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Kirov - Nizhny Novgorod - Kazan
10th May to 12th May 2009
Diary of Dreams touring Russia

We’re already reaching the third part of our tour report. After already six shows, the band was visiting Kirov, Nizhny Novgorod and Kazan. Today, also a live video of one song performed in Ekatarinburg was published. Have a look here!

CO Pobeda, Kirov, 10th May 2009

Ok, here is a pair of lines about the show. Of course, the show was really stunning! I couldn’t come to myself a long time since the show was finished. I saw Mr. Hates on stage (I even got his autograph!)! But unfortunately there were problems, mostly because of bad organizing: we had to stand outside the club during an hour and the show was delayed for this period of time! Listening to DIARY OF DREAMS I couldn’t believe my ears. I am knocked speechless! This band is one of my most favourite, so you can understand what I felt and what I feel now. It’s so sad that the show was short. I would like to thank the organizers for inviting of DoD in our city… I thank DoD for coming to us. It was really amazing.

written by St Lilith von Dement (

I listened to them entranced. They are on stage incredible! I’m so happy that one of my most favourite songs – ‘Chemicals’ - was performed, but unfortunately they didn’t perform ‘Play God!’, though I hoped for it… But it doesn’t matter ‘cause their entire show flew in one breath! It was a bit funny when we encored them: everybody started to yell “We want more!” (in Russian. - remark of Morgana), but then we suddenly understood that they don’t speak Russian very good. ) And we started to call them back in English. There was a negative moment too. I can’t understand why some people tried to come on stage when there Diary stood? it looked so ugly…"

written by Zakfor ((

pics by Alexandr Dimov (, Ilja Jurewitsch ( and Nico Korotajeva (

Rocco, Nizhny Novgorod, 11th May 2009

To begin with, I need to say, that yesterday there was a complete catharsis, or, in other words - concert of DIARY OF DREAMS… But I’ll try to tell everything in the right order, as to avoid any turmoil.

I agreed to meet with my friend Marina at 17.30, but due to arranging my hairstyle and makeup and listening to my Mum’s pieces of advice, I came a little bit late. On my way there I noticed a couple of Goths with fake lashes and long latex clothes, but in fact there was no crowd. We even went to the neighbour shop to fetch some water, and we were not afraid of being stuck in a queue. In short words, we were let in the club just in time. For 10 minutes or something like that we were listening to something that reminded me CLAN OF XYMOX (unfortunately, even if that were they - I have never heard this album before). Then two guys in black latex appeared on the stage, on of them was standing in front of the keyboard, the other was singing something in English. I’m afraid I can’t say anything else about them, because actually I don’t even know the band’s name. During their performance I was looking behind myself, at the audience, and not in vain - I noticed Gaun:A and D.N.S. They, carrying glasses of some liquid, went upstairs on a balcony - to watch the people dancing. It seemed that nobody noticed them, but, in my opinion, it’s hard not to recognize Gaun:A and his Mohawk.

By the way, at the balcony I noticed someone in a T-shirt with NACHTMAHR logo. Here I need to say, that in the end there was no crowd at all, so me and Marina were standing just in front of the stage. While these guys were performing, I felt very uncomfortable - it was too loud for me, and although the music was quick enough to dance, I was afraid to move, because I didn’t want a heart attack, under no circumstances. In addition to that, the singer was constantly stepping on the wires, and I, like a paranoid, was afraid that something would happen to them. There were 3 or 4 songs in such a manner, and after that there appeared two almost naked girls (they were dancing very well, it helped to wait a lot) and a sad guy in a black skirt, with guitar in his hands. He was playing some chords on it about once in 30 seconds, and that sounded very distinct (he was standing just in front of me) and was like something completely alien to the song. Fortunately, after this song it all was over - Goths have came out from their coma, and started shouting something, willing to listen to their favourites. Need to say that I have seen these guys later - they were standing at the balcony, singing ‘Kindrom’ - maybe, they are fans of DoD, too?

