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ultra sunn killyouridolsInterview with

Sam Hugé & Gaelle Souflet from Ultra Sunn

Sam Hugé & Gaelle Souflet started their project back in 2019 and since then they managed to win audiences throughout Europe with their dancy, vibrant sounds and atmospheric shows. With their most recent single ‘Set Yourself on Fire’ being the great quality harbinger of their third EP ‘Kill Your Idols’ that will be out on March the 3rd they prove their light is still as enchanting as ever. About the live shows, inspirations, artistic progress, and the upcoming material - with ULTRA SUNN.

diesseldorf2022 01Interview with

Tom Axer (Synths, FX) from Düsseldorf

With the release of ‘Amok’ the duo DÜSSELDORF add a new dimension to their musical story. The band has a long and rich history, it was formed in 1989 and they are undoubtedly one of the pioneering projects in the field of EBM design in Poland. Established in Upper Silesian Katowice by vocalist Adam Białoń and keyboardist Adam Radecki (aka Tom Axer), the band expressed their fascination with sound experiments in the style of early KRAFTWERK, CABARET VOLTAIRE or FRONT 242.

bedlessbones byTaaviLuhamaaInterview with

Kadri Sammel (vocals) from Bedless Bones

“The perfect balance of an untethered imagination and impeccable professional artistic skill is a divine thing for sure. For me art as a human creation is one of the reasons, I love humanity. I also hate it, but that’s another story.” - Kadri Sammel is one of the most intriguing and inspiring artists I’ve had a chance to see live. Versatile and authentic, she makes her own way in the world of sonic imagery and performative representation. Stunning, mesmerizing sounds, lively, hypnotic concerts, and loads of talent. About live shows, the purpose of art, and music inspirations.

remina promo strata aInterview with

Mike Lamb (Guitar, Drums, Bass & Synth) from Remina

Spherical and mystical music that casts its spell on you, music to dream away: ‘Strata’, the debut album by REMINA, captivates you from the very first moment. The cosmic Doom project is the new band of Heike Langhans, (ex-DRACONIAN, ex-ISON, :LOR3L3:) and Mike Lamb (SOJOURNER, LYSITHEA). ‘Strata’ was recently released and next year the duo will make their stage debut with REMINA at the festival “Stella Nomine - The Blackest One” in Torgau. In this interview, Mike Lamb reveals how REMINA came into being, what musical influences have shaped him and Heike and what is behind the band’s name.

thewebb logoInterview with

Becki and Marc from The Webb

THE WEBB describe themselves as “Quirky, first-Wave Punk / Goth revivalist” and even with all my experience in creative writing, I don’t think I could give them a better description! THE WEBB is a two-piece band made up of Marc (music) and Becki (vocals) from Merseyside in the UK. Their eclectic Electro-Goth-Punk, fun style has earned them quite a following.

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