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rock imperium logoCartagena, Murcia, Spain
19th to 22th June 2024
Rock Imperium Festival 2024 with Judas Priest, Avantasia, Saxon, Yngwie Malmsteen, Extreme, Glenn Hughes, Accept, Warlock, Uriah Heep, Kamelot, Beast in Black, The Darkness, In Extremo, TNT, Igorrr, Carcass, Ronnie Romero, Richie Kotzen, Napalm Death, Riverside, Nestor, Xandria, Eclipse, Einar Solberg + 34 more bands

A new edition of one of the best rock festivals in Spain and around the world, has been extended to 4 full days for this year. The inaugural edition of this fantastic festival emerged on the stunning Costa del Sol, nestled amidst the breathtaking hills and historic castle of Fuengirola, then moved to coast of Cartagena, ancient city of Murcia region with stunning park, converted to the set of huge open-air stages, accommodating hundreds of thousands of Metal fans gathered from all over the world.

Legendary rock acts such as JUDAS PRIEST, SAXON, AVANTASIA, ACCEPT, KAMELOT, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, THE DARKNESS, RIVERSIDE and many others are going to load up music enthusiasts from across the globe this year. The third edition boasted an absolutely phenomenal line-up and unfolded in the welcoming embrace proved to be an idyllic place for such monumental gatherings.

As is tradition, the organizers have curated a special schedule enabling fans to meet their favorite artists and secure personalized signatures during designated band meet-ups throughout the festival.

The festival format includes simultaneous performances by two bands on different stages, both main stages situated nearby and alternating performances by experienced and popular acts. Additionally, there is an alternative stage, offering a more intimate setting and located within the food court area, providing fans with an opportunity to grab a snack and recharge. The detailed schedule of performances, along with stage information, will be published on the official festival website a few days prior to the event.

However, beyond the music, what truly sets this festival apart as it celebrates its fourth year (with its initial edition in the southern part of the continent) is the sense of happiness that pervades the gathering. Here, attendees set aside their everyday worries, immersing themselves in an atmosphere of pure joy, incredible emotions, and fantastic non-verbal communication with their musical idols. From the opening riffs to the final fireworks, the festival transports its audience to a magical state, making it a highly anticipated and enchanting annual ritual for all involved.

Available tickets

4-day ticket (19-22 June) / 190 EUR (+fees)
Wednesday (19 June) one-day ticket / 95 EUR (+fees)
Thursday (20 June) one-day ticket / 85 EUR (+fees)
Friday (21 June) one-day ticket / 85 EUR (+fees)
Saturday (22 June) one-day ticket / 85 EUR (+fees)
VIP podium 4-day ticket (19-22 June) / 350 EUR (+fees)

Tickets, location and other important information available on official web site of the festival:

Line up (state of March 2024 according to the official site)

19 June 2024
Judas Priest / Extreme / Uriah Heep / In Extremo / Ronnie Romero / Eclipse / Turmion Kätilöt / Blackbriar

20 June 2024
Avantasia / Glenn Hughes / Kamelot / TNT / Richie Kotzen / Plini / Marduk / Cirith Ungol / Kadavar / Praying Mantis / Xandria / Night Demon / Celtian / Shores Of Null / Arwen / Lonely Fire / Archetype Of Disorder

21 June 2024
Saxon / Accept / Emperor / Beast In Black / Igorrr / Napalm Death / Einar Solberg / Nestor / Tete Novoa / Blitzkrieg / The Raven Age / Phantom Excaliber / Diabulus In Musica / Astray Valley / Hard Love / Invicti / Nyhem

22 June 2024
Yngwie Malmsteen / Warlock / The Darkness / Carcass / Riverside / Textures / Spidergawd / Tankard / Green Lung / Lovebites / Riot City / Sobra Spell / Glasya / The Last Internationale / Holycide / Darknoise / Vatican Spectrum


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