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YvetteWinkler1Interview with

Yvette Winkler from Vaselyne

Yvette Winkler is a really versatile artist - a musician at VASELYNE, a photographer, the author of numerous artworks, a real creator of beauty. We talk to her about inspirations and being personal about one’s art.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: You are an extremely creative person - aside from being a very talented photographer at Yvette Winkler Photography you are also a member of the band VASELYNE. What gives you drive and inspiration to create art at these many levels?
felixmarc substanceInterview with

Felix Marc

FELIX MARC, the songwriter, composer and producer for such bands as DIORAMA and FROZEN PLASMA, finally made time for his own solo project again. We took the chance to ask him a few questions - about the new album, production, inspirations and above all the things that matter. About the ‘Substance’.

zweitejugend presse introInterview with

Eli van Vegas (vocals) and Marcel Lüke (drums) from Zweite Jugend

Marcel Lüke and Eli van Vegas appear in the last few years more and more on publications out of the Electro-Punk and EBM area. Marcel is a drummer and songwriter in bands like ZWEITE JUGEND, JÄGER 90 and COMBAT COMPANY and plays as a guest musician with TENSION CONTROL and HÄTZER. Eli is singer and synth-virtuoso with ZWEITE JUGEND, COMBAT COMPANY and has several solo projects like his Techno project under his own name or TRAFO 21. On 1 March 2019, the band’s second album, ‘Elektronische Körpermusik’, will be released. Reason enough to ask Eli & Marcel a few questions.

within temptation Interview with

Sharon den Adel (vocals) from Within Temptation

Five years after their last album, ‘Hydra’ in 2014, the Dutch Symphonic Metal band WITHIN TEMPTATION will release their new studio album, ‘Resist’, via Universal Music on February 1st, 2019. Next to a more groovy, urban and electronic sound than fans are used to from WITHIN TEMPTATION, ‘Resist’, at first glance, could be the soundtrack for a dystopic Science Fiction movie. But RESIST is not inspired by the danger of Galaxies far away but our modern futuristic society. The message is: “Wake up and defend your freedom”.

SkunkAnansie by TomBarnes1Interview with

Mark Richardson (Drums) from Skunk Anansie

To celebrate their 25th anniversary, the legendary SKUNK ANANSIE will release their new live album, ‘25LIVE@25’, via Republic Of Music on January 25, 2019. It combines the milestones of their career with the unbelievable live presence of the band. The album contains old and new live recordings, which the band’s long-time companion, Jeremy Wheatly, put together to create a new and unique concert experience. ‘25LIVE@25’ is not only the showcase of an incomparable career, but also shows the importance of SKUNK ANANSIE as a musical and cultural force. Their shows are a hurricane of energy, volume and personality. They call for becoming part of something big and impossible to resist.

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