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Title: Babylon
Artist: The Peoples Republic of Europe
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: October 2009
Label: Vendetta Music

Album Review

THE PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF EUROPE formed in the Netherlands in June 2000. Their very first demo album was already recorded in their first two days of existence. The second album ‘Thirst’ brought a shift towards harsh industrial music, followed by two further demo albums, the latter one of which ‘Among the Ruins’ became very popular and so it was decided the next album would be a real CD. ‘Juche’ eventually was released in 2004. With ‘Babylon’ they’ve released their 6th album to date.

The cacophony of distorted noise breaks upon us with ‘Ubermensch’ with just vague allusions to a somewhat melodic soul buried somewhere inside these cascades, inflicted with a voice talking to us from the great beyond. A disturbing sound work indeed, but not as devastating as the following ‘Wolfpack’ is, bringing the relentless frigidity and endlessly propelling force of rhythmic industrial to your attention with an ever present sense of danger, woven into the violent attacks. Through’ New Babylon’ blows a cold wind, ascending from the void of ancient times into today’s reality. A babel of different voices unfolds from its entrails, while the gloomy mumblings of a demon lurking in the shadows inject fear into your system. The ‘White Wall of Death’ is nothing short of a tsunami, whose annihilating powers somehow have been tamed and cast into sonic sculptures for us humans to hear them and tremble before their elemental force.

’LHC’ veers into angst-laden ambient, rather than exploring even extremer forms of rhythmic violence. The gates of the underworld itself open up before you. But be careful, once you’ve crossed the threshold there’s no turning back. Actually, the title ‘Dirty Distorted Dancehall’ already describes exactly what will cross everyone’s mind upon hearing this. Hits the nail on the head, so enjoy yourselves to the ritual sounds of its drums, driving you into an ecstatic trance! ‘Bow for Xenu’ one more time sends the frightened soul through abysms of ice-cold, jagged builds of static noises and beats before the journey finds its abrupt end with yourself waking from this nightmare. ‘
Babylon’ is unsettling, at many times ruthless andt never easy listening stuff, and it pushes the envelope of the dusty rhythmic noise genre with fresh ideas.


01. Ubermensch - 3:36
02. Wolfpack - 4:52
03. New Babylon - 4:21
04. Geo Engineering - 4:26
05. White Wall Of Death - 4:57
06. LHC - 4:14
07. Dirty Distorted Dancehall - 4:31
08. Wardance - 3:50
09. To Prove A Point - 6:25
10. Nicolae Carpathia Died For Your Sins - 3:48
11. Bow for Xenu - 4:34


[KRAT] – Samples, Programming, Synths
[STTK]- Live Visuals & Propaganda
[PUCK] - Live Noise & Booty shaking

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Music: 7
Sound: 8
Extras: -
Total: 7.5 / 10


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