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kilministerClub Seilerstrasse, Zwickau, Germany
27th April 2024
Kilminister & Support: Nobody

Three people from Halle are on a mission to bring the music of MOTÖRHEAD and the power of Lemmy Rock’n’Roll to the people - and they come damn close to the famous original! Their name: KILMINISTER. A special highlight for them was a concert in 2013 in Berlin’s “White Trash” where Mikkey Dee, drummer from MOTÖRHEAD, sat down on the drums for the last songs of the concert - an accolade for the band, because Mikkey was very enthusiastic about the “German Execution"


There’s support from NOBODY from Markneukirchen. In the 80s they were one of the most famous Hard Rock bands in Saxony. The band has been performing live on stage again since 2002. By then, the musicians have gained a lot of experience in well-known Rock bands (GLADIATORS, VOICE, CATFISH, MR. FEELGOOD, SPACE, ROCK REPORT). Today, NOBODY offers a varied, energetic cover Rock program that is performed 100% live and handmade. Well-known Rock and Metal classics, as well as catchy tunes from German Rock, are presented to the audience authentically and yet with their own twist.

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NOBODY was really a great opener for this concert evening. The crowed really enjoyed it to listen to many old-school Rock and Metal songs. It is a very good cover band it will always be a good evening when you go to their concerts. But then it was time for - without any doubt - one of the best MOTÖRHEAD cover bands: KILMINISTER. I am sure Lemmy is watching from above and he also likes it. KILMINISTER played a wide variety of MOTÖRHEAD songs from every band period. Back to the 70s and also material from the newer MOTÖRHEAD records. The fans celebrated a very good concert and the Club Seilerstrasse provided a good sound and bar service as always. Check out the band and location webpages for more upcoming events. /

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