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A group of friends who go to concerts together quite a lot decided it was time to start their own webzine, focussed on the music we like. We found it hard however to really limit ourselves because much of the music was part or more then one or none of the tradional styles: metal, gothic and folk. Therefore we decided to just do a webzine of all Dark Music. Basically anything that is metal, gothic or folk or a combination of these styles.

Of course we understand this might be a bit confusing but you'll see it's easy to pick out your favourite bands pretty well and still you have plenty of chances to discover new music. We do pay lots of attention to the big names in the various scenes but we don't hesitate to look at the new and emerging bands or even the local bands playing around the corner. By doing so we hope all these bands will get some attention and will hopefully be discovered by many potential fans.

Like stated at the beginning we visit quite a few concerts, and we have combined this with either writing reports or making concert photos. Beyond that we like to pay attention to the cd's and dvd's released by the bands and of course try to get some background information on the bands for our 'band info' section or get a better insight by doing interviews.

We have started this adventure with the six of us but by now the crew has grown rapidly. And we hope it will keep growing with many motivated and talented people so we can make a quality webzine that our visitors love to read. If you are one of those visitors with good ideas, please let us know. Whether to improve the site or develop new items, all well meant advise is welcome.

We sure hope you will enjoy our webzine and that it will give you the information you were looking for. We are happy to have it up and running for you!

Edwin van der Ende
Roos Glastra
Dani Vorndran

Mattias Nordgren

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