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highfield 2024With MACKLEMORE and MARSIMOTO, two more big names have been confirmed as headliners of the Highfield Festival. The line-up of the traditional festival just outside Leipzig continues to take shape and will once again bring more than 30,000 music fans to Lake Störmthal in Großpösna from August 16th to 18th, 2024.

MACKLEMORE is the academic among word artists. The fact that the singer formerly known as “Professor” decided to pursue a career in music after college can rightly be described as a stroke of luck. More than ten years after ‘The Heist’, Ben Haggerty proved to the world that rap can also be philanthropic. The legend from Seattle never had to sacrifice double bottoms, steep hooks and the absolute will to escalate. His album ‘Ben’, which was only released in 2023, is without question the most personal of his works - and without a doubt not his last.

It's been quiet about MARSIMOTO for a long time, but now the release of the long-awaited farewell album is imminent. The high-pitched voice in the green smoke is more than an alter ego of Marten Laciny: What began as an experiment quickly gained prominent advocates and was at times more in demand than its creator himself. Eloquence, strong beats that carry complex arrangements, and of course an unmistakable sense of humour are just a few of the reasons that generate enthusiasm, especially live.

The Highfield line-up brings together both big names and musical whizzes and presents different facets of current music culture. Also confirmed are MANDO DIAO, TRETTMANN, FEINE SAHNE FISCHFILET, JEREMIAS, OLLI SCHULZ & BAND, ANTILOPEN GANG and BETTEROV. NICO SANTOS, PANTEÓN ROCOCÓ, ACNE KID JOE, LESS THAN JAKE, BLACKOUT PROBLEMS, BILLIONS, DEINE COUSINE and SHITNEY BEERS also appear to deliver unforgettable concerts to their fans.

More acts will be released next year. Tickets from 179 euros are available until Friday, December 22nd. On this day, the next price level from 199 euros will come into force from 12 p.m. All acts, information and tickets are available on

The current line-up at a glance:
Friday: Peter Fox | Provinz
Saturday: Rise Against | Cro
Sunday: Macklemore | Marsimoto
Festival: Donots | Mando Diao | The Kooks | Ski Aggu | Trettmann | Bosse | Feine Sahne Fischfilet | Flogging Molly | Jeremias | Olli Schulz & Band | Makko | Bukahara | Antilopen Gang | $oho Bani | Betterov | Ennio | Montreal | Nico Santos |  Pantéon Rococó | Akne Kid Joe | Rogers | Less Than Jake | Fjørt | Blackout Problems | Domiziana | Schmutzki | Dilla | Milliarden | Deine Cousine | Antje Schomaker | Shitney Beers

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