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nightwish decades liveinbuenosaires
Artist: Nightwish
Title: Decades: Live in Buenos Aires
Genre: Symphonic Metal
Release Date: 6th December 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast

Album Review

“Three live-albums within six years but only one studio-album. Do we need that?” This question was on my mind, before I started listening to ‘Decades: Live in Buenos Aires’. NIGHTWISH are an amazing live band and of course I had attended one of their shows, to be precise, it was the final show of the ‘Decades Tour’ in Helsinki, but can you transfer the sheer visual impact of the live show on a record?

“Decades” was no tour with many special effects, but the visual show on stage gave you the impression you stood directly in front of stage, no matter where in the enormous venues you were. Still it was composed so genially as NIGHTWISH’s music by masterminds Tuomas Holopainen’s musical vision and after listening to the record I came to the result that the visual impact underlines the songs messages, but it is not mandatory for a good live show. NIGHTWISH chose carefully from their large catalogue and compared to the previous live recordings, the range is wider and classics like ‘The Kingslayer’ from the early years to ‘Nemo’, that was one of the breakthroughs for NIGHTWISH, belong to the album.

Of course the tour was considered as an effort to buy time by the fans who were waiting for new material from the studio, but NIGHTWISH gave them the best from their past decades and the sold-out shows were the reward. Floor Jansen proves that she is a full member of NIGHTWISH and can perform the old songs originally recorded by Tarja Turunen with NIGHTWISH and make them her own. The crowd in Argentina carries many of the more famous songs and their cheers proves that NIGHTWISH are one of the best live-bands of this and the past decades. The sound is really good but not too polished, so it’s likely the sound engineers had little work back home in the studios to cut and master the songs, still sometimes the band is a bit too loud for my taste and the fans are inaudible.

The album is a nice addition to the collection many fans of the band have at home and for those who attended one of the gigs of the tour but not a must-have for the collection of a Symphonic Metal fan. It’s time for new material from the studio and NIGHTWISH recently announced April 10th as the release date for their new album.


01. Swanheart
02. End Of All Hope
03. Wish I Had An Angel
04. 10th Man Down
05. Come Cover Me
06. Gethsemane
07. Elan
08. Sacrament Of Wilderness
09. Deep Silent Complete
10. Dead Boy’s Poem
11. Elvenjig
12. Elvenpath
13. I Want My Tears Back
14. Amaranth
15. The Carpenter
16. The Kingslayer
17. Devil & The Deep Dark Ocean
18. Nemo
19. Slaying The Dreamer
20. The Greatest Show On Earth
21. Ghost Love Score


Tuomas Holopainen - Keyboards
Floor Jansen - Vocals
Marko Hietala - Guitar, Vocals
Emppu Vuorinen - Guitar
Troy Donockley - Flutes
Kai Hahto - Drums

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nightwish decades liveinbuenosaires


Music: 8
Sound: 9
Total: 8.5 / 10

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