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tarja lunaparkride
Artist: Tarja
Title: Luna Park Ride
Genre: Gothic Rock
Release Date: 29th May 2015
Label: earMusic/ edel

Album Review

‘Luna Park Ride’ is a documentation of TARJA's solo live skills and is definitely a collector's piece. TARJA performs her songs sovereignly live on stage, whether they are solo songs like the powerful ‘I Walk Alone’ and ‘I Feel Immortal’ or even some NIGHTWISH songs like ‘Stargazers’ or ‘Wishmaster’ - she always gets the crowd going with her flesh-crawling voice and this record might be also of interest for old NIGHTWISH fans who still mourn her leaving of the popular Finnish symphonic metal band as she remained in a similar field musically, being more rock and less epic than the band that made her famous, though.

If you're looking for new material you're barking up the wrong tree but if you've ever been to a TARJA live show and loved it, this is a great way to keep the memories alive. ‘Luna Park Ride’ consists of two CDs, featuring a recording of her live show in Buenos Aires' Luna Park and recordings of various festivals she performed at in Europe. It was mixed by Tim Palmer who has found the perfect balance between keeping the recordings organic and polished. Besides the CD version, there is of course a digital download, a vinyl version as well as the live concert on Blu-ray or DVD.


01. Dark Star
02. My Little Rhoenix
03. The Crying Moon
04. I Walk Alone
05. Falling Awake
06. Signos (Soda Stereo Cover)
07. Little Lies
08. Underneath
09. Stargazers
10. Ciaran's Well
11. In For A Kill
12. Where Were You Last Night –
Heaven is a Place on Earth – Livin' On a Prayer
13. Die Alive
14. Until My Last Breath
15. Wishmaster
01. In For A Kill @ Masters of Rock 2010
02. I Walk Alone @Master of Rock 2010
03. Archive of Lost Dreams @ Master of Rock 2010
04. Crimson Deep @ Masters of Rock 2010
05. I Feel Immortal @ Summerbreeze 20101
06. The Siren @ Summerbreeze 2011
07. Until My Last Breath @ Summerbreeze 2011
08. 500 Letters @ Ekaterinburg 2014
09. Damned & Divine @ Ekaterinburg 2014
10. Neverlight @ Ekaterinburg 2014
11. Anteroom of Death @ Wacken 2014
12. Never Enough @ Summerbreeze 2014
13. Die Alive @ Summerbreeze 2014
14. Victim of Ritual @ Summerbreeze 2014


Tarja Turunen – vocals


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tarja lunaparkride


Music: 7
Sound: 8
Total: 8 / 10

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