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Volgograd - Krasnodar - Rostov on Don - Voronezh
14th May to 17th May 2009
Diary of Dreams touring Russia

Here we are halfway through the Russian tour. At this point, only four more shows are left with Moscow and St. Petersburg being the final ones. And then, four weeks through the Russian Federation are over. But first, we have some impressions from Volgograd, Krasnodar, Rostov on Don and Voronezh for you.

Zvezdny, Volgograd, 14th May 2009

Today I’m so glad, so glad, I’m waiting for something - hurray! It’s DIARY OF DREAMS concert today! These lines have fully described my yesterday’s mood. I didn’t wait in vain. I must confess, I’m not that big fan of such a music but I always attend shows of gothic pioneers if these shows were organized by “Razgrom Music” (it is local promoters in Volgograd. - Notice by Morgana). But let’s return to the show. DIARY OF DREAMS was supported by the local band. They played some gloomy dark-folk with a reasonably good vocal. The guys managed to create an atmosphere of melancholic darkness and endless abyss. I don’t know if the others liked it but I did!

In a few moments the coryphaeus of dark-wave-scene appeared on stage and they were wildly greeted by fans. Having taken a suck of liquor, the “Dreamers” began their show. It’s very difficult to describe what happened next! The guitars roared, the singer had it his own way, the drummer sweated guts out over his drums making stunning drum fills and the keyboarder head-banged to the rhythm of drum-machine and sometimes supported the leader on back vocals. DIARY OF DREAMS played from their hearts and the audience was very grateful… At the end of the shows the band was called back on stage twice. When the music was over, the headliners went to take a rest and fans formed a queue waiting for their favourite band to take autographs and discussing the show.

written by iamthewarluss (
pics from curtsey of

Aerobus, Krasnodar, 15th May 2009

Advertisements about DoD's concert have been placed here a there around all the places in Krasnodar. I went by them by for many weeks. And at last this day came - 15th May 2009. I drove up to the club "Aerobus" at 19:10, where the concert was to take place. I would have passed by the club if I hadn't seen a girl with a black Mohawk. I noticed her and understood that I arrived to the right place. The doors were open, but behind the ticket collector people were thronging in a corridor because it was still impossible to make way to the stage. Sometime later it was allowed to go inside. The local band called MINISTRY OF TRUTH had already begun their performance. While they were playing most people were sitting at the tables. As soon as MINISTRY OF TRUTH finished, the spectators rushed to the stage.

And DIARY OF DREAMS appeared. ‘The Wedding’ was their first song... It was admirable!!! I can't believe that I was there. The guys played a great concert! I liked the sound, it was perfect. Adrian shook and clapped his hands, sipping Russian vodka from time to time and even shared it with fans :). Approximately in the middle of the show the audience shouting: "Spasibo!!!" (Thank you) and Adrian replied: "Pozaluista!!!" (You are welcome) to everybody's surprise and rapture. When the last song was over, the musicians asked for some minutes to keep silence and promised that after that they will return in order to give autographs and communicate with everybody.

In less than 10 minutes, Adrian went out and found himself among the girls who expected him. I don't know, whether anyone else from the band had come out 'cause I could see only Adrian's golden crown. He hardly had any time to sign different things which were offer to him. After that I left the club. I walked home and felt that I was shivering and my feet were moving in some mysterious rhythm. And I realised that event marked one of the happiest days in my life which was unfortunately coming to its end.

written by Julia Nosova
pics by Natalia Samohotskaya ( and Elodian (

Podzemka, Rostov on Don, 16th May 2009

Finally this day has come: 16th of May! Today the long awaited concert of DIARY OF DREAMS takes place. The audience started to gather near the doors of the club to the appointed time of 19:00. As usual the doors were opened with some delay. This let to the latish people find the way to the club and I could figure out the approximate number of people. At a rough guess there were circa 150 persons. Made our way inside and given our clothes away in the cloakroom we began to wait for DIARY OF DREAMS’ entrance on stage.

A nice background music made our waiting a bit easier and though this music made difficult to talk with the people standing around because of it loudness. Our waiting lingered two hours… Some kept standing in front of the stage, some sat down right on the floor near the stage and the others left for the bar counter… Finally, when it was already 21:00, the local band came out on stage (unfortunately, I forgot their name). They played four songs and left giving way to long-awaited DIARY OF DREAMS.

