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Ufa - Samara - Ekaterinburg
29th April to 2nd May 2009
Diary of Dreams G(if)Tour through Russia

After the release if the latest album ‘(if)’, DIARY OF DREAMS gave two release shows (Görlitz and Dark Dance Treffen Lahr) and two shows in UK (London and Whitby) before they finally hit off to Russia again. As the band told in several interviews, the last year’s tour through Russia made a big impact on them and so they decided to start their G(if)Tour more or less in this country again. With the help (many thanks for that) of some Russian fans we’re collecting some impressions of the tour here for you. But be aware: these are personal experiences… ;)

Tinkoff, Ufa, 29th April 2009

The concert in “Tinkoff” left an ambivalent impression on me. On the one hand, the musicians gladdened us with complete professionalism, with a high quality of live presentation of their songs and with an excellent sound on stage. But on the other hand, the show turned out to be too monotonous, in my humble opinion of an “outside observer”. The way DIARY OF DREAMS sounds live was the biggest surprise for me: on stage they have practically nothing common with their own music on CD. Two guitars, live drums, two back-vocals and just one keyboard… Hell, it’s a rock band! Branded melodiousness, pertaining to the music of Mr. Hates, doesn’t disappear but it stays almost unnoticed behind the wave of rock sounds of guitars and live drums.

It isn’t even the matter of “quantity” of instruments or loudness in the whole musical canvas: it was the energy that reminded me of rock bands. And I think, it was this rock energy that killed the magnetism of DoD’s music. At least in my eyes: I stopped to recognize songs as early as the second part of the show began. But the “black crowd” of fans was enthusiastic, so I’d better keep my opinions to myself. The guys played approximately 1.5-2 hours. Fans thought it was not enough, I thought it was a perfect fit: nothing more, nothing less. In conclusion I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the organizers for the excellent show. Ufa didn’t see such a great event for a long time.

written by Denis Zlobin
pics by Alex Mur (

Ardihall, Samara, 30th April 2009

Yesterday I was at the super party with one of my favourite bands ever. It was approx. 30 persons at a concert, though. But the after party with DIARY OF DREAMS went superb. I feel like a hooligan drinking cheap beer, but I feel like the chosen one when Gaun:A made for me his roll-up cigarette and then laughed at me when my eyes started from their sockets. Hell, I can’t remember a party like this, and our Germans were very inclined to party too. All in all, my favourite DoD gave me another happy day in my life.

written by Emi4ek

Teleclub, Ekaterinburg, 2nd May 2009

The sound near the scene was hardly discernible. People who stood in the first rows in front of the stage couldn’t distinguish guitars at all, but it became better with the sound to the second half of the concert. People sang along with Adrian so loud that they’ve drown out his voice. The situation with a quality of sound was getting better to the half part of the show; the atmosphere in the audience was excellent. Daniel Myer was just a crazy keyboarder, I never saw people playing keyboard like he did. He played dancing and patting the rhythm and he looked great being a member of DoD. [Editor’s comment: Daniel Myer, who produced the recent album together with Adrian Hates, is accompanying the band as keyboard player during big parts of their Russian tour]. The set-list of this DIARY OF DREAMS show was put together in a very interesting scheme: at the very beginning of the show, DoD started to play their all-time-favourites (the second song at this concert was ‘Chemicals’), extending them with the melodic ballads from the new album.

The way Mr. Hates behaved during this show was also very attractive: he gave constantly an opportunity to his fans to sing instead of him, thanked the audience in Russian, talked to the audience in English. When Adrian played guitar the fourth chord on his guitar broke up suddenly. And he gave it (the chord, I mean) immediately to the fans, along with a pair of guitar picks. Such an intimacy and outgoingness during the show deeply differs from the usually boring and preset shows I attended last times. In the conclusion: DIARY OF DREAMS sang encores three times! Then they bowed and left the stage, we were going to move to the cloakroom but… the band returned on the stage for the fourth time! I’ve got a millions of impressions; all of them are good and joyous. Thanks to the organizers, technical support and - to the musicians! It was an excellent concert!

written by Satanas Esperado
pics by Fire (

01. The Weeding
02. Chemicals
03. AmoK
04. Menschfeind
05. Reign Of Chaos
06. King Of Nowhere
07. The Chain
08. Soul Stripper
09. Kindrom
10. Poison Breed
11. The Plaque
12. Odyssey Asylum
13. The Saint
14. Butterfly: Dance!
15. The Curse
16. Traumtanzer
17. Regicide
18. UnWanted?

Translations by Morgana Himmelgrau (
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