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foundryrecords logoInterview with

Stewart Craner & ZeN from Foundry Records (label)

It’s been a decade now FOUNDRY RECORDS appeared in the music industry. Initially based in UK, the Digital Distribution Label ironically signed essentially acts from Australia, France, Sweden or Belgium. Being relocated in the US in 2011, FOUNDRY RECORDS operates now from Los Angeles via Stewart Craner, the founder of the label, and France, via ZeN of the band WAITING FOR WORDS and a joint venture with GoM PRODUCTION, a French artist management company, founded by 2 DJs, M@T and Golem XIII. Main acts distributed by the label are WAITING FOR WORDS, PEOPLE THEATRE, SHINY DARKNESS, ARACHNOPHOBIAS, MYSELFSON, BUZZ, PULSE, LYNCELIA and LIXIVIATH.

waitingforwords Interview with

ZeN (Vocals, Keyboards, Programming), Soe V (Vocals, Keyboards) and Peter Rainman Keyboards, Programming and Backing vocals) from Waiting for Words

The French cult act WAITING FOR WORDS is back with their 9th album, ‘Egocracy’, and some stunning new videos. While the band is touring, it’s another opportunity to discuss the background of this surprising album and tour and, as usual with ZeN, Peter and Soe… about the world we live in and life in general.

kimljung2019 ljungblutpromoInterview with


Rainy Bergen on a Saturday noon, two cups of coffee and a conversation about vinyl, priorities, festivals, fighting own demons, fans and audiences, thoughts on past and future, migraine and all the things happening in life while you try making plans. An interview with Kim Ljung - songwriter, bass player and vocalist, known from the Norwegian bands LJUNGBLUT, SEIGMEN and ZEROMANCER. Taken on 1st June 2019 before the last evening of the four gigs dedicated to the shows that SEIGMEN played in the 90ies at the student club Hulen in Bergen - for the club’s 50th birthday celebration in 2019.

LAM2019 intro Interview with

Sean Brennan from London After Midnight

The US-Dark Rock legend LONDON AFTER MIDNIGHT is coming back on stage and return for two gigs in June 2019 to mainland Europe - performing 7th June in Athens, Greece and headlining the Agra stage at Wave Gotik Treffen on Sunday 9th June. Along with this, there are many news coming up. Reason enough for us to ask Sean a few questions…

lotl may2019 03Interview with

Chris Harms (Vocals, guitar, cello) and π “Pi” Stoffers (guitar) from Lord Of The Lost

On May 17, German band LORD OF THE LOST gave their first and long-awaited show in Kyiv, and we were lucky enough to talk with Chris Harms and Pi Stoffers about some serious and not very serious things. We are happy to share this interview with you!

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