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Ana Of The Head (vocals and synthesizers) and David Solazo (guitars and drums) from Huir

HUIR emerges from Barcelona, Spain, as a captivating Darkwave / Synth Pop duo helmed by Ana Of The Head on vocals and synthesizers, and David Solazo on guitars and drums. Formed in June 2022, the band swiftly recorded their debut EP ‘Triumphal Arch Lovers’ in April 2023, slated for release by the esteemed international label Cold Transmission Music in early 2024. Produced, mixed, and mastered by Maurizio Baggio (known for his work with Boy Harsher and THE SOFT MOON), the EP promises a mesmerizing blend of soundscapes and visuals showcased through a series of singles and videos. We discuss the new release but also the background and inspirations and more.

Reflections of Darkness [RoD]: ‘Triumphal Arch Lovers’, your most recent album, seems a bit like a reckoning with your past. Emotional, relational... Have you understood it as a cleansing, a liberating experience?
Huir: Exactly that, a series of painful but liberating experiences that have resulted in a new emotional and musical state, where good energy predominates, where everything flows, and everything adds up between the two.

RoD: Every time I listen to it, I find it poetic, delicate, inspired, rather than angry or frustrated: have you come to terms with your past?
Huir: We have come to an agreement with ourselves, readjusting a past that has given us the gift of RUNNING AWAY and that makes us very happy. We are very clear about our vital objectives and that has been reflected in the songs.

RoD: Tell me about the beginnings of HUIR, how did it all start?
Huir: We met at a concert of a mutual friend, we were talking about music and we both noticed a huge personal and musical connection, the next day I (David) wrote to Ana, we called each other, we saw each other and here we are!

RoD: What is your background in music, i.e., your musical tastes, concerts or artists that have influenced you in some way? Are there any?
Huir: We have been to hundreds of concerts, there are many influences, we don’t think it would be necessary to name DEPECHE MODE or THE CURE it’s obvious, but we also like many current bands, especially those that offer something different within the dark. Yes, there are references in our music from many bands, it’s a mixture of the tastes of both of us which is very broad, we notice the references once the songs are finished, at the moment of composing we enter a state of mind that we are not aware of what it is sounding like or if it is similar to something, the only thing we are aware of is that we both like it, which is the most important thing for us.

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RoD: Obviously, “Triumphal Arch” evokes many associations: Paris, the commemoration of an important event, but also a triumph, a victory; what does the title mean in this case?
Huir: The name of the EP: ‘Triumphal Arch Lovers’ responds to the place we chose for the first time when we started the band: the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona and where we decided that from now on it would be our place to meet whenever we had to talk or plan something. It’s a lucky site for us. And “Lovers” is about the passion and love we have for HUIR.

RoD: You combine electronic energy with dreamy vocals - how would you describe your style?
Huir: We think it’s a mix of Darkwave and Synth Pop, we don’t care how we are labelled, what we like is to be inside the Dark, we feel very happy with our label Cold Transmission and inside this circuit full of bands with an incredible human quality.

RoD: What is the general message or aesthetic you want to transmit with HUIR?
Huir: HUIR is the two of us as we show ourselves, our way of thinking, feeling, transmitting, or dressing, it’s 100% us all day long. Our message becomes real when we connect with people with our songs and melodies. If our songs and melodies pierce through, touch you and make you feel emotions: melancholy, joy, sadness, or loneliness, for us the goal has been achieved: connection. We love to wear black!

RoD: Tell me about your live experience: do you like it; do you ever get stressed before the show?
Huir: We love playing live! Like all musicians, it gives us “healthy” nerves. It’s a very positive and motivating feeling and a high that lasts for days after playing, it’s great.

RoD: What can we expect from you in the near future?
Huir: We are working on our second EP which we hope to have in 2025, but before that there might be some surprises...

RoD: Thank you very much for your time, any final message for your fans?
Huir: We would like to thank all of you who listen to us and follow us, who buy our music, who publish us in media, playlists, mixclouds, get us gigs... we promise not to disappoint you with our new EP!

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