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KlammerInterview with

Steve (guitar and studio work) and Poss (lead singer) from Klammer

KLAMMER were kind enough to invite Reflections of Darkness to a private invite only gig just after the end of the UK Covid lockdown period. It was great to be at a live gig, but I was equally happy to have my request of an exclusive interview with the band. It’s fair to say KLAMMER have done very well over the time they have been in existence, but with their new material and the standard of overall musicianship now being so very high, the band is gelling together better than ever and ready and waiting for greater things to come.

diekrupps nils intro D3S0338 kleinInterview with

Nils Finkeisen (guitar) from Die Krupps

If you’re looking for a pure stage-related joy, talent and adrenaline, you might want to go to one of the shows he is making. Known from crazy, vigorous performances with DIE KRUPPS, he is also involved in production, sound engineering and supporting numerous cool bands as a guest musician. About how Covid-19 pandemic influenced him personally but also his projects and live shows - with the marvellous energy sparkle - Nils Finkeisen.

diorama2020 5203Interview with

Torben Wendt (vocals, synths) from Diorama

I opened the Chinese box called ‘Tiny Missing Fragments’ and I thought… wow, that’s a puzzle… will I find the jigsaw elements, will I manage to face the demons that lurk inside, hidden in between the words and notes? Will I understand them? Will I see right through the cosmic soundscape DIORAMA prepared for us during the four-year journey they took to give the final effect in the album that will make you dance, cry, think and re-define your own sense of importance and transparency? But to be confident towards where we are heading, I decided to ask the source and the author of the jigsaw and the sky map - Torben Wendt.

GarethJones byDougDregerInterview with

Gareth Jones

“Go the whole journey with me and listen to the LP”
About a year ago, I had the honour to ask Gareth Jones about his studio work on ERASURE’s legendary ‘Wild!’ album. Back then he mentioned his upcoming solo electronic music project. The long wait is finally over. The studio magician’s long-awaited debut album will be released on the 18th September. On that occasion, I asked him my questions again.

solveig matthildur photographed by dean wallflower last dateInterview with

Sólveig Matthildur (drums, synth) from Kaelan Mikla & vocals in her solo project

A poet, a visionary, an extremely skilled musician. With the release of her recent singles that are harbingers to her new album ‘Madame Melancholia’, she gives a new meaning to the cinematic dimension of her sounds. SÓLVEIG MATTHILDUR opens up about her inspirations, cooperation, cinema influence, dreams and her individual approach to art.

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