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agentsidegrinder2023 byHarisMlivic 01Interview with

Johan Lange (Synthesizer, Piano, Programming, Percussions, Backing Vocals) and Emanuel Åström (Vocals) from Agent Side Grinder

AGENT SIDE GRINDER released their sixth album ‘Jack Vegas’ (the name of the album Jack Vegas derives from a Swedish low-stake slot machines) on May 4 on Progress Productions. We caught up with Johan and Emanuel to discuss band’s new album, creative process, changes in the industry and future.

“The idea that a very loosely defined dream will keep you going through misery is fascinating”

traitrs2023 03 byMelinaCrawfordInterview with

Sean Patrick Nolan (keyboards) from Traitrs

Huge amounts of concerts both in the Us and Europe, massive tour with VNV NATION, intensive concert life far from home - quite a rollercoaster. On the other hand - emotion-loaded, fragile, beautiful music and most vibrant, energetic concerts. The mix of contrasts and high-pitched moments is what can best describe the music and performance style for TRAITRS. With Sean Patrick Nolan about the music, tour life, and inspirations. And much more…

howweend2023 byDirkBehlau 7912Interview with

Jen Majura (guitar) from How We End

In March there was surprising news from Jen Majura. The former EVANESCENCE guitarist announced the start of her new band HOW WE END. The band has an international line-up and consists of very experienced musicians, also known from other bands: Singer Diva Satanica (formerly NERVOSA), singer Jake E. (CYHRA and formerly AMARANTHE), guitarist Tom Naumann (PRIMAL FEAR), Mitch Kunz on bass guitar and Adde Larsson on drums. With ‘My Fighting Heart’ and ‘Levitate’, the band has already released two songs. Of course, I was curious to hear more about this promising new band. Via Zoom, I met Jen Majura in her home studio, where she told me a lot about the background and the beginning of HOW WE END. (On the side, her budgie Cookie entertained us with spontaneous stunts!)

johan martin privateInterview with

Johan van Roy (Suicide Commando) and Martin Sane (Fïx8:Sëd8)

Johan and Martin recently returned from the US - Johan did a North American tour with SUICIDE COMMANDO and Martin attended three shows of SKINNY PUPPY’s “Farewell Tour”. I thought of it as a good reason to ask them some questions about the US scene, their concert experience, and also about the future of the concerts and alternative music scene in general. They also discuss their scenic imagery, concert, and release plans (SUICIDE COMMANDO’s new single ‘God of Destruction’ is completed and FÏX8:SËD8’s ‘Octagram’ is in the making), whether they plan to collaborate together, what gives them energy and drive to keep making music.

seaofsin social2023 byLukasVonSaintGeorgeInterview with

Klaus Schill (synths, guitars, production) and Frank Zwicker (vocals & words) from Sea of Sin

I first saw SEA OF SIN as a supporting act for DIARY OF DREAMS in Dresden. A great, lively concert combining emotional and dynamic stood for the perfect opening of the evening. The new album of the project entitled ‘Tired of Chasing Ghosts’ is scheduled to be released on the 21st of April 2023 and it is a catchy, well-balanced mix of heart-rendering and ass-kicking. About the tour with DIARY OF DREAMS, their new release, their artistic path full of ups and downs, current music scene and who the title Ghosts really are.

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