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GentlemanCity Sounds - Glacis in Concert, Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg
10th August 2021
Open-Air “City Sounds” - Gentleman

Tillmann Otto, better known by his stage name GENTLEMAN, is a German Reggae musician. He has been travelling to Jamaica regularly since he was 18 years old. After beginning his career as a DJ, he based his style to the classic form of the Reggae genre like that of Bob Marley. He sings mainly in English or Jamaican Patois.

Loïc NottetCity Sounds - Glacis in Concert, Luxembourg-City, Luxembourg
9th August 2021
Open-Air “City Sounds” – Loïc Nottet

On the Glacis car parking lot in Luxembourg, the City Sounds will offer contemporary music between 4th and 15th August. The programme of concerts is organised in partnership with the “den Atelier”. The German reggae singer GENTLEMAN, who has already come to Luxembourg several times, will perform on 10th August. Also on the programme are singer LOÏC NOTTET (9th August), Belgian singer AXELLE RED (8th August) and German Rap veteran SIDO (12th August). Reflections of Darkness was at the LOÏC NOTTET concert for you on Monday evening and will also be at GENTLEMAN on Tuesday.

Michael SchulteOpen Air Diddeleng, Dudelange, Luxembourg
5th August 2021
Open-Air “Ënnert dem Waassertuerm” – Michael Schulte

Michael Anthony Schulte is a German singer and songwriter. He began his singing career in 2008, posting covers on his YouTube channel and later placed third on season one of “The Voice of Germany” in 2012. His debut studio album ‘Wide Awake’ was released later that year. He represented Germany in the Eurovision Song Contest 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal, with the song ‘You Let Me Walk Alone’. He finished in fourth place with 340 points.

NuraOpen Air Diddeleng, Dudelange, Luxembourg
3rd August 2021
Open-Air “Ënnert dem Waassertuerm” – Nura

NURA is a young German female rapper from Wuppertal and became known as part of the Rap duo SXTN. Since their break-up in 2018 she performs solo and released her first album ‘Habibi’ a year later. But the rapper and singer already made her solo debut at the end of 2017 with the single ‘Auf der Kippe’ with ACHTVIER and has been a household name in Germany at least since her song ‘Chaya’ with TRETTMANN.

DSC 6803Open Air Diddeleng, Dudelange, Luxembourg
23rd July 2021
Open-Air “Ënnert dem Waassertuerm” – Jupiter Jones

JUPITER JONES is a band from the Eifel region that became known to a larger audience in 2011 through the title ‘Still’ and also received an Echo. In November 2017, the band announced their dissolution on Facebook and on their website; JUPITER JONES played their last concert on 1 September 2018.

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