There was a kind of sound check - with some workers of the club and D.N.S., who knocked at his drums with love and care in his eyes. Then somebody switched on some music again (this time I didn’t have the faintest idea about what it was). The keyboardist appeared, though I have never recognized him - he has just a regular appearance, that is. On a big screen behind the stage they started playing ‘The Wedding’ music video - I have to confess that on such a screen it looks much better than on PC. When it had played twice of more, the screen was switched off, and Adrian with Gaun:A started making preparations for coming on the stage. I have seen how they have helped each other to put on their guitars - that looked a little bit funny, and very cosy. Then Adrian decided to make a knot of his beautiful hair, but fortunately, he thought better of that. During the beginning of ‘The Wedding’ I was looking at his hair, then at his eyes, and back again, in some kind of stupor.

But I have to tell that in the right order. So, it began from ‘The Wedding’, as it was expected. They all jumped on the stage, and I forgot all my paranoid thoughts at once - that it would be too loud, that I would have a heart attack. The sound was especially mild, and it was coming right into my brain, as if my brain was pulled out, and was replaced with the music. It was like melted chocolate butter on a piece of bread… Goths were not completely alive yet, and almost nobody was singing (maybe, they didn’t know the words, of forgot them due to shock?). I’m saying it now - I don’t remember the exact order of the songs, but it seems that the second was ‘Chemicals’. Shame on me - I didn’t recognize its beginning; I was still in a stupor. How-beautiful-are-his-eyes! It’s indescribable, it can’t be captured on any photo, and it needs to be seen… Needless to say, on the stage the sound is completely different from the one on the albums, and ‘Chemicals’ became just a masterpiece of darkness. The audience was shouting “And I need my chemicals” with all the sincerity they could. As far as I remember, it was ‘Chemicals’, that in its ending Adrian put off his jacket, and remained in a simple black shirt, which, nevertheless, was buttoned up to the neck.

Then it was ‘Amok’, which became a little show, too - Adrian was winking to Gaun:A, stepping to the edge of the stage (well, it seems that one third of the concert he was standing just in front of me and Marina), he was pointing his microphone to the audience, and the audience was shouting “I am Ok”. I don’t remember exactly, but it seems that in the end of this song he was given a beautiful red rose. He was delighted and was bowing for a long time, said “Thank you”, bowed twice more, then said in clear Russian “Bolshoe spasibo” (and it sounded without any trace of foreign accent!), bowed one more time, that it was evident - he was grateful for the rose. Then he put it on the synthesizer very carefully, as not to damage it. Only after that he let himself drink a sup of water. Actually, it seems, he was saying “Thank you” after every song…

“MenschFeind” sounded completely different from the album version - it had some wild dancing notes. The chorus was a complete cleansing, and what shocked me a little bit - the fact that people were singing it and smiling. Hopefully, they were just very glad… Maestro Adrian was right - his concerts do leave long-lasting positive impression… Gaun:A even said “Thank you” by himself - and I didn’t recognize his voice at once, cause it sounded very natural and close to Russian, too. What made me completely insane, was ‘The Saint’. Maybe, it was the one that left the strongest impression…

“Give me a moment to wonder
Give me a moment to fall apart
Give me a reason to keep you
Give me a reason for an excuse”

It was visible that this song was very hard for Adrian - no, there were no tears in his eyes, but such grief, such sadness, that I wanted to commit suicide just not to see this… ‘Reign of Chaos’, which never used to be one of my favourites from ‘Nigredo’ before, sounded just stunning! These lines - “This is my gift for you / This is my therapy of hate / This is the poison room / This is your home my friend” - were just great! ‘The Chain’ sounded like an ultimatum, but it was evident how Adrian’s voice changed at the line “It is not enough to manipulate me” - perhaps, some bitter personal experience… I think, it can be said about all (if) in general…’King of Nowhere’ sounded like a sup of fresh air. It seems, it’s one of the most optimistic songs of all ages of DoD’s existence… ‘Soul Stripper’ was devilishly good. Gaun:A was running along all the stage and playing something especially complicated on his guitar, that looked really brilliant.
‘Odyssey Asylum’ was unbearably sad, and beautiful because of that.

