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schiller sonnelive
Artist: Schiller
Title: Sonne Live
Genre: Electronica, Ambient, Global-Pop, New Age
Release Date: 22nd March 2013
Label: Sleepingroom/Universal

DVD Review

The project was formed by Christopher van Deylen a little eternity ago with his companion Mirko von Schlieffen, who left the project already in its early days, that is, after the second album 'Zeitgeist' was released. If you've come to think now that meant the end for everything you were proven wrong for van Deylen had enough ideas himself to push the project into spheres never imagined before. With SCHILLER and its constantly improved live presentation he went on a musical victory march. ‘Sonne’ was SCHILLER’s latest album and also the concert highlight of last winter, when sound visionary Christopher van Deylen invited 15 times for a dawn end of 2012. The opulent final for this big SCHILLER arena show is now available as BluRay, DVD and double live album, called ‘Sonne Live’. The concert movie, filmed at Berlin’s O2-World, presents the moving journey to the sun uncut with over 140 minutes playing time, a piece of art composed by sound and light in Dolby Surround.

Live on stage, the fantastic sound experience of SCHILLER is supported by guest singers Kate Havnevik, Meredith Call and Anngun. With wonderful melodies, mostly instrumental, SCHILLER once more takes you to a journey to dreamland and proves, that he is a master of electronic sounds. As known from other SCHILLER releases, also this DVD set a very high technical standard. More than twenty camera perspectives capture the unique sound cosmos of van Deylen. There are no hectic cuts, instead it is calm movement over the stage and audience, very appropriate for the dreamy atmosphere. The cameras perfectly capture the immense light effects illuminating the stage. The concert movie is a journey into the light to explore new sound horizons with crystal clear 5.1 sound.

Besides the impressive concert, the DVD also offers an insight behind the scenes: in quick motion you can watch the giant stage setup and the rehearsals for the final show of the arena tour. Furthermore there is the “Wall Of Friends” where more than 2,500 fans world-wide registered to be part of ‘Sonne Live’. And last but not least, you have the music video for ‘Sonne’ presenting the Graf of UNHEILIG. This release is really the perfect live package SCHILLER presents for its fans. If you cannot get enough of SCHILLER live, I can tell you that van Deylen already plans a new concert tour. After his visit to the big arenas, SCHILLER invites you to a new tour in Autumn 2013 with the headline “Elektronik Pur – Neue Klangwelten” (Electronic pure – new sound worlds) offering 49 purely instrumental concerts in extraordinary locations…

And last but not least, if you still are not convinced, check out the ‘Sonne Live’ trailer:


01. Willkommen (Schiller) 0:50 min
02. Lichtermeer (Schiller) 4:24 min
03. Solaris (Schiller) 1:26 min
04. Kon-Tiki (Schiller) 3:35 min
05. Revelation (Schiller) 5:01 min
06. Velvet Aeroplane (Kate Havnevik / Schiller) 5:46 min
07. Schiller (Schiller) 5:47 min
08. The Silence (Meredith Call / Schiller) 6:03 min
09. Reach Out (Meredith Call / Schiller) 4:55 min
10. Sommernacht (Schiller) 5:22 min
11. Berlin – Moskau (Schiller) 5:13 min
12. Mitternacht (Schiller) 6:28 min
13. Leidenschaft (Schiller) 4:44 min
14. Ghost (Kate Havnevik / Schiller) 5:16 min
15. The Fire (Kate Havnevik / Schiller) 6:09 min
16. Sehnsucht (Schiller) 6:38 min
17. Das Glockenspiel (Schiller) 5:35 min
18. Always You (Schiller / Anggun) 7:53 min
19. Einklang (Schiller) 5:18 min
20. Epic Shores (Meredith Call / Schiller) 5:59 min
21. Heimathafen (Schiller) 4:52 min
22. Blind (Schiller / Anggun) 5:04 min
23. Playing With Madness (Schiller) 4:54 min
24. Nachtflug (Schiller) 7:12 min
25. Ein Schöner Tag (Schiller) 6:40 min
26. Ruhe (Schiller) 6:31 min
27. Reprise (Schiller) 3:50 min


Christopher van Deylen

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schiller sonnelive


Concert: 9
Audio: 10
Video: 9
Extras: 9 (Various Versions: CD, DVD, BluRay, Download)
Total: 9 / 10

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