It is impossible to describe the show. All words would seem a lie. Jack London wrote in one of his books: “Oh, I wish I could describe with perishable words all I know and all I feel in my inner self, all that was left after the powerful flow of time…” Because of that I will just name the songs which were performed and if you would like to get impressions you should go yourself to the concert of DIARY OF DREAMS:

01. The Weeding
02. Chemicals
03. AmoK
04. Menschfeind
05. Reign of Chaos
06. King of Nowhere
07. The Chain
08. Soul Stripper
09. Poison Breed
10. The Plaque
11. Odyssey Asylum
12. The Saint
13. Regicide
14. UnWanted?
15. Kindrom
16. The Curse
17. Butterfly: Dance!
18. Traumtänzer

DIARY OF DREAMS came out on stage for encores twice in this evening. The show was crowned with ‘Traumtänzer’ which was performed by choir of the audience under the direction of Adrian Hates. It was really needed because every time when the music subsided a little, the people started to applause, shout and give their gratitude in every possible way. When the concert was over, the band made a bow, thanked all who came to the show and left the stage for a while. Within 15 minutes they were back - D.N.S., Gaun:A, Albert Diehl and Adrian. Everyone who wanted to get precious autograph could get it, everyone could chat a little with the band and make pics together with the guys.

written by Anatoli
pics by Anatoli

100 Ruchjev, Voronezh, 17th May 2009

Today is the great day for the fans of dark-wave scene: our favourite DIARY OF DREAMS visit our city. Within their Russian tour they promise to gladden us with the presentation of their new album ‘(if)’.

We came too early to the club 100 Ruchjev where all important music events of Voronezh take place. It was just 17:30 and the show is planned to begin only in 19:00. There were a few persons in front of the door of the club, we decided to walk a bit while waiting and suddenly we saw… Gaun:A! I didn’t believe my eyes but my girlfriend affirmed that it’s really Gaun:A! Unfortunately, there was distance of 20 meters between us, I tried convulsively to pull out my camera out of the bag but Gaun:A threw the cigarette butt away and returned inside of the club, not even noticing us. After that we decided not to go too far from the club. Besides, the audience started to gather. The doors of the club were opened approx. 19:15, we found place in front of the stage near the brightest girl-fans of Adrian Hates and his fellows. A few minutes passed and the supported band COLD DESIGN stepped out on stage. They played circa one hour, left good impressions on the audience and then said goodbye.

And in that very moment everybody could feel the impatience in the air with its own skins. There came technicians on stage, built equipment for the show of the NEXT band, brought beer and mineral water for the musicians and… the entire hall of the club stopped to breathe. Now, from the left side came out… no! They did not come out, they ascended the stage: our heroes of today’s evening - DIARY OF DREAMS! A voice from the middle of the crowd greeted them: “Hello, Guys, welcome to Russia-a-a-a!!!” Adrian made with his hand a gesture of metal horns and under the sounds of the first song ‘The Wedding’ the band united with the audience.

As ill luck would have it, suddenly the security person stood right between us and the stage. I’m not that tall and now I couldn’t see the stage almost at all. But, fortunately, DIARY OF DREAMS have a reputation for their love to the fans and already in performing the first song Adrian asked the securities to leave the space in front of the stage and the audience literally ganged up on the band - as far as the space permitted. And DoD used this situation deftly - to everybody’s happiness: Gaun:A dived into the embrace of the audience and held out his guitar, Adrian shook hands with everybody who wanted to. And I can say, in the handshake of this man one could feel all his might and all his soul’s warmth.

All the songs - the new ones and the unforgettable classics - were amazing: above mentioned ‘The Wedding’, then ‘Odyssey Asylum’, ‘Choir Hotel’, ‘The Chain’, ‘MenschFeind’ and many, many others. The band was called for an encore twice. The audience didn’t want to let them go. For the first encore the band performed imperishable ‘Butterfly:Dance!’ and ‘The Curse’ and the entire audience unitedly chanted the words. And when Adrian sang ‘Traumtänzer’ it seemed as if the audience sang along not with its throat but with its heart:

Wirst du mich nie verstehen?
Wirst du denn nie verstehen?
Hast du noch nie gesehen...
Wie meine Augen glitzern?

Said goodbye, the guys as always made a bow to the audience and in a few minutes the autograph-session began. The first thing that was given to Adrian for his signature was his black-and-white portrait which he hided behind his back in a joking surprise at first as if he wanted to keep it for himself but then, of course, he signed it and gave away. We used to see him on photos as gloomy person but his smile as good-natured as his handshake… In such moments one wants to sit down with him together somewhere over a beer and talk to him about life, of this and that… oh, pardon me, it’s emotions, they won’t be dispelled so fast.

There was a guy among the fans who came closer to Adrian and said him in English that although he usually listened to drum’n’bass and goa-trance, the music of Adrian taught him a great deal. Adrian felt himself flattered and answered something to the guy but I couldn’t hear what exactly… We held out for an autograph the only things we had: our tickets. And then, with autographs of Adrian and Gaun:A on our tickets, feeling deeply delight, we left the club… into the rain. In the end, when we went through the club’s doors I heard how one of the fans uttered: “…let the rain fall down on me…”

Truly, DIARY OF DREAMS, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for letting us “feel the Miracles of Life”!

written by Alexei Bondar (
pics by Alexei Bondar ( and Natalia Drepina (

Translations by Morgana Himmelgrau (
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