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Tar01Backstage Werk, Munich, Germany
26th October 2013
Tarja & Teodasia

It is a long time ago since TARJA visited Munich for the last time. Exactly said, she was to be experienced for the last time with NIGHTWISH more than eight years ago here live. The more I was tense on how she sounded solo and people were eagerly awaiting the concert at Munich’s Backstage Werk.


The Italian Symphonic Metal Band TEODASIA was founded already in 2006. This year singer Priscilla Fiazza left the band. Now Giulia Rubino is her successor. She has already sung with KAYRESIS, ELISEUM and MAGGOT OF SUN. TEODASIA consists of bassist Nicola Falsone, guitarist Fabio Compagno, keyboarder Michele Munari, drummer Francesco Gozzo and singer Giulia Rubino.


Music & Performance
Right on time, all musicians without singer Giulia appeared on stage. Short time later followed singer Giulia Rubino. The hall was already well filled at the beginning, but the mood was mixed. A part accepted the still rather young band and the symphonic sounds which was very unfortunately keyboard-heavy well, others seemed to be a little bored. Having in mind that TEODASIA so far released only one album, ‘Upwards’, in 2012 and is still a very young band - even if they have a musically quite experienced singer with distinctive facial play - they fought rather well. Just remember that anyone once started on a lower level! It is nice that TEODASIA is now touring with TARJA and so have the chance to get more experienced. After half an hour, their appearance already was past and they left the stage under moderate applause.


01. Intro
02. My Minotaur
03. Temptress
04. Lost Words Of Forgiveness
05. Hollow Earth
06. Land Of Memories I
07. Land Of Memories II
08. Outro

Music: 7
Performance: 7
Sound: 7
Light: 7
Total: 7 / 10



TARJA TURUNEN is a Finnish soprano singer and songwriter. For most people, she is still known best as singer and foundation member of the Symphonic Metal Band NIGHTWISH to which she belonged to till the end of 2005. Since that time she devoted herself to her solo career and appeared on opera festivals as well as at the Wacken Open air. With her nearly three octavos comprehensive voice and the unusual musical style to sing Metal songs in a classical way, she inspires fans worldwide. This year she published her solo album 'Colours in the Dark'.


Music & Performance
After a half-hour rebuilding break it was time and the rejoicing audience in the now very well filled Backstage Werk could not be held back anymore. They were screaming when first all musicians and finally also Tarja entered the stage. The charismatic singer with the unbelievable voice which could sing soulful as well as powerful had the crowd completely in her hands from the very beginning. She was not very talkative but with nice gestures she encouraged the willing listeners to take part in the show. The programme in this evening was rather diverse: Of course the songs of her newest album predominated, but also older songs like 'I Walk Alone' or 'Die Alive' were not missed out.


Under the additions was to be heard, finally, 'Wish I Had An Angel' from her NIGHTWISH time.  As always, during the show TARJA changed dresses several times. The two dressing-breaks were bridged by the band with a Jam sessions. Unfortunately, after 1.5 hours everything was over already, a fact not only making me sad. The applause for TARJA and band didn't end. All in all it was a fantastically nice, unforgettable evening with a still developable support band and a perfect, beaming TARJA!

01. Deliverance (Intro)
02. In For A Kill
03. 500 Letters
04. Sing For Me
05. Falling Awake
06. I Walk Alone
07. Anteroom Of Death
08. Never Enough
09. Until Silence
10. Die Alive
11. Mystique Voyage
12. Neverlight
13. Medusa
14. Victim Of Ritual
15. Wish I Had An Angel (Nightwish Cover)
16. Until My Last Breath

Music: 9
Performance: 8
Sound: 9
Light: 8
Total: 8.5 / 10


All pictures by Erika Knepper (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,

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