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BillyTalent2022 byDustinRabin 01Interview with

Jonathan Gallant (bass) of Billy Talent

It’s been quite a while since Canadian Rockers BILLY TALENT released their last album and so I was quite thrilled when I heard, that they would release a new album after a long break. Time to catch up with BILLY TALENT and talk about what happened since their last big tour and about the new album. I reached Jonathan Gallant (who confused me for a few moments by his cover name of “Karl Hungus” via Zoom) and he seemed to have a really busy interview schedule. When the interview was over, he told me that he used the name of the ‘Big Lebowski’ character as a joke in his previous interview. It’s good to know, that bands promoting a new album in a difficult time and facing tons of online interviews don’t lose their humour about it.

mesh2021 byRomanKasperskiInterview with

Richard Silverthorn (keyboards) from Mesh

Alternative electronic master have prepared a nice treat for their fans - ‘Touring Skyward - A Tour Movie’ will officially be released by the German-based Dependent Records on January 28th, 2022. I took it as a great opportunity to ask a few questions to Richard Silverthorn - not only about the said release, but also about the ups and down of live show experience, the effect pandemic had on the band and also about the future plans.

tailgunner2021 byRedTailsInterview with

Tom Hewson (Bass) from Tailgunner

TAILGUNNER is a brand-new Heavy Metal outfit that will release its first sign of life in January 2022. As I was quite outspoken about liking their predecessor MIDNIGHT PROPHECY I did get an email from them that gave me some nice opportunities… this is the first one I was happy to capitalize on…

kollapsInterview with

Wade Black (vocals) from Kollaps

Seeing KOLLAPS live is an exceptional experience indeed. Explosion of brutal, industrial sounds combined with violent, extremely intensive live show has both shocking and cathartic effect. It’s hard to determine how noise of the kind may create a kind of harmony, but in a way it does. I spoke to Wade Black not only about the live show experience but the music experience in general.

diekrupps byThomasEckeInterview with

Jürgen Engler (Vocals) from Die Krupps

I call Jürgen on Friday Next to Halloween October night. In Europe it’s round 7.30p.m. In Austin it’s round 12... the difference in time and temperature (in plus for Jurgen I guess) does not disrupt a nice conversation about DIE KRUPPS news including the new album, but also about some fundamental things like what is like to be an artist who keeps on in perfect artistic shape for over 40 years now and what it means to be one with the music created. Can you become one with your music? Find out and see... A truly inspiring conversation saying a lot about music, art, the world, living in the US and how it impacts an overview, allows a different perspective and, of course, what’s to come from DIE KRUPPS in the upcoming months.

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