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actors IMG 2021Interview with

Jason Corbett (vocals, guitar) from Actors

When they play the walls fall and the dancefloor turns red under the heat of beating feet dancing to the rhythm of ACTORS music. Touching, energetic Post Punk flow carries you away and leaves a mark in your heart that is hard to erase - or forget. We talked to Jason Corbett, the leader of the Vancouver based band, about the new release ‘Love U More’, the touring and future plans…

imperativereaction promo byChadMichaelWardInterview with

Ted Phelps from Imperative Reaction

Agra Hall Leipzig 2006 - IMPERATIVE REACTION are giving their amazing show at Wave Gotik Treffen. I still remember it and I remember the hype and anticipation for the band to play live before the show. Remember amazing albums and cool parties with their music to be the background. In 2011 the music stopped playing. Why? Well…we have the interview with Ted Phelps to answer the question plus to give some details regarding the new release ‘Mirror’.

arsinetibe promo intro byBarbaraAndersInterview with

Manfred Thomaser from Arsine Tibé

ARSINE TIBÉ is a music project of Manfred Thomaser (!DISTAIN, THE INDEPENDENT SEASONS). We had chitchat before the actual conversation and we talked about music, art, cats and when I asked him about his story he said: “…it is not the easiest thing to talk about myself. I let the music speak, and I know this may sound like a cliché. If you want to know how I feel about society for example my lyrics may be best to read.” About art, music and being yourself with Manfred Thomaser…

caitlindeville promo conquestInterview with

Caitlin De Ville

Caitlin De Ville is a Zambian violinist, born in Chingola, living in South Africa now. She grew up in Kitwe and then moved to Cape Town at the age of 18. Caitlin uses an electric violin to play various covers, she plays classical music in a modern and dynamic way, she also employs contemporary musical genres such as Pop or Hip-Hop. On stage, she combines musical performance and spectacular choreography. In 2019, she toured Europe where I had a chance to see her playing with Metal band TURISAS. The same year she released an album compiling her covers. Her shows and charisma are spectacular and unforgettable and I was happy to ask her a few questions about music, concerts and inspirations.

scenius2020 promoInterview with

Steve Whitfield (production) and Fabrice Nau (vocals) from Scenius

SCENIUS are a rather special new dark synth-pop electro band that have released five singles and an album 2020. The band consists of Steve Whitfield from Leeds, UK and Fab Nau from Angers, France. Although heavily influenced from the great classic names of early electro such as BRIAN ENO, JOHN FOXX and KRAFTWERK they somehow have managed a refreshing and exciting new approach that brings the genre bang up to date. They have released five new singles and a new album in 2020 - the album ‘Enough Fears’ is released 4th December.

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