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felixmarc promo2021 01Interview with

Felix Marc

On the occasion of the new single release, ‘Heartbox’ (out on the 28th of May 2021), I spoke to Felix Marc - not only about the new release, but also the pandemic experience, future plans, staying positive, and all the new / old collaborations.

kirliancamera2021 10 byTerriHarrisonInterview with

Elena Alice Fossi (singer, composer) from Kirlian Camera

With every subsequent meeting with Elena Alice Fossi - the sparkling, vivid soul of KIRLIAN CAMERA - I have a feeling we are unfolding another chapter of fascinating sonic journey. The Italian formation proved many times their nature lies in transformation - they keep reinventing themselves anew with every new release - it’s no other way with their brand-new album ‘Cold Pills (Scarlet Dawn of Toxic Daybreak)’. Dark, disquieting tones take their music into another level and I was thrilled to discuss the content with Elena. But with KIRLIAN CAMERA is never purely about music - their songs always provoke to trigger a wider overview of the world, people, circumstances, events and by doing so they deliver not only amazing sonic content but also intellectual sparkle.

HA Hante 2021 1Interview with

Hélène de Thoury (vocals) from Hante.

I listened to ‘Morning Tsunami’ - the album that will be out in summer 2021 - and I thought “wow…. it’s a real blast”! After having delved into the magical world Hélène created, I decided to ask her a few questions about the upcoming album, but also her previous works and art in general.

zmr2021 Alex byTomLundInterview with

Alex Møklebust (vocals) from Zeromancer

I arranged for an interview a few days after the second EP from the upcoming album, ‘Mourners’, was out. The feedback for the new ZEROMANCER music has been ravishing - I guess we all missed the Industrial prodigies not to mention the first two EPs already give a great taste of the things to come. I took the opportunity to ask Alex a few questions - not only about new songs and the mysterious photos on the covers of the releases but also about the impact the current situation has had on him or the band. We talked a lot about loneliness and ways of coping with this, so I must say after finishing this conversation I felt really uplifted - and curious about new music coming from their end.

Fix8Sed8Interview with

Martin Sane (vocals, music) from Fïx8:Sëd8

I've known Martin and his music for quite a while now and I must admit the way he drives his career is impressive. Uncompromising, talented, consistent and very hard working, he created a project that is widely acclaimed among the fans of dark electronic music. On the occasion of ‘The Inevitable Relapse’ that was out in 2021, I asked him a few questions - about his creative process, an exceptional creation of his called “New Eden”, but also about video making and why he is not that keen on doing remixes.

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