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liebknechtInterview with

Daniel Myer from Liebknecht

We at Reflections Of Darkness think that we don’t have to introduce Daniel Myer to the Electro fans in more details. He has already made a name in the electronic music scene to himself with such projects like ARCHITECT, HAUJOBB, DSTR or COVENANT. Now the Leipzig based musician, who is well-known for his smart Electro sounds, is back with a new album, this time under the moniker LIEBKNECHT. Among other things, our editor Janos Janurik asked Mr. Myer - who just took a short break during his common tour with NITZER EBB - about this new music project.

Elliot BerlinInterview with

Elliott Berlin from Telemark, Aesthetic Perfection and others

Elliott Berlin is a versatile artist cooperating with many bands, my impression of first seeing him on stage in April in Dresden was that he combines rock frenzy with perfection of performance. I usually try to introduce the artists I’m interviewing, but this time my guest did it better than I ever could so I think I’ll just leave the stage over to him. Here is what he has to say - about himself, the music and more… Elliott Berlin:

solarfake2019 promo01Interview with

Sven Friedrich (vocals) from Solar Fake

In anticipation of the SOLAR FAKE concert in Kyiv on December 21, we present to you a fresh interview with the permanent leader and founder of the project, Sven Friedrich.

IsolatedYouth2019 03 byJakobEkbrant Interview with

William & Axel Mårdberg, Egon Westberg Larsson and Andreas Geidemark from ISOLATED YOUTH

Evenings of musical discoveries happen rarely, but right on target. That’s exactly what I can say about the Post-Punk band from Sweden, ISOLATED YOUTH, whose performance we saw in the framework of ICEAGE’s show in Kyiv, where the guys played as the opening act. ISOLATED YOUTH has existed for only two and a half years and consists of four members: brothers William & Axel Mårdberg, Egon Westberg Larsson and Andreas Geidemark. In February this year they released their debut, ‘Warfare’ EP, consisting of five songs. The band also managed to share the stage with LEBANON HANOVER and SHE PAST AWAY. And just the other day ISOLATED YOUTH has released the ‘Warfare’ music video directed by Jörgen Brennicke, the title track from the self-titled debut EP. We are really glad to show you this interview with these Swedish musicians.

orodruin2019 1Interview with

John Gallo (guitars / keys) and Mike Puleo (vocals / bass) from Orodruin

After discovering this extraordinary band lately I was stunned, hooked and almost awestruck. Luckily these guys are down to earth and said yes to my interview request.

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