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LebanonHanover02 byPolarNoireInterview with

Larissa Iceglass (vocals, guitar) and William Maybelline (vocals, bass guitar, synthesizer) from Lebanon Hanover

In October 2020, LEBANON HANOVER released their latest album ‘Sci-Fi Sky’. Due to the pandemic, they were unable to present their new music live for a long time - since spring this year, this has finally been possible again. Larissa Iceglass and William Maybelline have been on tour again since March. I had the opportunity to meet them before their concert in Oberhausen and talk to them, among other things, about their inspirations for their extraordinary and emotional music, their musical history and their connection to vinyl records.

Selofan04 Marilia FotopoulouInterview with

Joanna Pavlidou (vocals) from Selofan

The Greek duo SELOFAN, consisting of Joanna Pavlidou and Dimitris Pavlidis, have been making music together for ten years. Their sixth album ‘Partners in Hell’ came out in October 2020, so they couldn’t present their new music live for a long time because of the pandemic. Now the duo has been back on international tour for a few months. I had the opportunity to talk to singer Joanna before their show in Oberhausen. In the interview she reveals, among other things, how SELOFAN was founded, how they have developed musically - and they also have a new project together!

1919 press2021 02 byMarthaBishopInterview with

Rio Goldhammer (vocals) from 1919

1919 reformed, revitalised, and resolute - 1919 were originally formed in 1980, in Bradford, UK by two Yorkshire boys: Mark Tighe (guitar) and Ian Tilleard (vocals). Prior to the band becoming 1919, they also featured Aky who would eventually join SOUTHERN DEATH CULT AND ZODIAC MINDWARP’s Mark Manning. Shortly, Mark Tighe and Ian were joined by Mick Reed (drums) and Nick Hiles (bass) - who was eventually replaced with Steve Madden and settled on the name 1919. They were part of the growing post-punk movement, in Yorkshire that included the SISTERS OF MERCY, MARCH VIOLETS, RED LORRY YELLOW LORRY and NEW MODEL ARMY. In 1982, the band released a white label promo entitled ‘Repulsion/Tear Down These Walls’ and as a result, legendary DJ John Peel took an interest in them. They were signed to indie record label: Red Rhino and released their debut album, ‘The Machine’.

ASG AX2Interview with

Johan Lange (synthesizer, keyboard, programming, percussion, backing vocals) from Agent Side Grinder

AGENT SIDE GRINDER are back in the studio preparing their new album, they also resumed concert activity. Johan Lange agreed to discuss not only some history of ASG, but also their music and some new things that are about to come for the band.

CassandraComplex05 RodneyOrpheusHeadshot byRodneyOrpheusInterview with

Rodney Orpheus (vocals, vocoder, synthesisers, drum machines) from The Cassandra Complex

The new album by THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX has been eagerly awaited. On May 6th, 2022, the time has come: ‘The Plague’ will be released. It is the first new album in 22 years and it definitely has what it takes to become a classic: THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX remains true to their unmistakable style and combine electronic elements with rocking guitars and fast punky rhythms with dark gothic elements. I had the opportunity to talk to the charismatic frontman Rodney Orpheus about ‘The Plague’ as well as the history of THE CASSANDRA COMPLEX, their musical development and Rodney’s most important musical influences.

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