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subject2 promo byMDurant introInterview with

Gary Starky and Sandra Tully from Subject:2

’Love, Betrayal, Deceit’ - A conversation with SUBJECT:2 on their new album! 26 of June not only marked the release of the long-awaited live documentary of DEPECHE MODE’s ’Global Spirit Tour’ and ERASURE’s new remix bundle, but also the release of the second album of SUBJECT:2, which we can also apostrophize as a new hope in the independent sector of Synth Pop. Less than two years after their debut album ’Forward / Return’, the British duo brought forth its follower ’Love, Betrayal, Deceit’ - thanks to the Electro-Shock-Records label! In order to get to know the two people behind the project a bit better, our external editor Janos Janurik asked the participants questions about their present, past and future in an exclusive interview. Please welcome Gary Starky and Sandra Tully aka SUBJECT:2!

frozenplasma promo2018 02Interview with

Vasi Vallis (sounds, keyboards) from Frozen Plasma

“In my opinion, making too many plans in life, hunting too many fixed goals, based on standard conventions of a society, prevent you from making unexpected experiences. Prevent you from discovering what you really desire. What you really want. My attitude is, to dig and dig and dig deeper in the shallows of life, without knowing, what to expect. It is a metaphor. If you stop digging, you lose the chance to discover new grounds.” On the occasion of the new release by FROZEN PLASMA I had a chance to ask Vasi Vallis a few questions - about choices, changes and decisions - both artistic and personal that gave a fine result in a brand new album ‘Gezeiten’.

iliketrains promo2020 byBenBentleyInterview with

I Like Trains

I LIKE TRAINS are finally back and have their new single ‘The Truth’ in their luggage, the first song of their upcoming, ruthless and razor-sharp album ‘KOMPROMAT’, which will be released on August 21, 2020 via Atlantic Curve in the worldwide distribution of The Orchard. The first studio album by the Leeds quintet in eight years treats mainly “information”, in all of its concatenations and links, as a general topic. How we consume information and how we can still make sense and value for ourselves in the age of daily news bombing. The first single, ‘The Truth’, hits the heart of the matter. Check out some detailed information about the album in the following Q&A.

ashcode2020 01Interview with

Alessandro Belluccio (Vocals, Drum machine), Claudia Nottebella (Synthesizer, Vocals) and Adriano Belluccio (Fender VI guitar) from Ash Code

“The artists who have made history, including the musicians, are the ones who have been able to experiment and dare by creating an imaginary in which people could find themselves or make people dream.”

ParadiseLost2020 byAnneCSwallow 01Interview with

Nick Holmes (vocals) from Paradise Lost

After my recent and very positive review of PARADISE LOST’s latest release, ‘Obsidian’, I wanted to know a bit more about the album that really excited me and some nice guys at Nuclear Blast gave me the chance to ask Nick Holmes a few questions about the album, the writing process and how it feels to promote and release an album during a lockdown the world had never faced before.

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