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chemicalsweetkid promo2021 byJulienKidamInterview with

Julien Kidam (vocals) from Chemical Sweet Kid

CHEMICAL SWEET KID made themselves known to the wider public especially in 2019 while on tour with AESTHETIC PERFECTION, however, their artistic output roots back to 2011 when ‘Tears of Pain’ was released. The band is on the eve of a new single release – ‘A new day’ will be out on 9 April - so I took a chance to ask Julien Kidam a few questions about the new single, but also about his musical background, live videos and his collaborations with other artists.

the69cats bandInterview with

Jyrki69 (vocals) from The 69 Cats

It’s been a year now, since I did my first “Lockdown Interview” with PARADISE LOST and when I got my hands on got THE 69 CATS up and coming release ‘Seven Years Itch’ I wanted to know a bit more about the album, that was recorded before everything came to a full stop. Jyrki69 gave me the chance to ask him a few questions about the album, the writing process and how it feels to promote and release an album during a time where nothing can be taken for granted.

tensioncontrol promo2021 01 bySuFirlefanzInterview with

Michael Schrader from Tension Control

EBM force TENSION CONTROL do not stop just because the concerts are ceased. There is a new single, a new album, ‘Ton from Strom’, will be out in May-June. And why should the idea of live streaming not actually work for EBM as well? Let’s see what Michael thinks about this idea…

jetaime promo2021 byAnaïsNovembreInterview with

Dany Boy, Tall Bastard and Crazy Z. from Je t’aime

In the sad, concert-less times we are in now, the power of social media and personal recommendations cannot be underestimated. A piece of good advice (thank you Patrik Lark) brought me to the amazing Post-Punk trio JE T'AIME. Paris-based, exceptionally vibrant, energetic and yet holding on to some very best Punk roots, the trio released the album that’s both captivating and smashing. Totally taken by their music aI decided to dig in a bit into the band’s story, inspirations and what they take inspiration from.

eisbrecher band promo2021 byHolgerFichtnerInterview with

Rupert Keplinger (bass) from Eisbrecher

While we are all impatiently waiting for the new release from EISBRECHER to be out on 12th of March 2021, we keep enjoying new videos from the band and play games guessing what the complete content will sound like - both sonically and visually. I had a chance to ask a few questions to Rupert Keplinger, the bass magician, who decided to reveal some secrets and satisfy our curiosity.

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