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Rock Imperium Festival 2023Parque el Batel, Cartagena, Spain
24th June 2023
Rock Imperium Festival 2023 Day 2 with Night Flight Orchestra, H.E.A.T., Europe, Lepoka, Deep Purple, Wormed, Soen

The second day of Rock Imperium 2023 was right in the middle of the yearly tradition that brings together music fans under the sunny Murcia coast. With powerful guitar sounds, swirling smoke, and the warm sun, the event captured the spirit of the festival. The music filled the air, making it clear that Rock Imperium is more than just a festival - it’s a special time where people enjoy music and the sun.

Night Flight Orchestra

During their performance NIGHT FLIGHT ORCHESTRA took the stage in eye-catching costumes that channelled the spirit of airplane crew attire. The band’s music transported the Classic Rock vibes, creating an electric atmosphere. With their lively tunes and energetic melodies, they painted the air with energy and feedback. The back vocal singers were performing their vocal near champagne bottle drowned in ice cubes among exquisite transparent glasses, adding a touch of elegance to the performance. The synergy between music, style, and theatrics turned their set into an unforgettable journey that resonated with fans of all ages.

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When H.E.A.T. took the stage in broad daylight, the lead singer was like a wild force in a leather outfit, firing up the huge crowd with non-stop energy. The whole band played songs perfectly, and it was clear they were skilled musicians. What caught everyone’s eyes were the changing scenes on the big screen behind them - sometimes neon lights of a nighttime city, other times the blazing heat of the day. These visuals matched amazingly with the band’s awesome guitar playing, making the whole show feel like a ride through music and imagery. The singer’s excitement, the band’s talent, and amazing activity of the crowd all together made a performance that everyone will remember, and the heat that stood at this time of the day perfectly complemented the picture.

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On the festival stage, EUROPE brought their timeless hits to life, despite the passing years. Their performance was like a burst of energy, as if the songs were born anew. With a crowd of sixty thousand, everyone joined in as soon as the first notes of ‘Final Countdown’ hit the air. It was like a wave of sound that connected us all, echoing the memories we shared. Even though the band has been around for fifty years, their performance was full of life and energy. The whole team, especially the dynamic lead singer who twirled the microphone stand with finesse, made this moment absolutely fantastic. The music was a bridge between the past and the present, and it made us all excited and impressed, one listener at a time.

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On a third stage, located not far from the food court the young Spanish Folk-Rock ensemble, LEPOKA, was infusing the atmosphere with their vibrant Folk melodies. Their music radiated an irresistible energy that resonated with the assembled crowd. What set them apart were the unconventional instruments they wielded - from violins to pipes - crafting a captivating soundscape. However, it wasn’t merely the instrumental variety that left an impression. The band’s interaction with the audience was a sight to behold. They orchestrated a collective participation, prompting everyone to get down on one knee, and then, at the lead singer’s cue, the entire assembly sprang up in synchronized delight, celebrating the folkloric twists within LEPOKA’s compositions. Amidst this distinct space the boundary between performers and attendees blurred, creating a genuine connection immersed in shared euphoria.

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Deep Purple

This legendary band’s performance, while a bit less energetic due to the band’s age, exuded a wealth of experience and undeniable professionalism honed through years of musical history. Some fans stood close to the stage, while others relaxed on the grass, watching the show on screens. From the opening notes of classics like ‘Smoke on the Water’, the crowd jumped with collective excitement, blending eras, bridging generations, and celebrating a shared passion for rock music. The short breaks, attributed to the band’s age, were hardly noticed amidst the overall vibe. For many, this experience felt like meeting a legend, a nostalgic echo of their youth.

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Performed on the smaller and dedicated third stage, following a remarkable setting sun, WORMED seized the spotlight with a performance that resonated with thunderous sound. The stage was bathed in a mesmerizing, artistic blue rays of light in a smoke, masterfully orchestrated by the lighting technician as nightfall enveloped the venue. What truly stood out, however, was the constant kinetic energy of the lead vocalist. Amidst his guttural growls, he was using animated gestures to vividly illustrate the themes that the band was unleashing through their music.

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SOEN’s performance at the festival was nothing short of enchanting. Their music, a tapestry woven from profound and unique melodies, seamlessly melded the weightiness of Rock music with the depths of thoughts inherent to Progressive Rock. As the sun dipped and the sky surrendered to night, the audience gathered with unwavering anticipation, defying tireless from two days under the blazing sun. The stage transformed into a realm of sound and visual artistry, a marriage of sound and light that transported us to another plane of emotion. The crowd encircled the stage, swept up in the cadence of the music, many thousands of hands dancing to the rhythm, voices raised in a unified chorus. A breathtaking moment wandered with the opening chords of ‘Lucidity’, when a galaxy of mobile phone torches ignited, like stars sprinkled across the night sky, casting a spellbinding glow. Their set list, a kaleidoscope of musical diversity and depth, exemplified their artistry. As the final notes hung in the air, the audience remained, lingering in the afterglow, hoping for a final encore. For me, this was the festival’s pinnacle, a performance that left an indelible mark, and I eagerly await the day when I can once again immerse myself in the mesmerizing world of SOEN.

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All Pictures by Tigran Grigorian

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