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soen spain2023Custom, Sevilla, Spain
7th October 2023
Soen & Support: Molybaron, Terra

Prepare to embark on a musical odyssey that will resonate deep within your soul! SOEN, a remarkable progressive band, are making their way to perform their highly anticipated new album ‘Memorial’, promising a night of unparalleled sonic exploration. As a part of their worldwide tour, supporting new album, Spanish part covers seven different regions / provinces, where Swedish masters of music will perform their masterpieces of modern progressive rock music, including the highly demanded tracks from previous albums. As the sun sets on Spanish horizons, SOEN’s mesmerizing melodies and thought-provoking lyrics will envelop the audience. The essence of their upcoming album will weave through the air, carrying you on waves of emotion and introspection.

The stage will ignite with energy as the supporting bands, MOLYBARON and TERRA, take their place. MOLYBARON’s fierce and unapologetic rhythms will infuse the atmosphere with raw power, while TERRA’s unique sounds will transport you to uncharted sonic landscapes. As the music unites the crowd, this event would be another reason to dive into the meaningful lyrics of these remarkable bands, wrapped in the beauty and melodic harmony of their sounds. And of course, it’s a night to witness the birth of SOEN’s new musical chapter. Get ready to mark your calendars and be part of a journey that transcends borders and speaks to the hearts of all.

Spanish Tour Dates
03 Oct 2023 - Bilbao / Kafe Antzokia
06 Oct 2023 - Madrid / La Paqui
07 Oct 2023 - Sevilla / Custom
08 Oct 2023 - Murcia / Garaje Beat Club
10 Oct 2023 - Barcelona / Apolo

Additional Concert Info
Tickets:  are available for 25€ (pre-sale) / 30€ (door) via

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