“Put an end to this fight
Take a rest from your odyssey
Let go of your world
Find peace here tonight”

After that I don’t remember the right order of the things. I do remember Gaun:A saying “And now - the last song for tonight” before ‘Kindrom’. The audience shouted “Oh no, not yet!” and they were singing - all of them, and applauding greatly. Having finished the song, the group didn’t even leave the stage - they stood in the corner, where some rows couldn’t see them, waiting for our reaction, and smiling in a very cunning way. The audience started shouting “We want more!”, and they came back very quickly, without torturing us with waiting. I do remember that there were ‘Butterfly:Dance!’ and ‘The Plague’ (I liked Arian’s smile when he was singing “You should be grateful!”). The audience was grateful, so there was ‘The Curse’ (it was so funny, when at the lines “My head is shaved, my body bruised” he stroked Gaun:A’s head ) and ‘Traumtänzer’. In the end of it Adrian was singing the chorus together with the audience - I wonder, where did the audience learn German? In the end of it all they shouted “Danke schön!!!”

But after ‘Traumtänzer’, the group bowed for the last time, so people shouted “We want more!” (actually, they were shouting in Russian - due to emotions…) in vain. My favourite - ‘Unwanted’ - was not performed, but I wasn’t offended or disappointed - by that time I was already half-alive… Anyway, Adrian was thanking the audience for a long time, he said “You are amazing, I do mean it” and much more, so I hope there will be a next concert in our city.

There was a nice moment when Adrian embraced a child. The thing is that one guy came to the concert with his daughter, who was 3 or 4 years old. In the beginning of the concert I didn’t see them, but closer to the ending they were standing (actually, the girl was sitting at her father’s shoulders) in the second row. When Adrian noticed her, he stroked her head and then run quickly to the corner of the stage, found some piece of paper, wrote something on it, came back and stretched it to her. Father said in a surprised voice “Look, it’s uncle Adrian here!” and the girl on the stage. Adrian embraced her and said something to her. I hope, this girl will remember this moment for a long time!

Finally, we decided to wait, but almost at that moment we saw Adrian leave the stage, so there was nothing to wait for, and we went to the bus top. We have heard ‘Butterfly:Dance!’ from some cars parked near the club, that was really great. On our way we also met some tipsy men, who said “Oh girls, you do look like witches!” We took it as a compliment and went on. So, it was just a great time and probably the happiest day in my life! I have strained my voice a little bit, but as it’s low enough, it doesn’t matter. I begin to miss this hours and I’m already waiting for a next concert in our city! I hope the group enjoyed their stay!

written and translated by Sjarna (
pics by Tiaria Seelenstaub ( and Kora Ehidna (

Zheltaya Kofta, Kazan, 12th May 2009

The long-awaited day has come: DIARY OF DREAMS play in Kazan today! We came at the appointed time to the club where the guys should play. Unfortunately, there were not too many people. The evening started with the performance of the local supported band NOTA NEFA. When their show was over, our tedious waiting for DIARY OF DREAMS began. Everybody waited when the instruments of NOTA NEFA would be replaced with the ones of DIARY OF DREAMS. Finally our torments were over and the long-awaited musicians from Germany appeared on stage.

This evening DIARY OF DREAMS played circa 2.5 hours. They performed the old all-time favourites and the new songs from the album ‘(if)’. We could listen to ‘Kindrom’, ‘Chemicals’, ‘The Curse’, ‘The Wedding’, ‘Butterfly:Dance!’, ‘AmoK’, ‘Soul Stripper’ and many, many other songs... I have to say that the time rushed by me and the others from the audience weren’t bored either. DIARY OF DREAMS bantered constantly with the audience, said “spasibo” (“thank you” in Russian. - Notice by Morgana) after each portion of a great ovation... All in all they enchanted their fans entirely! And the moment came when Adrian announce the last song... But - to everybody’s happiness - the band appeared on stage again and played two more songs for an encore.

Then Adrian said us in English how happy the band is to play here in Kazan and promised us to appear again together with the whole band after a short break. Everybody mused what could we expect because “Meet and Greet” was planned only for those who bought “VIP”-tickets. But in the point of fact everybody who wanted to take the autographs and take pics with the band could do it. And as you can imagine there were a plenty of people who wanted to chat with the band. Of course, Adrian was a centre of attraction. The fact that the guys don’t suffer star fever made us even happier. I’m already waiting for their next visit. I do really hope that their first show in Kazan won’t be the last one...

written by SvetlaBat (
pics by SvetlaBat (

Translations by Morgana Himmelgrau (
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