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Rock meets ClassicRudolf Weber-Arena, Oberhausen, Germany
16th April 2024
Rock meets Classic 2024 with Tarja Turunen, John Helliwell & Jesse Siebenberg, Midge Ure, Robert Hart, Paul Shortino and Russ Ballard

The line-up for the 2024 Rock meets Classic (RmC) tour is simply spectacular! There is Tarja Turunen, the original singer of the Symphonic Metal super stars NIGHTWISH. Tarja is considered one of the best Rock singers in the world and fits perfectly with Rock meets Classic due to her opera training and fantastic vocal colour. The Finn embodies the fusion of Rock and Classical like no other

The line-up is more than impressive and has plenty of “Greatest Rock Hits” in store! Including John Helliwell & Jesse Siebenberg of SUPERTRAMP. The duo first appeared on the RmC stage in 2018 and impressed with songs like ‘Dreamer’, ‘Give A Little Bit’ and ‘School’. Also, in the fantastic RmC program for 2024: Midge Ure (ULTRAVOX), who last mesmerized the audience in 2016 with his energetic show and dreamy songs like ‘Vienna’ and ‘Dancing With Tears in My Eyes.’

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As a special guest, Rock icon Russ Ballard was taking the Rock meets Classic stage. Ballard has two great hits of his own with ‘On The Rebound’ and the ‘Miami Vice’ song ‘Voices’. Additionally, the Brit has written dozens of songs for superstars like KISS, Roger Daltrey (THE WHO), Ringo Starr (THE BEATLES), and ABBA singer Agnetha Fältskog, from which he will “magically” create an exclusive surprise set for RmC. RmC also presented Robert Hart, the charismatic frontman of MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND, and timeless hits like ‘Mighty Quinn’ and ‘For You’. Singer Paul Shortino of QUIET RIOT, who conquered the music world in the 80s with their anthem ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’ and became the first Metal band ever to top the US Billboard Charts with the album ‘Metal Health’ and made his premier at RmC!

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Paul Shortino
01. Metal Health (Bang Your Head) (Quiet Riot song)
02. Stay With Me Tonight (Quiet Riot song)
03. Cum On Feel the Noize (Slade cover)

Robert Hart
01. Davy’s on the Road Again (John Simon cover)
02. Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) (Bob Dylan cover)
03. For You (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Midge Ure
01. If I Was
02. Vienna (Ultravox song)
03. Hymn (Ultravox song)
04. Dancing With Tears in My Eyes (Ultravox song)

Russ Ballard
01. Voices
02. You Can Do Magic
03. The Fire Still Burns
04. God Gave Rock and Roll to You (Argent song)
05. Since You Been Gone (with Paul Shortino, Robert Hart, Midge Ure, John Helliwell, Jesse Siebenberg, Tarja)

John Helliwell & Jesse Siebenberg
01. School (Supertramp song)
02. Breakfast in America (Supertramp song)
03. Give a Little Bit (Supertramp song)

Tarja Turunen
01. I Walk Alone
02. The Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber cover)
03. Until My Last Breath
04. Logical Song (Supertramp cover) (with John Helliwell & Jesse Siebenberg)
05. Nemo (Nightwish song)


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