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marrowfields metamorphoses
Artist: Marrowfields
Title: Metamorphoses
Genre: Doom
Release Date: 24th April 2020
Label: Black Lion Records

Album Review

Everyone who knows me or my work knows that I am quite fond of the Doom sub-genre. It is heavy, often sad or depressing but good Doom bands manage to tell a dark tale with dragging you down, MARROWFIELDS is like that: Dark, gloomy, devoid of hope or salvation but is has a feeling of liberation to it. Let’s see what the band says:

“The first full-length from MARROWFIELDS, titled ‘Metamorphoses’, is an exploration of the creation and demise of mankind inspired by mythological tales of old. Mixing sounds from traditional Doom Metal and Black Metal, the band uses soaring clean vocals to convey thematic elements of devastation, loss, greed, and anguish.”

I often point out that I don’t listen to Extreme Metal but MARROWFIELDS have elements of Black Metal but chose to have a vocalist that does clean vocals...I can work with that. The combination of the Doom and Black Metal elements makes it extra heavy and even evil sounding (like really heavy Heavy Metal ya know?). ‘Birth of the Liberator’ has moments so heavy I am forced to call it almost brutal (not like death metal brutal but really fucking heavy). Ken Gillis’ vocals are not only fitting they are quite awesome, Moran and Green on six-string duty are melodic and precise like a creepy, melancholic clockwork. Cabral’s bass is quietly beefing the already syrup-like guitar sound and Grimes drumming is the pacemaker of this beautiful cadaver.

If you like epic doom with clean vocals and bands like: YOB, ALCEST, MY DYING BRIDE, SWALLOW THE SUN, ENSLAVED, TYPE O NEGATIVE, TRIPTYKON, AGALLOCH, PALLBEARER, and PARADISE LOST you should check this out.


01. The Flood
02. Crow and Raven
03. Birth of the Liberator
04. Metamorphoses
05. Dragged to the World Below


Brandon Green – Guitars
Tim Cabral – Bass
AJ Grimes – Drums
Josh Moran – Guitars
Ken Gillis – Vocals

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Cover Picture

marrowfields metamorphoses


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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