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kmfdm amnesia
Artist: KMFDM
Title: Amnesia (Single)
Genre: Electro/Industrial Metal
Release Date: 25th May 2012
Label: KMFDM Records/ Metropolis Records/ Dependent Records

Single Review

Over a year after the ‘WTF!?’ album, a second single from this album sees the light of the day. This might seem a strange move for some people if you consider that singles lost most of their impact and importance they once had. These days single releases are basically a mere promotional tool for an upcoming album, and one year after the album release there's not much to promote any more. However, the KMFDM fans get some new fodder with this release in form of five tracks full of the typical KMFDM madness. The title track is featured here in its original album version and a remix by Käpt'n K aka Sascha Konietzko himself. 'Amnesia' is a hellish groover with mastermind Konietzko's partner Lucia Cifarelli doing the lead vocals. Cifarelli is a true siren with her sexy and luring voice but you shouldn't feel too safe because 'Amnesia' is truly a wolf in sheep's clothing. As poppy and danceable the song might seem in some moments, KMFDM will throw all their madness at you anyway. All the KMFDM trademarks are there, from the ultra-heavy beats to the chanted slogans (“Confusion! Urgency! Emergency!”) to the harsh guitar attacks. Käpt'n K also throws in some elements of 'Kränk', the successful lead single of 'WTF?', for his own remix of 'Amnesia'. KMFDM have always been very self-referential but this is super-self-referential!

'Kränk' itself is also featured with a new remix here, which was produced by MORLOCKS and which sounds a bit darker and noisier than the original version. The 'WTF!?' album track 'Come On - Go Off' was remixed by ROTERSAND for this single. ROTERSAND smoothed and straightened the track and added a few tons of weight to the beats so that all DJs who spin the latest Industrial Dance fashion will be delighted by this remix. Last but not least there's a brand new song called 'I (Heart) You' which is typical KMFDM again with Sascha Konietzko on vocal duty. By the way, a remix of this one called 'Army of the Universe Mix' is available for free via KMFDM's website - see link below! 'Amnesia' is surely the next floor filler from KMFDM, especially the Käpt'n K remix and ROTERSAND's version of 'Come On - Go Off ' are perfect club fodder. Musically there are no surprises to be expected, after all KMFDM are in a way the MOTÖRHEAD of the Industrial Rock scene. Hence a KMFDM wouldn't be complete without some great artwork by collaborator Aidan "Brute!" Hughes, .who this time was apparently inspired by the Edvard Munch painting "The Scream" for the cover design of 'Amnesia'. Enough said, it's time now to pump up the volume and shout “Urgency! Emergency! Insurgency!”...

Watch the video!


01. Amnesia (Käpt'n K. Mix) - 5:47
02. Amnesia (Album Mix) - 5:01
03. Kränk (Morlocks Mix) - 5:26
04. Come On – Go Off (Rotersand Mix)-  4:40
05. I (Heart) You - 3:53


Sascha Konietzko – vocals, synthesizers, programming, drum programming
Lucia Cifarelli – vocals, keyboards
Jules Hodgson – guitar, synths
Andy Selway – drums
Steve White – guitar, bass guitar, programming


http://www.kmfdm.net / http://www.myspace.com/officialkmfdm

Cover Picture

kmfdm amnesia


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Extras: -
Total: 8.5 / 10

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