: Press Release

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