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Sun Oct 17 @ 7:00PM - 11:00PM
(DE) Concert: TIM VANTOL

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zmr2021 04 byTomLundInterview with

Alex Møklebust (vocals) and Kim Ljung (bass, vocals) from Zeromancer

August 2021. As strange as life sometimes plays - I just moved to Norway a few days ago for some months, sitting in my new-to-be-home in Oslo and requesting an interview with the Norwegian band ZEROMANCER to talk about the release of their upcoming new album, ‘Orchestra of Knives’, on 24th September 2021. The first three singles have been received with much love and it’s unquestionable that they have been missed. So, a few weeks later - Norwegian late summer evening outside, meeting Alex and Kim to talk about their upcoming new album, the work process, not leaving out the current circumstances of the world situation of course, but also talking about perspectives and the timing; and as it is - about how probably every situation can have its different sides.

hapax2021Interview with

Michele Mozzillo (vocals) from Hapax

Already a first listening to HAPAX gave me a feeling I came across something special and exquisite. The Naples based, Post Punk / Darkwave trio already won ears of the audiences in Europe and their albums ‘Exile’, ‘Cave’ or ‘Monade’ present both the soul and substance of the best quality. Ahead of their show at Nocturnal Culture Night I spoke to Michele Mozzillo - the band’s frontman- not only about the live shows, but also Naples scene, music and creative process as well

clicks promo PhotosForTheMassesInterview with

Wojciech Król from Clicks

CLICKS is definitely not a new project when it comes to the alternative scene. Kr-Lik (Wojciech Król) - is both a musician and a producer; his former project CONTROLLED COLLAPSE was founded in 2003, CLICKS - that took a more energetic, dancy turn - in 2007. Five years after the ‘Glitch Machine’ release, CLICKS presented the second album, ‘G.O.T.H’. Even though the title acronym stands for “Getting Old, Tired, and Hungry” the vibrant soundscapes listed on the album are like an ironic glance to the listeners. I talked to Wojciech Król about the album content, what music is for him and about the ever-dying goth scene...

Katla promo2021 025 KuggurLauraDiamondInterview with

Gu∂mundur Óli Pálmason aka Gummi (drums) from Katla.

Dark Doom-infused Metal with deep, melancholic emotions: When you hear KATLA.’s music you can imagine the impressive and incomparable landscapes of Iceland. Darkness, endless widths, waterfalls, glaciers - it is this special character of Iceland which reflects the music of KATLA.. Their islandic lyrics bring out those emotions even more and make it an extraordinary work of art. The duo, consisting of Einar Thorberg Gu∂mundsson (also known from the bands FORTÍÐ and POTENTIAM) and former SÓLSTAFIR drummer Gu∂mundur „Gummi” Óli Pálmason, released their second album ‘Allt þetta helvítis myrkur’ (‘All this damn darkness’) in November 2020. I had the chance to talk to Gummi via Skype about the Icelandic darkness, the influence of the volcano named Katla, the genesis and lyrics of ‘Allt þetta helvítis myrkur’ and which band changed his life.

empathytest promo2020 02Interview with

Isaac Howlett (vocals) from Empathy Test

EMPATHY TEST is slowly going back to life. With some new concerts scheduled in Germany, the UK, and Poland, they will finally give their fans a chance to meet during live shows. Even though the isolation pandemic time was particularly difficult for them - the Covid-19 struck while their career was getting its peak - they did not give up and managed to survive and, as I assume for the interview, strike with an even greater force. Isaac Howlett opens up about how hard it was to be deprived of the possibility to play gigs and how frustrating to be caught at a point when things were going smoothly and then just collapsed due to outer circumstances. A lesson they took and got stronger. About sorting the principles, fighting the odds and being strong despite feeling weak at times. Great, honest, important interview

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