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01 intro D4S4320 kleinWestfalenhalle, Dortmund, Germany
26th November 2022
Night of the Proms 2022 with Kool & The Gang, Amy Macdonald, Nik Kershaw, Carol Decker of T’Pau, Matt Simons and Yolanda Brown, the Antwerp Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Alexandra Arrieche, the NOTP Backbone Band and the choir Fine Fleur

After the tour had to be postponed twice due to the pandemic, there is now good news: the NIGHT OF THE PROMS is staking place in 2022 as planned and presents a program with this year’s artists with a pronounced hit density. In addition to KOOL & THE GANG, AMY MACDONALD, NIK KERSHAW, CAROL DECKER from T’PAU, MATT SIMONS and YOLANDA BROWN are there as a classical soloist. The stars are accompanied on their greatest hits by the ANTWERP PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA and the CHOR FINE FLEUR under the baton of conductor ALEXANDRA ARRIECHE.

top10 2021 guitardark2021 has become an American year in the guitar dark scene without a doubt. A lot of American projects have released really cool albums. Plus, one more ascpect, that was clearly noticed before and now becomes more and more real. The Deathrock genre, which for some time faded into the background, is fully back. New bands continue to please with new sound with old school influence and already experienced musicians do not let them be forgotten in their new projects. Well, and, of course, there is SONSOMBRE, who became the standard of Gothic Rock nowadays. The scene lives and develops despite the opposite opinions of “critics”, the pandemic and the cancelled shows and festivals. I must say right away that in this particular top the numbers next to the names of groups and albums are rather arbitrary and everyone can place these 10 positions in a different order based on their preferences, but all of them can be there.

top10 2021 postindustrialThe Post-Industrial scene of 2021 was full of Electro-Industrial releases of old and new projects just like in the last couple of years. Dark Electro fades into the background although there were interesting releases in this genre (at least one), however, young Dark Electro projects make rather mediocre albums that lose their melody and focus on aggression. The EBM scene has also slowed down a bit in development, but this tendency has been observed for more than a year. The boom of the mid-00 Anhalt EBM genre has passed and so far does not plan to be renewed. Rare projects publish new works, but they turn out to be rather insipid and quickly forgotten.

top10 2021 electronicgothicThe second year of the pandemic turned out not to be as rich in albums as 2020, however, good material and interesting work did not decrease in general. All the old projects that released b-sides and unreleased material in 2020 have already released everything that is possible from the old stuff and started recording new material which was released in 2021. The Industrial scene again pleased with an abundance of interesting albums mostlyin the Dark Ambient genre, Gothic Electronic music continues to diversify its sound, Noise beats are moving more and more into the field of Techno-Industrial, the Synth scene is closely intertwined with Synthwave, in Post-Industrial the Oldschool Electro-Industrial continues the revival and the old ones already forgotten projects keep coming back with new albums. It‘s a pity that major festivals are still on pause, but hopefully soon it will be back.

Electri city 2021 Tag03 1 von 47me and all - Hotel & Ratinger Hof, Düsseldorf, Germany
1st - 3rd October 2021
ELECTRI_CITY Conference 2021 with the topic: “Der Ratinger Hof 1978 - 82” - Live concerts by King Kurt & Fehlfarben + Supports

The ELECTRI_CITY Conference took place for the seventh time and organizer Rudi Esch welcomed guests from the immediate vicinity of the “Ratinger Hof”. The topic of this year’s conference is “Der Ratinger Hof 1978 to 82” and, in addition to the usual talks, there were also concerts and an exhibition. Bands like MITTAGSPAUSE, MALE and DAF were formed and played in the “Hof”. “Hof” was the nickname of this club and became the best address for progressive music.

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