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ahburyheights promo2020Interview with

Anders Hagström (Vocals, programming, production, song writing) from Ashbury Heights

Change and challenge are probably the words that best describes the Swedish project ASHBURY HEIGHTS’ career. Changes in line-up, managerial hiccups on the one hand and fantastic sounds, great presentation and the spirit of constant reinventing on the other.  I had a chance to talk to Anders Hagström about his way of creating art, visual representation and contacts with fans.

empusae2020 graphicInterview with

Nicolas van Meirhaeghe (Empusae, Tzolk’in) and Christel Morvan (Nesisart)

One the most creative artists I know, engaged in a number of projects, sensitive, combining the world of imaginary with the world of deeply humanistic topics. I’ve been following Nicolas van Meirhaeghe’s artistic way for quite a while and I must say he is fantastic at reinventing himself, engaged not only in exploring the world of his mind, of the darkest sides of human nature but also the sphere of current world situation actively providing his comments as an artist and human being. Teaming up with amazing artist Christel Morvan, they lead their listeners into the world of darkness and yet of extreme, rare beauty… This interview is about current world, inspirations, fading sight and how it impacts music creation, about demons and hopes... with Nicolas and Christel.

erasure promo2020 byPhilsharpInterview with

Andy Bell and Vince Clarke from Erasure

Welcome to the Neon! ERASURE is going to release their 18th studio album, ‘The Neon’, on 21st August. Their first single has already made it clear for the fans that Vince Clarke and Andy Bell are still world champions and hit guarantors in the synth-pop genre. Let’s forget about the Corona crisis and the shadow-side of life for a while now, let’s turn on the neon lights and let our hearts and souls warm up in their lights! The boys are back in town! Vince and Andy joined Janos Janurik / our co-editor for an exclusive interview. Enjoy reading!

spiritualfront promo 2020 introInterview with

Simone Salvatori (vocals) from Spiritual Front, Lust Syndicate

Simone Salvatori, the singer and composer for SPIRITUAL FRONT and LUST SYNDICATE, is indeed a daring and creative individual. His talent ranges from creating sensual, moving ballads to political manifestos and he himself plays the role of a bard, skilled actor, showman and lyrical intellectual. I had a chance to talk to Simone about his new album, the ways his artistic expression represents in his both projects and about artistic freedom.

BonHarris2020 intro byMarinellaLenInterview with

Bon Harris from Nitzer Ebb

The current Corona pandemic situation has had a strong impact on our lives. But our favourite musicians and the whole showbiz industry were hardest hit by the Corona crisis. Postponed releases, cancelled and postponed tours, songs recorded and arranged in home office studios. As THE HUMAN LEAGUE confirmed on their 81 B-side song, these are ‘Hard Times’. Bon Harris from NITZER EBB told us about how a musician can work through all this and what he does with his suddenly arising free time.

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